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After having my latest story locked, here I am attempting another, (without pictures ;) ) I’m always happy to receive feedback and advice. Hope you like it. :thup: And hope this will be my best yet. (not hard though lol):D

Leeds United Association Football Club, AKA Leeds United, home of Elland Road, were docked 15 points at the end of the 2006/07 season after the football league determined they had not followed the correct rules for going into administration. After getting relegated to league two, with -15 points, the impossible has been set for them. Can they still go up? The challenge will be testing, and very difficult, but do Leeds United have it in them to go back to their glory days in the top division of English football? Many doubt it with their 15 point deduction. They’ve won the top tier of English football 3 times before, but will there be a fourth?

Only time will tell…

One week later after docking of points…

The Daily Sun - Page 96

Leeds United - New Gaffer Needed?

Rumours are pouring out of Elland Road that current manager Gary McAllister is about to get given the order to leave Leeds United. Rumour is that Ken Bates feels that a fresh manager is needed to get Leeds back where they belong. Leeds United have not confirmed these reports, but they have not disposed of them either. With their 15 point deduction to start the season, many believe that their plan to bounce straight back up is in vain.

The media believe they will come 4th In League One. A Leeds spokesman has stated, “We do not expect instant success in terms of promotion to the championship, but we believe it can be done with effort and the right plan to succeed.” Leeds United are in trouble with minus 15 points, so is there a possibility of a new man in charge to get them promoted?

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The Daily E-Mail - Back Page

McAlister Sacked by Bates

Leeds United have confirmed today that Gary McAlister is no longer the man in charge at Elland Road. Gary McAlister was sacked as the club feel they need someone fresh to take them where they belong. This is what a club statement had to say at 8.33am, “The club can confirm that Gary McAlister’s contract with the club has been terminated. The club feel that we need someone new in charge to take us to the next level, and the place where we feel Leeds United need to be, if we are to succeed.” There was many rumours about the manager being sacked before hand, but now the rumours are now all about the new man in charge. Most of the media claim that ex-Luton boss Mike Newell is most likely to take the reins. Other sections of the media also link John Gregory, (ex- QPR manager), Steve Cotterill, (ex-Burnley), and even David Platt with the job.

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I was walking down the road in the cold night and through the spitting rain I could just see the sign of the Kings Head just ahead. My life was a mess, I was a divorced man, my kids lived with my ex, and I had been fired 4 months ago from a dead end fast food job. After realising I wasn’t going to get a job quick, I had known I must take drastic measures. I was a life-time football fan of my beloved local side Leeds United, and I always dreamed of getting into football. I had decided to get a Fifa license to become a manager. I knew I had barely no chance of becoming a manager, but I thought it was worth a shot. I was meeting a very old friend who had been there for me through the divorce and everything. His name was Chris Beasley. We are both die hard Leeds fans, and as he is has a job at Leeds United, being the kit-man, he can sometimes get me free tickets. He had phoned me up in the day telling me It was important that I came to the Pub where we met went at least once every 2 or 3 days at 7pm. So here I was. I was just wondering if he had got me a season ticket at Leeds, I would’ve had one, but I wasn’t in a good shape financially as it was.

I walked in and immediately saw Chris at a table, I walked over and sat down. “Hey Chrissy, What’s this about?” He smiled, and looked excited,

“Well, I’m sure you know that Gary McAlister has been sacked?”

“Of course I have.”

“Well, Ken Bates wants to give the fans and players something to excite them.” I nodded in agreement, and replied,


“Well, you got your license to become a manager just a week or two ago, correct?” I looked puzzled,

“Well yes, what’s this leading to…?” he said,

“Shuuush, Ken has asked me to tell you that you can go to Elland Road for an interview with him at 2.30pm tomorrow if you’re interested in the job.”

“ Are you serious!!!” There was no way I could be the new manager at my own team….. I couldn’t believe I had a shot.

Deadly serious, well done mate, you could be our next manager!”

“wow, thanks for getting me this chance Chris…”

“No, Ken asked me to tell you. I didn’t have anything to do with it. He just asked me what your thoughts on Leeds were, and once I said you were a lifelong fan, he smiled and walked off.”

