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Forum Rules, FAQ's and Important Links -PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING

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Forum Rules, Important Links and FAQ's

Welcome to the Tactic &Training Forum. To ensure this forum is run properly we have devised a set of rules and guidelines that we expect people to follow. Please take a few minutes to read them .

The Moderators for this part of the forum are;


Dr. Hook



Creating a Thread and Seeking Help

The next bit is really important especially if you are seeking help. Please ensure that when creating a new topic or posting asking for help then be as detailed as possible so someone can offer you advice. If you aren't detailed then no-one will be able to assist you and the thread will be closed.

If you're stuck on what to add there here is a quick rough guide that you can use;

Thread titles - Please be as descriptive as possible. Threads that just say things like 'Help' will likely go un-noticed or even closed. And please do not post any personal threads asking for help from a specific member. You can always try PM'ing them. Any thread that is aimed a specific user will have the title changed or be closed.

Problem(s) – Tell us about the issue/s that you are suffering from and how frequent they are happening. Try and include reasons why it's an issue for you that way if someone replies to the thread they can understand exactly what the issues are and offer proper advice rather than trying to guess what the issue/s are.

Shape/formation – It's vital that you tell us about the current system you use when you encounter these problems. Again be sure to add both player and team instructions to the thread so we have a clear idea of how you are playing. If you've changed anything manually then please state what in the thread.

The team and level you are playing – Sometimes this can have a bearing on what you are seeing happen in the match engine. So if you want help then try and include this.

Expectations – What were the board expectations and how do they compare to how you are currently doing. Are you above/below/achieving them at the minute? This gives us an idea of what is expected from you.

Screenshots, Pkm's and Saved Games – While these are not always an option for the user to provide they can help identify and aide with issues a lot faster. So if possible please provide these as it provides information a lot quicker and helps with any confusion.

Details – I know I've mentioned to be as detailed as possible but I can't stress how important this is. If you don't provide details then how are we supposed to help you? I know it can seen like a bit much at times but I promise you its for your own benefit and will result in better feedback and help.

If a moderator deems the thread you've created isn't detailed enough then it will be closed as no-one will be able to assist you with lack of details. Thread closures are at the moderators discretion. If you don't agree with the decision or want to discuss this further send one of us a PM (preferably the one who closed the thread) and we can discuss it further.

However if a thread is closed please do not re-post it unless you've followed the moderators advice.

Forum Rules and Posting Etiquette

Please be as
descriptive as possible in thread titles and posts
This makes it easier if you are trying to ask for help, or posting generally. And please do not post any personal thread's asking for help from a specific member. You can always try PM'ing them. Any thread that is aimed a specific user will have the title changed or be closed.

Any duplicate threads
will be closed, if you are unsure use the search function and be sure to look further down this post for all links.

Threads that contain
swearing or abuse of any kind will be closed
at the moderator’s discretion.

Threads that are just a moan about the game will also be closed, unless it’s done in a constructive manner. I.e.
provide examples, stats, and screenshots.

Do not post in

Threads asking
for tactics or training schedules or asking 'what works' will be closed . Use the search function. Or you can use the request thread in the Download Sub Forum found at the top of the main forum -
As will threads asking what tactic you are using.

Threads asking
'what is the best'
for either tactics or training will be closed.

Do not
use text speech
as not everyone has English as their first language.

Also make sure you
post in English
at all times.

If someone makes a mistake
no flaming
, instead try and offer assistance and offer them advice, or point them in the right direction.

of other forum members will not be tolerated. If you disagree with someone fair enough but try and be constructive when giving feedback. Do not simply post something along the lines of ‘you’re wrong’ without trying to back up why that person maybe wrong.

Everyone on the forums will be
treated the same

Try to remember that
not everyone’s first language is English
So if someone makes a mistake or their English isn’t that good try and steer them in the right direction.

Don’t get involved in arguments
, if you think someone has an issue with you take it to a PM or send one of the forum moderators a message about it. You can also use the report function on a post for such issues.

No linking to offsite sites with guides/articles/tactics/training
The only way that is acceptable is if you post the guide/article/tactic/training on these forums and then link back to the original source. Any threads that don't adhere to this rule will be closed.

If a thread is closed by a moderator please don’t make the same thread again
, as it’ll be closed and a warning will be given.

Threads will be closed at the moderator’s discretion. If they don’t leave a reason as to why it was closed then send a PM and ask why. But we will always try and leave a reason and steer you in the right direction.

If you upload a tactic try and keep the links active if you can
. If we see a tactic thread that is full of dead links then we will close the thread or even delete it.

