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[FM13] Big Club, Small Country - Challenge

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The CSE Award Nominated Challenge is back

As some people may be aware, others maybe not, that the Nationality of your manager can have an impact on the regens that come through the Youth Academy. With this in mind I have decided to make a challenge of it.

The premise is fairly simple, create your manager with a nationality of a Country that has never qualified for the World Cup Finals, using your club as a tool to get the best players coming through from that nation. To win the challenge you must win the League Title and Champions League with your club and Win the World Cup with your chosen nation.

The Rules

Create your Manager(Make sure he is of your chosen nationality)

Select past Experience(International Recommended)

Choose your Club(Any club is fine as long as its from an official league that came with the game) - Choose your adoptive nation from the start

Load all players from chosen Nation(you can decide what size of database - no other additional customising is allowed)

FM13 allows you to choose a starting Nation as well as a starting Club - This is optional you may decide to take over form the start or leave it til later

When the National Job becomes available you must apply for it -

The Goal

Win League Title - If you change clubs in the same league and have already won the league you don't need to win it again, if you change nations you nee to win the top League

Win Champions League - Only needs to be won once so it doesn't matter if you change leagues as this will already have been completed

Win World Cup

The 1st two should be fairly straight forward with a top club


Please post Manager's initial profile showing Nationality

Post Regens when they enter your Academy

Post International job(when you've taken over)

Post End of season with final league and cup finishes

Post End of tournament qualification and Finals(International)

Some screenshots showing youth intake

American Samoa


Cape Verde




Avaliable Nations - Teams marked with a "y" are manageable from the start

[center][b][size=2]Asian Nations[/size][/b]
Players in Database[/center]

AFC	Afghanistan	69	
AFC	Bangladesh	280
AFC	Bahrain		422	y
AFC	Bhutan		29
AFC	Brunei		140	y
AFC	Cambodia	201	y
AFC	Chinese Taipei	500+	y
AFC	Guam		423	y
AFC	Hong Kong	500+	y
AFC	India		500+	y
AFC	Jordan		449	y
AFC	Kyrgyzstan	160	y
AFC	Laos		83	y
AFC	Lebanon		500+	y
AFC	Macau		500+	y
AFC	Malaysia	500+	y
AFC	Maldives	298	y
AFC	Mongolia	121	y
AFC	Myanmar		500+	y
AFC	Nepal		381	y
AFC	Oman		112	y
AFC	Pakistan	500+	y
AFC	Palestine	73	y
AFC	Philippines	257	y
AFC	Qatar		500+	y
AFC	Singapore	500+	y
AFC	Sri Lanka	500+	y
AFC	Syria		201	y
AFC	Tajikistan	95	y
AFC	Thailand	500+	y
AFC	Timor-Leste	42	y
AFC	Turkmenistan	89	y
AFC	Uzbekistan	500+	y
AFC	Vietnam		500+	y
AFC	Yemen		58

[center][b][size=2]African Nations[/size][/b]
Players in Database[/center]

CAF	Benin				476	y
CAF	Botswana			126	y
CAF	Burkina Faso			370	y
CAF	Burundi				92	y
CAF	Cape Verde			223	y
CAF	Central African Republic	134	y
CAF	Chad				121	y
CAF	Comoros				43
CAF	Congo				199	y
CAF	Djibouti			20
CAF	Equatorial Guinea		105	y
CAF	Eritrea				40
CAF	Ethiopia			158	y
CAF	Gabon				203	y
CAF	Gambia				231	y
CAF	Guinea				495	y
CAF	Guinea-Bissau			183	y
CAF	Kenya				500+	y
CAF	Lesotho				70
CAF	Liberia				291	y
CAF	Libya				122	y
CAF	Madagascar			95	y
CAF	Malawi				102	y
CAF	Mali				500+	y
CAF	Mauritania			79	y
CAF	Mauritius			132	y
CAF	Mozambique			352	y
CAF	Namibia				111	y	
CAF	Niger				113	y
CAF	Rwanda				156	y
CAF	São Tomé and Príncipe		13
CAF	Seychelles			40
CAF	Sierra Leone			151	y
CAF	Somalia				61
CAF	Sudan				68	y
CAF	Swaziland			170	y
CAF	Tanzania			286	y
CAF	Uganda				184	y
CAF	Zambia				203	y
CAF	Zimbabwe			291	y

