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Penalty Order

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I have become manager of England and thought I should check some stuff about penalties out(especially looking to that friendly against Germany at the start of the game). I was wondering what oreder people prefer to put their players in for a shootout. Is is best to worst in terms of PK stat(and related ones), is it random, or do you have yout own preffered formula

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1st - Someone who's in form, good morale and who likes to take that penalty.

2nd - A good penalty taker, but usually a younger player who needs the experience and who probably won't stand the pressure of being 3rd or later.

3rd - A really good, experienced penalty taker who usually doesn't miss them. Need him to keep me in the game, in case the previous people missed. Usually the person who always takes them.

4th - An experienced player, who can stand the pressure of keeping the team in the game.

5th - A good penalty taker, preferably one who likes the pressure. Or a substitute who came in in the latter half of the game and still has plenty of concentration and breath to take that run.

sidenote: take in account how much their stamina has been drained. You really want to put people there who have at least > 70% stamina left. They generally produce better results than someone who's better at penalty taking, but also tired and doesn't have the breath to run up to the ball anymore (< 60%).

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I do this

1. 3rd best

2. 5th best

3. 4th best

4. Best

5. 2nd best

6 onwards - the best I have left.

I don't really know why I do this, other than that taker 4 has, in most cases, the crucial penalty to either win a game or stay in one, so I choose my best guy for this one.

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Surely you start with your best first, second next etc. What is the point of having your two best players in 4th and 5th. If the other team score their first three and you miss your first three then your two best players do not even get to take a penalty!!

Seems ludicrous to me!

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What I do is, I first make a top 7, and then I put the highest of those seven first, the lowest second, then number 2 as third, etc. Let me just make a list to make it easier to understand:


order - player - pen attribute:

1. A 20

2. B 19

3. C 18

4. D 17

5. E 16

6. F 15

7. G 14

And then I mix it up:

1. A

2. G

3. B

4. F

5. C

6. E

7. D

I've never lost a penalty shootout, it seems to work somehow. Mind you, if one of those players on the list has had a bad game or is unhappy/low fitness, I take him out of the order.

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I generally put them in order from best to worst, but to be honest I'm often too lazy to rearrange them fully when I sign a new player (that's for my permanent penalty list - I often don't bother adding any other players to that for a shootout) so it's a fairly approximate order anyway. It's all just psychology anyway - you could argue a case for all kinds of different variations, but in the end it all just comes down to players sticking the ball in the net and I have seen plenty of my best penalty takers miss anyway. e.g. sure the 3rd penalty is important, but if you've missed the first two and your opponents have already scored 3 then more often than not your 3rd penalty is all a bit "after the Lord Mayor's show" anyway.

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Theoretically (don't ask me, I simply think this) out of the first 2 penalties, there is a very high chance that at least 1 of them is a miss, so you're better off not having your best man be one of them. In the worst case, your opponent scores 2 penalties and you none. Which means, the pressure is on the 3rd one. If he doesn't like pressure or doesn't have experience, that's where you lose the game. So my take is to put someone there who generally takes a good penalty. You should know who that is, since he's probably your top pick for penalty taking anyway.

After that, you have the momentum again (psychologically) because you kept yourself in the race. The other team then feels the pressure because you got back up again after the beating, which usually means their 3rd or 4th penalty taker misses. Which generally gives you the confidence (hence, better penalties) to power them in. Which then means, you're even again.

When it comes to the fifth, you're better off having made a comeback (good feeling) rather than after you saw 2 of your teammates miss before you. It's all about the momentum. So if you miss the 1st or the 2nd, no sweat. As long as the rest counts.

I do know that this is based on real life situations, but for some reason I also never lose when it comes to penalties, so my psychological warfare should be having some meaning, as generally my best penalty takers are between 10 and 15 and even those aren't many.

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Penalty taking and composure dictate the order, with finishing coming into play if both attributes are tied. Order best-worst, but 3rd and fifth must have composure 17 or more if possible.

Third isn't necessarily the most important penalty. If you have your best two takers taking the first two, then you're a lot less likely to need "saving" on the third penalty.

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