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Help: In urgent need of a MC at Spurs.


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I took over as Spurs boss halfway through the 2007/2008 season in 18th place and managed to get them upto 8th with what i was left with. Surprisingly i was left with Vincent Kompany who i managed to sell for 24m and bring in a player i prefered.

I've spent quite a bit of money strengthing every part of my squrd except MC. Whenever i put in an offer they ask for a stupid price like £20m+

This is my current team:


I have £14m to spend and i'm looking for someone under the age of 26 to fill in for Zokora who will be leaving soon.

I have one day left until the transfer window closes and i seriously need to strengthen my midfield.

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Digard Valued at £12m so it's obvious i'm not gonna get him

Gonzalez Valued at £26m so that's a big no no :D.

I've just purchased Kromkamp for 12m and with the 2m left over baught Scholes cheap aswell :), Mite be old but his always gonna be good.

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His more than average in my save, I baught him from Real Madrid for a start and compared to his stats on a fresh start his worth £12m.

Alou Diarra, They want £15m for him at Porto.

My tactics not working so well this season, Just lost 3-2 to Ipswich..lol.

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