[center][size=2]The Americas	[/size][/center]

[center]Players in Database[/center]

CONCACAF	Anguilla				10				
CONCACAF	Antigua and Barbuda			32	y
CONCACAF	Aruba					55	y
CONCACAF	Bahamas					6
CONCACAF	Barbados				31
CONCACAF	Belize					179	y
CONCACAF	Bermuda					163	y
CONCACAF	British Virgin Islands			1
CONCACAF	Cayman Islands				6
CONCACAF	Curacao					74	y
CONCACAF	Dominica				9
CONCACAF	Dominican Republic			20
CONCACAF	Grenada					24
CONCACAF	Guatemala				500+	y
CONCACAF	Guyana					42	y
CONCACAF	Montserrat				11
CONCACAF	Nicaragua				297	y
CONCACAF	Panama					364	y
CONCACAF	Puerto Rico				51	y
CONCACAF	Saint Kitts and Nevis			18
CONCACAF	Saint Lucia				12
CONCACAF	Saint Vincent and the Grenadines	21	
CONCACAF	Suriname				82
CONCACAF	Turks and Caicos Islands		1
CONCACAF	U.S. Virgin Islands			0	
CONMEBOL	Venezuela				500+	y

[center][size=2]Oceania Nations[/size][/center]

[center]Players in Database[/center]

OFC	American Samoa		39	y
OFC	Cook Islands		231	y
OFC	Fiji			403	y
OFC	New Caledonia		75	y
OFC	Papua New Guinea	71	y
OFC	Samoa			92	y
OFC	Solomon Islands		203	y
OFC	Tahiti			107	y
OFC	Tonga			82	y
OFC	Vanuatu			100	y

[center][size=2]European Nations[/size][/center]

[center]Players in Database[/center]

UEFA	Albania			500+	y
UEFA	Andorra			61	y
UEFA	Armenia			348	y
UEFA	Azerbaijan		500+	y
UEFA	Belarus			500+	y
UEFA	Bosnia and Herzegovina	500+	y
UEFA	Cyprus			500+	y
UEFA	Estonia			500+	y
UEFA	Faroe Islands		500+	y
UEFA	Finland			500+	y
UEFA	Georgia			500+	y
UEFA	Iceland			500+	y
UEFA	Kazakhstan		500+	y
UEFA	Latvia			489	y
UEFA	Liechtenstein		84	y
UEFA	Lithuania		500+	y
UEFA	Luxembourg		151	y
UEFA	Macedonia		500+	y
UEFA	Malta			500+	y
UEFA	Moldova			296	y
UEFA	Montenegro		500+	y
UEFA	San Marino		500+	y

[center]Clubs with High Youth Facilities[/center]

Club		Country		Facilities	Coaching	Recruitment
Boca		Argentina	19		18		20
River 		Argentina	18		18		20
Man Utd		England		20		17		20
Lyon		France		18		16		20
Rennes		France		18		17		20
Panathinaikos	Greece		16		17		20
Porto		Portugal	18		19		20
Benfica		Portugal	17		18		18
Sporting Lisbon	Portugal	18		19		20
Real Madrid	Spain		18		18		20
Ajax		Holland		19		19		19
Roma		Italy		18		17		19
Barcelona	Spain		20		18		19
Velez		Argentina	19		18		18
Inter		Italy		19		17		18
Southampton	England		20		17		17
Feyenoord	Holland		18		19		17
PSV		Holland		17		17		17
Arsenal 	England		19		16		18
FC Midtjylland	Denmark		15		15		20
Basel		Switzerland	15		15		20
Partizan	Serbia		15		15		20
Red Star	Serbia		15		15		20

Good Luck to all that take on the Challenge


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Greyedoutman's progress moved from other thread


GreyedOutMan - Arsenal/Guatemala - 2012/13

Really frustrating season as I tried to get to grips with what seems to me a much harder version of FM. I signed Fernando Llorente but for the first half of the season, he was dire. Really abysmal. Then I sent him to the reserves for a month and he came back a different player, albeit still moody. No team-talk seems to improve his morale, and he's just impossible to deal with so I'm thinking of moving him on if I can make a profit on him this summer.