“Well cheers anyway mate!” He stood up,

“You’re going?” I asked,

“I thought I’d let you celebrate your chance to become the boss.” I grinned,

“See you mate, thanks again,”

“Don’t mention it. See you tomorrow at Elland Road at 2.30pm, be there on time.”

“Of course.” Chris walked out, and I was buzzing with excitement. Finally, I thought, My chance to shine! I left the pub with a massive grin on my face, even though I was going home to my crummy apartment, that could all change now…

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I walked into Elland Road, I saw the receptionist and walked over.

“Hello, How can we be of help” I smirked at their almost perfectly robotic voice.

“Emm… I have an interview with Ken Bates about the manager job position?” She stood up, and smiled,

“Right this way.” She walked down the corridor with me just behind her.

She pointed to a door inches to her left,

“This is the room where you’ll be meeting Mr. Bates. Good luck with the interview.” I nodded

“Thank you very much.” I was so nervous I could almost feel the sweat dripping of my forehead, but I calmed myself down. I had a shot, and I had to give it my all. Here goes nothing I thought. I knocked, and heard a shout, “Come in!” I walked in. Ken Bates stood up, “Adam! Great to see you,” He held out his hand which I shook, “Please, Please sit down right here.” Pointing to a seat opposite his desk. I sat in it, and waited for him to speak, I felt so anxious as if I would explode. He sat down in his snazzy chair on the other side of the desk, and said, “So, Adam, am I correct in thinking you want the job?”

“Of course, who wouldn’t?” I replied, feeling more confident. He chuckled, “Well, if I were to appoint you, what would Leeds United gain?”

I answered straight away, “They’d gain a manager who was truly in it for the club, not for the money. They’d get a manager who only wanted what was best for the club. They’d also get a manager who believes this club has what it takes to become a major force in the premiership once again.” He nodded,

“What do you believe we can accomplish this season if you were to take charge?” I thought for about 2 seconds,

“I would target the play-offs, but I believe if everything went to plan, we could even make a title push with -15 points, maybe a promotion chase at least.” He bit his tongue,

“Well those targets sounds difficult and very ambitious, do you really believe you could achieve promotion?”

“Of course I do.”

“Hmmmmm….. You seem to me, like the right man for the job.” He went into his desk draws and got out a folder. While he opened the folder, I was just shell-shocked, It was one thing to get an interview, but to get the job, which what appears to be happening at the moment, would be absolutely amazing… He got out a few sheets of paper. “This, is a contract. If you sign this contract, you well get paid £2500 per week. We will give you a transfer budget of 1 million, but our balance is -36k. We will give you a spare 11k of wage budget to use and we will only pay for scouting trips within this region.” I couldn’t believe it, here I was about to sign on as manager of Leeds. This was truly the best moment of my life, apart from maybe my divorce, I thought. I sniggered. “So Adam, what say you, will you take the job on?” I came back to earth,

“Of course, you knew that.”

“So sign here please.” pointing at a dotted line at the bottom of the contract. I obeyed him. “Ok, well in 1 and half hours we’ll be having a press conference to introduce you as our manager. Get ready.”

“I will.” I turned and walked towards the door,

“And Adam,” I turned,


“Good luck.” He smiled and sat down. I walked out of the door.

I’d done it! I was the new Leeds United football manager!

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I walked into the room where the conference was going to be held, and at once a number of flashing lights hit me in the face, I squinted my eyes and just about sat down in my chair. Once we were all sat down, (myself, Ken, Chief Executive Shaun Harvey and Director Mark Taylor), Ken shushed the media, and said, “Leeds United can now officially confirm Adam Connellan as the new manager. We are happy to announce Adam as manager and we believe he can get the best out of this club and get us back where this club needs to be. Adam will now be answering questions.”

Adam, What do you think you can offer this club?

“Ask Ken, he’s the one who hired me,” I smiled, “,Nah, more seriously, I believe I can take this club back to the top tier of English football. It will not be easy whatsoever, but I believe we have the ability and heart to do so.”

Ken pointed at a woman at the back, “Yes?” She smiled and stood up,

“Mr. Connellan,” she began, it felt odd to be called ‘Mr’, “You have no real experience in football, and weren’t really considered as a candidate for the job, partly because most of the media had never heard of you. So do you believe your clear lack of experience will undermine your position at Leeds?”

