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up to date players (08/09) ?

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bear with me for what is probably a stupid question, but I completed my first download of 8.0.2 on monday hoping to be able to play from the start of season 08/09 (ie now) with as far as possible up to date transfers. Can anyone tell me a) if this is possible and b) if so how I can do it? If not I assume I just start again in July 07 with players updated as at Jan 08?

thanks and apologies in advance if I have asked something dumb! :rolleyes:


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yes you can start with all the transfers in the game as they stand now, but no you cant start from august 08.. the start date has to stay at 07

edit... for the most up to date transfers try a google search for fmweegie... its 3rd party database thats up to date as of last friday...

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