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Adding logo and kits to new team

Liu Chih Chiang

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If you have already downloaded kits or logos for the team you overwrote, give your new graphics the same name as the ones for the team your overwrote, and copy the new graphics into the folders so they overwrite the old graphics.

If not you'll need to create a config file for your kits and logo. easiest way is to use This Program

First you need to name your kits correctly - the easiest way is to name the Home Kit 30010181_home the away kit 30010181_away and the third kit 30010181_third. Then put this three kits into a folder on there own. (where 30010181 is the ID of your team)

Now run the FM Graphics Configurator (FMGC) program you just downloaded - first tick the 'Process dragged folders' button at the bottom.

Then at the top in the Kits section select the Clubs option.

Now just drag the folder with your kits in into the FMGC Program, and it should make the config file for you.

Now just place the folder inside your User Data Folder for FM - My Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2008 by default.

Then put the folder inside the graphics\kits folder - or whereever you have put any other kits you have downloaded, if you haven't downloaded any you'll need to create the graphics folder, then create the kits folder inside the graphics folder and place the folder with your kits inside the kits folder.

Now repeat for the logo - creating a config file for each type of logo you want.

Now load the game up, go into the Preferences -> Display & Sound Menu, untick use Skin Cache and tick always reload skin on confirm, click confirm and your kit should now be showing. (If it is you can turn the skin cache back on).

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