League Table

League Positions Graph

Improvement towards the back-end of the season saw us very nearly sneak into an unlikely Champions' League place, but four consecutive draws at the end of April and start of May (Three at home: Newcastle, Southampton away, West Ham and Swansea), put paid to that possibility. It was a disappointing season, of that there is no doubt.

Capital One Cup - a full team ran Chelsea close.

FA Cup - messy during a really poor spell for the club. The 5-1 defeat at Norwich was the low point in the season, Llorente was mainly to blame I think.

Champions' League - the Ajax game was with a genuine youth side after winning all five of the previous games. Amazing comeback against Barcelona, having been 3-1 down in the Nou Camp. Disappointing that we were so poor against Bayern, because it was starting to open up for us and we could have actually won the thing this year. I believe the first leg was Llorente's comeback, though, and to get a goal at that stage of the season was crucial - he was vastly improved in the remainder of the season.

Squad - slightly disappointing really this year. The defenders were, by a distance, the best performers thsi year, although Mikel Arteta was very important to the team.

Transfers - bought Ba mainly because of his low release clause, might look to move him on this year now that I've also got Llorente. Mandanda seems to be doing OK, but eventually I'd like Szczesny to take back over. Rojo was a panic buy having let Santos go out on loan and seen Gibbs get injured. But he did OK.

Finances - down mainly because of Llorente. Will need to get rid of some overpaid dead wood this summer, without a doubt. Planning to get a lot of youngsters with a load of potential in, along with perhaps a couple of decent full-backs.

Season Awards

Team of the Season

Mertesacker got the Fans' Player of the Year award, and I have no arguments with that. Koscielny ran him close, particularly after a good end to the season.

Career Summary

[u]Season      League       FA Cup     League Cup       Europe                 Other[/u]
2012/13     6th          5th Round  3rd Round        Champions' League QF   Nothing.

Records Broken

None so far.

Arsenal's Guatemalans:

None so far.


Qualified easily from their 3rd World Cup Qualifying group, finishing 2nd behind Jamaica and ahead of Cuba and Antigua/Barbuda. Lost to Honduras in the Copa Centroamericana Final after victories over Belize and El Salvador. Have made a poor start to their final qualifying group, bottom of a tough group including Mexico, Jamaica, Honduras, USA and Trinidad and Tobago having lost all 3 of their opening matches. After improving through the season, they dropped back and ended the season about the same ranking as before. I've been going crazy with Guatemalan scouting though, and it turns out that there's not a single Guatemalan who has the potential to be anywhere near my team at the moment. Hopefully that will start to change. The sale of Mendoza from a Guatemalan team to an Austrian one seems to indicate a gradual upshift in quality of players in Guatemala which can only be good for the standard of Newgens.



GreyedOutMan - Arsenal/Guatemala - 2013/14

Stupid. Stupid, stupid stupid. What a pathetic end to a promising season.

League Table - the last 14 games saw defeats to Wigan, Man Utd, Liverpool, West Brom and Newcastle as well as draws with Stoke and Southampton. Cost us very dear.

League Positions Graph - we could easily have won the title this year despite never being top after December. Until right at the end, we had lost the fewest games in the league.

Still, major improvement on last year and with a few lucky breaks, it could have been so different.

Capital One Cup - gave the fringe players runs in this competition, including against Chelsea, when a stronger team might have won that game.

FA Cup - major major shock here, going out in round 4 to Stevenage. Shocking.

Squad - once again the centre-backs were the outstanding players, which sums up the problem with the side, really.

Transfers - some major signings didn't really come off this year. Bender did OK, but for someone who cost nearly £20m, not well enough. Isco did better, but wasn't really much of an upgrade on Cazorla. His age was of course the main reason for this, though - and he will improve. Babacar did well and I negotiated a £5m fee if he was a success so he will be joining on a permanent basis during June.

Finances - on a worrying downward trend but Champions' League football next year should offset it as long as I don't spend too much this summer.

Season Awards

Mertesacker, Llorente and Podolski made the squad for the Premiership team of the year

Arsenal Team of the Season. Mertesacker won the Fans' Player of the Year Award for the 2nd season running.

Historic Team. Bender and Kolarov inducted.

