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A maximum pressure counter-football?

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Alright, so I'm managing Swansea and everything is going smooth. Currently 5th in the league mid-season.

I've been building my football around a counter-attacking philosophy and really feel that I've been spot-on with the tactic (according to my players)

This has been working against bigger teams such as United, City and Chelsea. To my surprise I even beat United 4-0 and were very pleased by it.

However against lower sides, such as Southampton (etc., etc.) It's been poor performances. Which led me to think, that using a high (MAXIMUM!!!) pressure against lower sides would be much more ideal while still playing on the counter-attack after the ball have been intercepted. Since this is the first year I'm playing FM...

TL;DR:I would very much appreciate help for a tactic contributing high pressure, direct counter-attacking!

Any suggestions for this idea?

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Try to keep the ball as much as you can against those sides and press them high. By building up play at a slow tempo you can invite them to press your team and at the same time drag them out of position. By doing this you can try to win the ball quickly pressing high on the pitch. So my recomendation is to use the following shouts: retain possession; hassle opponents. I think you can still use a counter attack strategy with no problem but if you can´t do much damage try a different strategy. Maybe control. _Just think. As your reputation goes up during season, this kind of teams are more afraid to play against you. In other words they show more respect for your team and they take you as a potential threat. So, what they´ll do is play a more conservative game, drop deep, waste time. You just have to counter that.

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