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FM13 Holiday Project 1: England (at least 900 years)

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I have been running a holiday game since the open beta was available. All the leagues in England are loaded. There appears to be a limit on this game, but it looks like it will be about 950 years or so. The first set of screenshots is from the year 2312.














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Nice thread! Gotta love Scotland winning back-to-back world championships and the Cambridge - Bromley champions league final! :p

Scotland winning the world cup against Japan has to be the best part though. :p

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Ow nos.. what happened to sunderland..? Good job I'll be long dead before that happens. Its also reassuring to know that hummanity hasnt been wiped out by some natural catasrophe/nukes/aliens.

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What are Cambridge City and Bromley stadium sizes :D Also what are Evertons, Villa and Broms status? Like near bankrupt? Stadium reduced?

Cambridge City: 24,110? This one confuses me, but people can try to make sense of it when I upload it.

Bromley: 112,687

Everton: 10,101

Aston Villa: 8,845

West Brom: 11,145

Sunderland: 10,188

Nice to see Bournemouth in the Premiership!

Is it me, or are Pompy not in there?!

Yes, they have been out of the playable leagues since 2305.

Is any team still playing in their original stadium?

Plenty of the clubs that have not had success are still in their original stadiums.

How many managers have Chelsea had?

Plenty, including AVB again, Zola, Klopp, Michael Appleton, Ibrahimovic, Kevin Strootman, and Antoine Griezmann.

bolton winning europa leaugeb a noticed a few times any other trophies fa cup etc

7 Europa Leagues, 13 FA Cups, and 11 League Cups (includes ones from before 2012)

who has had the most dominant spell over the years?

Based on the league? Probably Notts Country or Bromley.

Wow 900 years! Nice to see so many non-league teams doing well.

Are you open to requests for individual clubs to see what they've won, their grounds, record transfers etc?

Within reason. There will be saves uploaded.

any chance of putting a save up so we can mess around in this?

Sometime soon. The 300 and 600 year ones will be put up.

Lets see the scottish premier league

The league is not loaded, but it is all Hearts and Dundee United with the Old Firm still involved.

jeez how bored would you have to be to do that :applause::lol:

I only do it when my computer is needed for other tasks and I am away from it. It does not take that long at all.

would love to see the soctish leauges, see if anyone else apart from celtic/rangerers dommanating

See above.

I am absolutely GUTTED that I won't live to see Notts' dominance :'(

You seem like somebody to ask this question. What is the furthest that SI has ever holidayed in the game? Or is that some kind of big secret?

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Off topic i know, but what happens to a team once they are out of the playable leagues as in Pompeys case? how do they get back in?

On topic - Who is currently the worlds best player (golden ball winner) & what managers have Man Utd had since fergie retired (assuming hes not still there)?

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