Bizarrely, Per Mertesacker won the goal of the season award! But for some reason it wouldn't let me upload the goal to show you :(

Career Summary

[u]Season      League       FA Cup     League Cup       Europe                 Other[/u]

2012/13     6th          5th Round  3rd Round        Champions' League QF   Nothing.
2013/14     3rd          4th Round  4th Round        None                   Nothing.

Records Broken

None so far.

Arsenal's Guatemalans:

Delio Castillo wasn't originally offered a contract but I managed to persuade him to rejoin in June after being released by Liam Brady. Probably won't amount to much but might be Guatemala's best player.


A season to remember for Guatemala as they qualified for their first ever World Cup, quite unbelievable given their lack of quality. Obviously, they got hammered, but to qualify for a World Cup at last is a good base to work from for future years, perhaps with me as manager! Summary showing massive strides in the standing of Guatemala's national side this year.

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Hahaha nice name.

When you put past international, does it ask you how many caps etc?

Are the Galaxy a club that will likely give you decent youths?

When you choose former international it randomly gives you an amount of caps and goals,

LA Galaxy has above average youth recruitment and top youth facilities hopefully I'll be able to build that up but I've loaded all players from venezuelan leagues and of nationality so hopefully the scouts can spot a few rough diamonds for me. I've never tried the MLS before but I thought it would be a nice challenge for me

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I am doing Gundo's in Finland. If I get my club up to decent size and complete Gundo (months away if there is any chance!) could I use my club to try and do it with Finland providing they still haven't qualified?

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I am doing Gundo's in Finland. If I get my club up to decent size and complete Gundo (months away if there is any chance!) could I use my club to try and do it with Finland providing they still haven't qualified?

Yeah thats fine, even if they've qualified you can still do the challenge as you need to win the World Cup as manager, completing Gundo's Challenge would satisfy the club goals of top division win and Champions League

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Just had a read at the last years posts, fantastic.

So, although my manager is Scottish, I'll still be within the rules of challenge to eventually take over Finland if I complete Gundo with my current club. As I'll get plenty Finnish regens through.

I don't know who I'm kidding I've no chance of completing in Finland but worth a try, all hypothetical!

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Thats good progress for them Greyedoutman, if I was in your shoes I'd prob be happy, this challenge is definitely a marathon, so I'd prob be happy just to see the team improve, but your time will come, hopefully when the national pool is a bit bigger

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Good to see this back, I got into the FM12 version with Barca and Liechtenstein but interest waned as I started to realise the Lichtenstein job would probably never have come up. I am going to have a play with Barca again but not sure which nation yet. I want the most obscure but with enough players to give me a chance at international level!

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Greyedoutman - Guatemala looking good just now and remember the Manager can't live forever so the Team will be full of Stars by the time he retires

benrollo - Good to have you back, Burkina Faso seems a bit of a challenge but probably easier than Liechtenstein

SetUpMan50 - Shame about losing the Saints saves, but you can try an emulate Sven by bringing glory to Gothenburg again, then show him how you win a World Cup

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Didn't really get into this as much as i'd of liked last year, i'm blaming it on it being too easy to get bored playing as Man Utd. So this year i'v come up with an interesting Challenge idea ... Rangers!

I have got multiple saves going at a time but usually get enough time to play at least a little each day.

Managers Profile|Info.

The Squad

I have gone with the Faroe Islands as the Nation and i have already played into March (already won the League with 7 games to go).

Season 1 Youth Candidates

Jonstein Petersen Coach Report

Youngest Player!

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Meet Gauti Olafsson. New Icelandic manager of Manchester United.

Gauti Olafsson is a combination of my two best youth players from a save game in Iceland last year. Players who'd actually made the icelandic national team. I would have liked to use their other names but FM wouldn't let me use the runic letters. :/

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Going to give this a shot

Borussia Dortmund today unvieled former Rwandan International Oliver Disi* as their new manager. The new man has already declared that he hopes that he can use this position to help strengthen his home country's own international team as well as lead Dortmund to great things

*Disi isn't an actual person, i made him up :D

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Rangers/Faroe Islands



We won the League easily and could of done it playing the U19's in all honesty. We broke a few 3rd Division Records in the process ..

Highest Att: 48,461 vs Peterhead.

Average Att: 39,978.

Biggest Win: 5-0 vs Annan.

