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Playing 4222

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Playing 4-2-2-2

It seems impossible to me using the FMC tactics to be able to play a 4222 with AMCs. I'll use City as an example as everyone is probably familiar with their team. let's say I want to play

      Tevez  Augero

  Silva           Nasri

       Yaya    Barry

Clichy Lescott Kompany Richards


Now if I put Silva and Nasri in the two central positions then I get two very straight lines down the middle of the pitch, of Yaya/Silva/Tevez and Barry/Nasri/Augero.

    x   x
    x   x
    x   x

x   x   x   x

Put them in the wider ones and even as attacking midfielders or inside forwards on support they still stay very wide near the touchline (and drift upwards to make a line with Tevez and Augero if on attacking).

Now it's possible to increase how much of a free role they have but then they just drift anywhere. The other issue is that my actual two players I'm using are naturally central and only light green/yellow out wide, which of course they get if I play them there

Anyone have any solutions to get them to play between the two positions?

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which options? there is nothing in the player options screen that can get a player to play between the flank and central role as detailed above. i already have them both on move into channels

do you have them stick to position as well? 4-2-2-2 is hard to get working right unless every option is clicked right im working on one atm but havent had the same luck with it if i get it working right im gonna post it in the tactics section

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