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Those season defining moments

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I'm interested in your season defining moments, but not the positive ones. I want to know about those moments where you just know your season is going down the drain. Wether it be and injury, losing to your title rivals or tasting defeat against a relegation rival.

For me, a few (game) years ago. I had just won promotion to the PL with Sheffield Wednesday, I was given a budget of 9m. I was pretty confident in a few of my younger defenders but very worried about my strike force. So I blew the entire 9m on Jimmy Briand, who agreed to come when I offered him the clubs highest wage.

Feeling excited by this purchase, I go into the new season facing Burnley at home. Pretty confident I would win my fellow promotee's (if thats a word). 8 minutes in and Briand is tackled from behind by hefty challenge. I take him off and continue my game, we lose 2-1. As if that wasn't bad enough, I get back to the news that Briand is going to be out for between 6 and 8 months!

Bad times. I managed to survive relegation thanks to a very dubious penalty decision. Briand scored 1 for the entire season having played 7 games.

So what moments have you experienced where you know it's just going to go wrong?

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Had a similar thing to you neji, after winning the CL i was given a fair bit of money, the board weren't that happy as i'd not won the league in 4 years. So, in my infinite wisdom, i spent £50m on kaka. First half of his first pre season game - out for 9 months. Wasn't a happy bunny lol

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