Most games won in raw: 9 (8th Dec to 26th Jan).

Most games without Losing: 12 (11th Aug to 24th Nov).

Most games without Conceding: 8 (26th Dec to 9th Feb).

Most Team Points: 92.

Missed out on the most goals scored record by 7 ... Damn!

The Cups;

Lost in the 3rd round of the League Cup to Celtic of all teams 1-0.

The Challenge Cup i was playing Youngsters and we lost in the Semi's to Raith again 1-0.

The Scottish Cup we also made the Semi's Lost 1-0 to Motherwell.

The Squad!

2012/13 First 11.

Faroe Islands;

Lost all their games so far and sit bottom of the Euro Qualifying Group.

Season      League          Scottish Cup     League Cup       Europe                 Other
2012/13  3rd Div Winners     Semi Final       3rd Round         N/A               Challenge Cup Semis.

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GreyedOutMan - Arsenal/Guatemala - 2014/15

Really frustrating. We had the title sewn up. Totally sewn up. Then a massive injury crisis and suddenly the title was gone. After a disastrous run of one win from the first 3 games in May during which the crisis only got worse and worse, we had gone from having a significant cushion to going into a game against United with only 17 fit first team players, having to win our last two games and hope the "mighty" Nottingham Forest could do us a favour against Chelsea at The City Ground. It wasn't going to happen, and I have never thrown away such a commanding lead. I felt rather like Kevin Keegan all those years ago, "I'd luv it if we beat United", but it was never going to happen with such a weak side, and we got tonked 7-0. But realistically, the title was gone by then and it was games like the West Ham defeat (see below) that really cost us the title this year. But I should point out that the injury crisis during the business end of the season was ridiculous. I even had Thomas Vermaelen playing in defensive midfield against Swansea in the final game of the season and ended up having to qualify for the Champions' League next year! We lost to West Ham, Swansea and Stoke as well as Man Utd in May. Just two more wins in that period and we'd have been Champions. Or even a win and two draws.

League Table - Manchester United snatched the title on goal difference on the last day of the season, because Chelsea did do the ridiculous and lose 2-0 to Nottingham Forest on the last day of the season!!!! That meant that United had secured the first ever domestic treble. Fergie went out on a high and Pep Guardiola has taken over.

League Positions Graph - it's odd, because in that period when we were 2nd, we had 2 games in hand for most of it, so actually we were frontrunners for most of April and into May.

Again, an improvement on last year, and we really did go into May as overwhelming favourites for the title.

Capital One Cup - a reserve team against United saw us conceded the first 4 of 11 goals at Old Trafford this year.

FA Cup - rather disappointing capitulation against Chelsea, really.

Champions' League - one win in the group was not ideal but...

Europa League - the main bright spot of the season, and we overcame shockingly bad end-of-season league form to overcome Sevilla in the final, despite a wobble in the 2nd half. My first trophy in FM13!

Squad - Jack Wilshere stepped up this year and became a really key player, and improvements from Walcott, Vermaelen, Ramsey and Podolski meant that we had a core of key players at the top of their game which brought us to the brink of the title. Next target: a bit more depth!

Transfers - mainly signings for the future, although Babacar's loan period the year before made him a great back-up to Llorente - so much so that he eclipsed him.

Finances [/b] - struggling a bit after no Champions' League football the year before, and only the group phase this year. Luckily, I've been buying some cheap and promising youngsters who will be ready to step up soon so I can sell some players for a profit.

Season Awards

Arsenal midfielders grabbed the consolation prizes in the PFA Young Player awards.

Mertesacker, Llorente and Podolski got into the PFA Premiership Team of the Year.

Mertesacker won the Fans' Player of the Year ONCE AGAIN!

This was the Team of the Year for the club

The Historical Team is evolving slowly, but Llorente has been sold now so we'll need to find a new legendary striker. Wilshere will stay there forever, I'm sure.

Career Summary

[u]Season      League       FA Cup     League Cup       Europe                 Other[/u]
2012/13     6th          5th Round  3rd Round        Champions' League QF   Nothing.
2013/14     3rd          4th Round  4th Round        None                   Nothing.
2014/15     2nd          5th Round  4th Round        Champions' League Groups, EUROPA LEAGUE WINNERS.