I looked right at her,

“A good point and question, but I was aware it would come, and I have my answer ready. I have been appointed by Ken for a reason. He believes I can improve this sides fortunes, and to do that I’ll need the fans on my side, all I want is a chance to prove myself before the media slate me off. I am a lifelong fan of this club and it is in my dearest wishes to succeed here.”

Adam, do you have any ideas of the captain yet?

“I will access each of the players, and access who the captain should be.” I replied.

Ken nodded in agreement, He then said, “Sorry, but that’s all we have time for. Thank you for coming. And we hope you picked up the information you wanted.”

Ken and the others led me out while the media desperately tried to get one more question in, but we eventually made it out of the door. I got into Kens snazzy, black limo with him, and once we had set off, he smiled at me, and said “So how was your first press conference?”

I grinned uneasily, “Difficult, but just happy it’s out of the way, you know?”

“Yeah, the first is always the hardest, and most difficult, you’ll get used to it.”

I sighed, “Yes, I suppose I will.”

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Current Group of Players:


Casper Ankergren - Number one goalkeeper by a mile, this man is one of our best players and with his decent influence at his age of 27, perhaps a potential captain?

Alan Martin - Very young at 18, but still my 2nd choice keeper. A good prospect, but will not be much of a threat to Ankergren’s spot for a while.

David Lucas - At 29, he should be ahead of my 18 year old in the pecking order yet he’s not. Not the best sign in a goalkeeper. Will probably only play in the even of an injury crisis.

Star Keeper: Casper Ankergren

Full Backs:

Frazor Richardson - At 24 he isn’t the best player. Pure back-up, but should challenge Darren Kenton to a first team spot.

Darren Kenton - Number one choice for Right back, but nothing special, with these 2 mediocre right backs, maybe a new one is needed before the season starts?

Alan Sheehan (Loan) - An on loan player who is good enough for the first team, but with no other left backs, surely a back-up is needed?

Star Full Back : Alan Sheehan

Centre Backs:

Lubomir Michalik - Probably my best defender. Quality and young at 23. A good player for our future at Leeds United, let’s hope no one takes him away from us.

Matt Heath - A decent back-up who will be useful during the season. But with only 3 centre backs, perhaps another is needed?

Paul Huntington - At 19 years of age, Paul is a fine player who is already first team.

Star Centre Back: Lubomir Michalik


Sebastian Sorsa - A great winger for the right flank, and Seb will be a first team player next season, but surely another right winger is needed as one is surely not enough.

Bradley Johnson - Would be happy with Bradley as back-up, but him being our only left winger is a disgrace. A new left winger will be signed.

Star Winger: Sebastian Sorsa

Midfielder Centres:

David Prutton - Finally! A position with depth. He will be used in a rotation in the centre of the park this season.

Alan Thompson - Good player, first team player and will add great experience at 31 years of age,

Andy Hughes - He’s the other part of the rotation system with prutton. Useful to have in the squad.

Neil Kilkenny - Not nearly as good as the others, pure back-up to me.

Star Midfielder Centre: Alan Thompson


Tore Andre Flo - One of best strikers, and will be very important this season.

Tresor Kandol - 4th choice, and only likely to play if injuries occur to star strikers.

Jermaine Beckford - Another star striker, and will be used a lot this season with his great pace and youth he brings to the side.

Anthony Elding: - 3rd Choice striker for my Leeds side and good to have in the squad.

Leon Constantine - Probably worst striker in my squad, and will be playing for the reserves for most of next season apart from when a major injury crisis occurs to the other strikers.

Star Striker: Tore Anndre Flo/Jermaine Beckford

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Like the title, which commentator used to say that a lot, good luck getting the Leeds up to the top...as Terk said you might need it

thanks I'm sure i will. I'm unsure which commentator said it a lot though, but I do know that Soccer AM made it an official word.

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Meeting between myself and chairman

I knocked on Ken’s door, and heard that usual voice shout, “Come in!”, I walked in, much more confidently than last time I’d been in here.

“Ah, Adam great to see you. What do you have for me today.?”

“Ah. I have a list of players I’d like to sign for us."

“I thought it mind be so. Just let me get my laptop ready to get it all down,” He clicked a few things on his computer and then gave me the go-ahead, “Ready.”

“Ok, I’d like to made a bid for Rene Mihelic.”