When uploading a tactic that is in a rar/zip file (or any other format) please don't password protect the file
, it's pointless and creates a lot of issues for users. Threads like this will be closed/deleted if you don't comply with this rule. We will give you chance to correct this though but we won't give you forever.

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Acronyms and Abbreviations


How do I add screenshots to the forum?

You use the link the image hosting site gives you (you can't upload to SI it needs to be an image hosting site like imageshack.us or http://imgur.com/ )and then you add it here using the 'image' option on the options when you post. So you click the 'image' icon, choose from URL and add the link you got from the image hosting site into the empty box. Also untick the box that says 'Retrieve remote file and reference locally

I’ve downloaded a Tactic but don’t know what folder they go in?

C:\Users\Name\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2013\tactics

The go to the tactic’s screen in game and you can access any tactics you’ve added via that screen.

I’ve downloaded a Tactic but it doesn't work or its a FMF file not a TAC one, how can I load it in game?

You keep it as a FMF file and import it. So put it in the tactics folder, then in game do this tactics >manage tactics>import>select the tactic then it'll appear at the top where you can select tactics to use.

If you seek official help then please be sure to check out the online manual first. This can be found by following this link;


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FM14 Threads

This series of excellent threads are brought to you by llama3 who is very respected around these parts. They give you a real insight into how roles and the different combos work together and he even shows you how he builds his team;

Pairs & Combinations Part 1: Central Midfielders »

Pairs & Combinations Part 2: Central Defenders »

Pairs & Combinations Part 3: Strike Partnerships »

Pairs & Combinations Part 4: The Wide Men »

Pairs & Combinations Part 5: Goalkeepers (Yes Part 5!) »

Pairs & Combinations Part 6: Team Instructions »

Pairs & Combinations Part 7: Building My Team »

This thread is from myself (Cleon) and is about his time playing as Santos in Brazil. It includes tactical discussions and player development;

The Santos Project - Tactical and Player Development

Next up is a thread from GlesgaKillie where he offers his opinions and discusses his tactical concepts;

Chrissy's Tactical Concepts - Part 1 Pressure (other parts will be added on this thread)

In this particular thread Ackter is recreating the Catenaccio on FM14!


Steve Odom started this excellent thread about Philosophy;

Philosophy: a debate.

This thread stemmed from the FM14 feedback thread in the General section of the forum. This particular user Daylight was doing well after back to back promotions but had a few issues he wanted to sort out. In this thread you can see users highlighting the issues with the system he was using and as the thread develops you'll see Daylight adapting his tactic and playing a style he deems more pleasing. Now only that but you have to read this to see the success he had in his first first season in Germans top flight;

My 4-1-1-3-1 (AKA RTHerringbones guinea pig)

One member of the forums (noikeee) tried to get the best out of Ozil at Arsenal;

Özil + 10, a tactical exercise on FM14 with Arsenal

displaced_seagull created this excellent thread and sees him discuss his tactic in great depth. The thread didn't end up how he wanted but for me its still a really great read;

Rebuilding my house of Cards - Building a winning tactic with Woking

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FM15 Threads

Tactical Threads - Basics of tactics, play throughs and hints

Pairs & Combinations - Updated for FM2015, in a combined PDF download.

Pairs & Combinations FM2015

Jambo98's excellent article, describing his transition from 4-2-3-1 to a 4-5-1 formation, showing the formation's immense flexibility.

The 4-5-1 The swiss army knife of formations

Cleon's Building A Tactic & Maintaining It Long Term Article - does what it says on the tin. Looking at formation, roles, duties, PPM's and in-game decision making.

Building A Tactics From The Beginning And Maintaining It Long Term

Mr U Rosler goes from release Tactical Downloads to showing us a thread with the development of his team and tactics over the course of his season

My Development thread for FM15 Lets get to work

A discussion about the closing down of wide players throws up some good discussion and ideas

AMR/L players not closing down or tracking back

Sir Specialness begins a discussion about Counter Attacking and how to achieve it

Counter Attacking Thread

A discussion on the use and implementation of using 3 Central Defenders

3 at the back anyone trying this]

Rashidi's guide on building tactics, flipping systems like the 4132, 4312, shouts, opposition instructions and videos

Bust The Net

Cleon's discussion on how to improve goalscoring

What Makes a Goalscorer

[/url]Training Threads- Basics and Detailed Threads

Cleon's Ajax thread - still relevant

Ajax - When Real Life Meets Football Manager - FM14

Long term approach to training

Squad Building and Development

Rashidi's Basic Training Guide, Setting Filters, Tracking Development within an overall system

Player Development - The Dumdum way

A Basic Guide for Tactics and Training

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