Trophy Cabinet:

Europa League: 2015

Records Broken

Most Assists: Aaron Ramsey - 28

Highest Average Rating: Per Mertesacker - 7.55 (44 apps)

Worst Discipline: Jack Wilshere - 11 yc, 1 rc

Arsenal's Guatemalans:

Delio Castillo was given a debut in a crucial game against West Ham when I had a massive injury crisis and little option but to field a youngester. That defeat was catastrophic and the end of our title tilt. I can't blame him, and he was far from the worst player on the day, but it was hardly the best start to his professional career.


Guatemala did more than England have done in 46 years and won a trophy. But for some reason they had slipped massively up to November, and the recovery is only just back underway. Summary

We've also been taken over, but there are no plans for investment so that was pointless.

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This challenge seems like a fun one to play when I get frustrated by the Dafuge challenge so I'm going to take part. As my mam is half Kenyan I decided I wanted to guide them to glory, and so Juventus welcome a new manager to the fold. <a data-cke-saved-href="http://img6.imageshack.us/img6/4166/bcsc.png" href="http://img6.imageshack.us/img6/4166/bcsc.png">profile </a>

And the juventus board have told me they want me to adhere to the philosophies of attacking football and developing players from the youth system. That's the plan board, that's the plan.

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I am having trouble getting into my current challenges so this is one Ive never tried so maybe that will kickstart me into getting into a long game.

GoalieMan Pat (former Solomon Island international ) has taken over at FC Basel.

Never managed in Switzerland so it will be a new experience. Just so I got it setup right we load all players from the nation of the national team we are playing for correct?

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brettney1980 - Good solid 1st season in charge hopefully when you reach the SPL the youth players will be of a higher standard

GreyedOutMan - Getting closer to that title, Guatemala's FA will have high expectations when you take charge if they keep getting these good results

Bidwell93 - Welcome aboard, hopefully Juventus can bring some nice Kenyans in for you

GoalieManPat121 - Good luck with the Solomon Islands and Basel, they have good youth facilities so hopefully the youth product can propel you to European glory

I've not had time the last couple of weeks to play so hopefully this weekend I can get some FM time in

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OK - wierd thing just happened. Walcott decided that he wanted to leave on a Bosman at the end of the season on September 2nd so I was forced to sell him (he's been doing really well) to PSG and he is leaving in January for just over £20m which I wasn't too upset with given that he could have left for nothing if I hadn't accepted that offer. But after the next game, in which he played, I got a message telling me that he was 1 game away from triggering a one-year extension to his contract.

Given that he was that close to a contract extension, is it a bit cheeky that the game basically forced me into panic-selling him?! It didn't occur to me that I had put this clause in his contract....

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Just decided to take part in this epicness. I had already started an Glasgow Rangers save when I spotted this challenge and since I always load the Icelandic league to follow my local club I fancied to take this challenge on. I can already see a rivalry between me and brettney1980 developing both on club level and international level :)

Anywho, screenshots and season 1 summary:



Manager profile


The only permanent transfer came throuth the Head of Youth Development who subsequently got himself fired. Rob Hulse, Simon Lappin and Eric Lichaj all became integral parts of the team. Declan Rudd was signed as a result of a serius injury for Neil Alexander.


A very easy ride and a bit of a overkill really. Bitterly dissapointed in not acheiving the invincibles status. Oh well, there is always next season. Rob Hulse was the joint top scorer in the leage with 23 goals while Dean Shiels had the most assists, 17.

Records broken in SD3:

Highest Attendance: 48479 vs. Elgin City

Average Attendance: 39556

Biggest Win: 6-0 vs. Queen's Park (A)

Highest Scoring Game: 7-2 vs. East Stirlingshire (H)

Games Won In A Row: 9

Games Without Losing: 17

Most Team Points: 94

Most Team Goals: 109


Challenge Cup: 1st round. Knocked out by Dumbarton 0-2 (H).

League Cup: 3rd round. Knocked out by Celtic 1-2 (H)

Scottish Cup: 5th round. Knocked out by Ross County 1-1p (H) replay.

Rangers Best Eleven 2013

David Templeton got voted fans player of the year


Unfortunately no Icelandic player came through the ranks this year. Three decent players made it through though:

Graham Masson (played 8 games in SD3 and scored 3 goals)

Ben Bruce

Vince McLaughlin

It should be noted that I am not expecting longevity for these three at the club. They could however be sold for a decent amount in the future.