“Any ideas of price?” he queried.

“I expect 250 thousand will get him.”

“Ok. Next?”

“Mikael Lustig, he’s out of contract with his club GIF Sundsvall, so we can offer him a contract.”

“Lustig… got it. Anyone else?”

“Pablo Piatti, A great potential, I expect 75 - 125 thousand will get the young attacking midfielder.” Ken nodded,

“Anyone else?”

“Andy Iro, from USA side Columbus.”

“Is he English or American?”

“English, so he will be able to get a work permit.”

“good, good, any more?”

“A couple” I said with a cheeky grin.

“I hope these players are worth it.”

“Trust me, they will in time.”

“Ok, ok, who else?”

“Mark Bradley for 40 thousand pounds and also Chris Cleaver for 50 thousand.”

“And?” he asked warily,

“Hehe, Calvin Zola for 50k, and Dean Furman for 20 thousand.”

“That’s it??”

“Yes, for now, as I’ve given the scouts and backroom staff some players to investigate, some on loan, some not.”

“Fair enough. I’ll get back to you on these transfers.”

“Great, thanks for being very helpful on this boss.”

“No problem. Just get back to work." he said with a smile, as I walked out of his office.

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Transfer News:

7TH July 2007

*After getting a good scout report, a loan bid for Matty Fryatt was made

* After getting a scout report which suggested Sebastian Leto would be willing to come on loan, a loan bid was made.

*Slavia Prague and CSKA sofia have joined the race for Rene Mihelic and both made 250k bids.

*Mallorca look to snatch Pablo Piatti into their hands and have equalled Leeds’ 100k bid.

8th July 2008

* Leeds bid of 18k has been accepted for Andy Iro, but the player is not willing to join the club, so Leeds cancelled the deal.

9th July 2007

*The 50 thousand pound offer for Chris Cleaver has been accepted. He wants to join Leeds and looks set to complete a £2,000 pound a week deal at Elland Road.

10th July 2007

* Mikael Lustig has accepted a contract from Leeds after his old one ended at GIF Sundsvall and is set to join on the 1st of January 2008.

* Leeds’ loan bid for Liverpool’s Sebastian Leto has been rejected as Liverpool don’t want to sell.

* Tranmere want 65 thousand for Calvin Zola and Leeds have come forward with the bid.

* Leeds and Mallorca's bids for Pablo Piati have both been accepted.

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11th July 2007

* CSKA, Slavia and Leeds have all had bids accepted for Rene Mihelic and offered contracts.

* Rangers have told Leeds they want 26k for Dean Furman, the bid has been made.

12th July 2007

* Chris Cleaver has accepted a contract from Leeds and is set to sign.

* Chris Cleaver Has signed for Leeds United for a fee of 50 thousand pounds.

* Matty Fryatt has accepted a loan contract at Leeds which means he will stay there for the whole season.

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13th July 2007

*A bid of 65 thousand has been accepted for Calvin Zola.

* Pablo Piatti has accepted the contract from Leeds and will sign tomorrow. Pablo has told the press that he was joining leeds to get more first team opportunities.

14th July 2008

* Pablo Piatti Signs for Leeds United for £100,000. It is believed that the Argentine has signed a 2 year deal.


Hereford v Leeds United

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Hereford v Leeds United

Starting Line up: (regular 4-4-2)

GK. Ankergren - looking for a solid performance

DR. Kenton - Looking for him to be solid defensively and help out the right flank.

DL. Sheehan - Looking for him to be solid defensively and help out the left flank

DC. Huntingon - A solid performance with no errors.

DC. Michalik - A solid performance with no errors.

MR. Sorsa - good crosses and dribbling needs to be shown by Sorsa.

ML. Jonhson - want to see dangerous runs inside and outside.

MC. Piatti - Want to see good creative play

MC. Thompson - Want him to boss the midfield and balance with Piattis yyouth with his experience at 31.

FC. T.A Flo - To form a dangerous partnership with beckford

FC. Beckford - To form a dangerous partnership with T.A Flo

In Game:

1st Half:

16 minutes in, Flo puts a great lofted ball out to Sorsa on the flank, who crosses it back in for Flo to head into the corner of the net. Good goal.

44 minutes in, Free kick for Huereford, is bent into the corner by Lee Collins. 1-1, great goal though.