Since I've already started the second season I decided to post the final standings in Icelands qualifying group. A young and exciting Iceland team did well under the experienced Swede, Lars Lagerback. They finished 4th in a tight group.

Career Summary

[u]Season      League       SFA Cup     League Cup       Europe          Other          [/u]
2012/13   1st in SD3    5th Round    3rd Round         N/A    1st Round Challenge Cup 


[u]Scottish Division 3[/u]
Winner (2013)

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burtur - Rangers/Iceland

Season 2 summary


With me being immensly ignorant and just assuming that the transfer embargo on Rangers would be lifted during the 2013 summer transfer window a decision was made in releasing a number of players from the club. This included all goalkeepers on professional contracts. Since I couldn't find a decent goalkeeper under the age of 18, I went into the season with a single goalkeeper at my disposal. A regen from the class of 2013. I did however snap up (*spoiler alert*) Ryan Gauld from Dundee Utd and a promising midfielder from Morecambe, Stuart Sherwood. Philip Waide was purchased as an investment and I don't think he will feature a lot in the future. In january, I picked up another promising midfielder, Derek Brown from St. Mirren. The future is bright in the midfield department.


Unsurpisingly, I steamrolled the league like last season in SD3. Again not able to reach the invincibles status, which was dissapointing. This year Barrie McKay was the leage top scorer with 24 goals and David Templeton's tally of 15 assists was the highest in the league. Furthermore, I was voted manager of the year.


Challenge Cup: Champions! Beat Hamilton 1-0 in the final (N)

League Cup: 2nd round. Knocked out by Motherwell 2-2p (H)

Scottish Cup: Qtr final. Knocked out by Aberdeen 0-1 (A)

Record Smashers:

Scottish Division 2

Highest Attendance: 46222 vs. Stenhousemuir

Average Attendance: 39327

Games Without Losing: 14

Most Team Points: 90

Top Goalscorer: 24 - Barrie McKay

Most Assists: 15 - David Templeton

Youngest Goalscorer: 15 years 300 days - Stuart Sherwood (Also club record)

Club Records

Most Player of Match: 8 - Barrie McKay

Worst Discipline: 14 yellow cards/1 red card - Ian Black

Youngest Player: 15 years 268 days - Stuart Sherwood

Total Transfer Spending: £1,600,000 - 2013

Fastest Goal: 13 seconds - Barrie McKay

Oldest Goalscorer: 35 years 242 days - Lee McCulloch

Rangers Best Eleven 2013

New boys Stuart Sherwood and Ryan Gauld made the best eleven alongside my rubbish goalkeeper Alex Quinn. Also note that Graham Masson reached double digits in the scoring department, despite of playing frequently out of position.

Barrie McKay was voted the fans player of the year


- I survived a board takeover which saw the new chairman help out with the clubs running costs, injecting £2,5m into the club.

- Bizzarely, Rangers overtook Celtic as the most reputable club in the country. This despite the fact that Celtic won a domestic double (SPL and the SFA Cup)

Youth recruits:

The Class of 2014 provided me with a all-scottish group of rubbish players. This is perhaps unsurprising as the board has not yet been willing to invest in youth facilities and extend the recruitment network (I can't even scout players from Iceland). However I have decided to gather some stats on my youth recruitment (only players who come through the ranks at Rangers). This should give indication on my youth recruitment efficiency. The summary includes number of players that have played for Rangers, number of Icelanders, total number of appearences (all competitions), total number of goals, number of full international players, total number of caps, total number of iternational goals and total selling value. So this table will progress with the save.

[u]Class of   # players  # Icelanders  apps  goals  # int.caps   int. goals   selling value[/u]
  2013         4            0       77     13         0           0            £0
  2014         0            0        0      0         0           0            £0


In my last update I posted Icelands final position in WC14 qualifing group. In december 2013 Lars Lagerback stepped down as Iceland manager and I immediately applied for the vacant position. The Icelandic FA laughed of my interest and appointed Bjarni Jóhannson as manager. Dissapointing but understandable I guess. Furthermore, Iceland was handed a relatively easy qualifying group in EC16. They moved up a whopping 36 places in the world rankings this season, currently sitting in the 69th place.

Career Summary

[u]Season      League       SFA Cup     League Cup       Europe          Other          [/u]
2012/13   1st in SD3    5th Round    3rd Round         N/A    1st Round Challenge Cup
2013/14   1st in SD2    Qtr Final    2nd Round         N/A     Challenge Cup Winners 

[i]Scottish Division 2[/i]: Winner (2014)
[i]Scottish Division 3[/i]: Winner (2013)
[i]Scottish Challenge Cup[/i]: Winner (2014)
[i]SD2 Manager Of The Year[/i]: Winner (2014)

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Rangers/Faroe Islands


Transfers. - Brought in a few Faroese players just to give them games.

We won the League easily again had a tricky start though but in the end it was another record breaking season.

Record broke;

Highest Att: 48,518 vs Alloa.

Average Att: 39,681.

Highest Scoring Game: 6-3 (Win) vs Cowdenbeath.

Most games won in row: 7 (1st Feb to 29th Mar).

Most games without Losing: 23 (5th Nov to 12th Apr).

Most Team Points: 84.

Missed out on the most goals scored record by 15.

The Cups;

Lost in the 2nd round of the League Cup to Ross County 3-2 aet.

The Challenge Cup we won for the first time in Rangers history, beat Raith on Pens after a 1-1 draw.

The Scottish Cup we lost to the Auld enemy Celtic 3-2 in the 4th round.

The Squad!

The Youth;

Jonstein Petersen is looking good and earned his first Cap.

We didn't get a single Faroese player through our Youth Academy this time out - Youth Candidates.

Faroe Islands;

Currently sit 171st in the FIFA Rankings, managed to beat Kazakhstan 3-1 last September and follow that up with an amazing 1-1 with Sweden, but then they followed with all losses.

Season      League          Scottish Cup     League Cup       Europe                 Other
2012/13  3rd Div Winners     Semi Final       3rd Round        N/A               Challenge Cup Semis.
2013/14  2nd Div Winners      4th rd          2nd Round        N/A               Won Challenge Cup.

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I think I'll try this again, now I can upload photos.

Former Mali international Moussa Traore has been announced as the new boss of PSG.The former Chelsea attacking mid has scored 11 times in 30 games for his country.

Perfect place to start as we already have two Malian players (Mohamed Sissoko and Khalifa Traore)

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Man City / Rwanda

Season 2013/14

Man City picked up where they left off in the league, retaining the title after a win over Spurs guarenteed 1st place. So thats aim one down, I honestly thought we could win the champions league as well after beating a tough group containing Barcalona and Juventus with maximum points. Unfortunately, Jose and Real Madrid had other ideas, which included injuring Aguero within minutes meaning he had no chance of nicking the golden boot from Lewendowski. the ref was on their side as well, giving them a soft penalty, we couldn't find a way back in after that, and the injury to lescott after using our 3 subs all but sealed our fate, they scored another with the last kick of the game to sum up our night.

League / Transfers

Fans Player of the year: Vincent Kompany

Best Eleven: Season

Rwanda reached the second round of Arfican Nations Qualifying, where they held 38th placed Nigeria to a 2-2 draw away from home, and I thought they might just sneak it in the return tie if they were lucky... they weren't, Nigeria smashed them 4-0. Their only other match after that was a 2-0 vicotry over Niger. They currently lie 135th in the world rankings, a drop from their original 120th. Their Serbian manager still remains in the post from the beginning of the save, and they are in Group D of the African Nations Qualifying groups for next season with Chad, Cameroon, and Gambia.

Two Rwandan youths came through the ranks this season, Kaka and Twahirwa, thankfully kaka is the better of the two as his name is easier to type :), he has good championship potential according to the majority of reports

Youth Candidates / Andrew Kaka / Eric Twahirwa

Season: League Finish: Rwandan Youths: Europe:
2013/14 1st 2 Runners up <2-0 loss vs Real Madrid>

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Right this is going to be started tonight with Sheff Utd and as for the nation I am undecided. I am thinking American Samoa maybe.

Quick question though, do the players come through the youth team with dual nationalities. For example for my Sheff Utd and American Samoa. The youth players who come through will have dual nationality?

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