Whistle goes, 1 each so far.

Half Time:

changes: Sheehan for Chris Cleaver - from Cleaver I want him to have a decent debut and a run out.

Jermaine Beckford for Matty Fryatt - From Fryatt I want him to look dangerous and to cause trouble.

2nd Half

60th minute, Bradley and Alan Johnson off for Kilkenny and Prutton and Piatti moves to left. - From these two I want a solid partnership

75th Minute - Flo off for ELding - Want Elding to purely show me what he can do.

Michalik off for Heath - Don't want any errors.

Kenton for Richardson Want Richardson to do well and help his winger.

Final Whistle 1- DRAW

I was happy with Sorsa, with his great assist, Flo for looking so clinical and Huntingon for bossing the defence.

Talk it over with assistant Steve Staunton,

"I thought it was a silly free-kick to give away which cost us the game." I muttered.

He shrugged and said, "Still, it was a quality game and I thought Flo got a great goal himself today."

I turned my head from side to side, "Yeeh, but, we must remember that it was a much weaker side we played against."

"Yes, but we must also remember that it wa just a friendly, and life goes on."

"Very true. But there was some positives at least."

"And that's something" He said cheerfully. I looked at him, and said,

"Well, I'm glad with our signings like Pablo, Chris, Matty and hopefully we'll get Zola soon eough."

"Same here. They looked ok."

"See you tomorrow then Steve"

"bye" i nodded and walked out of the changing room. It was certainly not an impressive performance, but I learned from it, that's for sure.

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Transfer News:

15th July 2007

* Walsall want 55k for Mark Bradley. Leeds have made a new bid.

* Rangers want 10k plus 18 thousand to be paid over 6 months plus 25 % next sale for Dean Furman. The bid has been made.

16th July 2007

*Rene Mihelic has rejected Leeds and joined Slavia Prague for £250,000.

17th July 2007

*Calvin Zola has agreed terms with Leeds and will sign today.

*Calvin Zola has signed for Leeds United for an initial fee of £65,000.

18th July 2007

* Walsall have accepted a bid of 55 thousand pounds from Leeds for Mark Badley. He has been offered a contract.


Waterford Utd v Leeds Utd

Next update to come tomorrow, any thoughts on how I could improve it? Any feedback would be appreciated.

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Waterford United v Leeds United

Starting Line Up:

GK. Martin

              Heath      Huntingon

Richardson         Michalik            Sheehan


Sorsa              Piatti               Johnson


My thoguhts are to see if we can gel to this formation, as I'm thining perhaps we could use this in the big games or tough away games. I'm still not sure, as with Flo, Fryatt and Beckford, I'd like to see 2 strikers in ou formation. This friendly will be a tester for a new formation.

Just before game...

I walked into the changing room where my team were all wiaiting and ready. I then announced the team who would be starting, when I heard a few groans and saw some dissapointed looks, I then said, "Don't worry, everyone will get a chance this pre-season and I will give you each as much game-time today as possible. Now let's go ou there and show them who we are, and who stand for. Show me your fit to play for Leeds United!" At that speech it seemed that I had got them fired up. As they walked out I stopped young 2nd keeper Alan Martin, and told him to wait behind as I knew he must be nervous as this would be his first appearence for us. When we were alone, I looked serousely at him, and asked, "Nervous?",

"A bit"He admitted. I nodded my hand in understanding.

"Listen, I know it must be nerve racking, but I believe you have the ability to pull on the shirt at only 18. I'm confident you'll step up Alan." He smiled,

"Thanks boss, I'll do my best to impress."

"That's all I'm asking for, good luck out there." I nodded in the direction of the pitch. He understood his cue to go and ran out. I felt confident he'd do fine, but after all, it was just a friendly anyway.

I walked onto the pitch with Steve, and knew we needed a convincing victory today to please our fans. But the main thing to me was seeing our side with this tactic. The players got into their positions, and the whistle blew the signal the start of the game, and it began.

The Game

First half:

Sorsa had a decent long shot effort saved by the opposition keeper early on, with us dominating and looking good so far. Fryatt got a great chance after getting free of the last man but he sliced it wide, I clapped him and shouted,"Doesn't matter Matty, Just score the next one mate!"Sheehan gave away a stupid free-kick in the 25th minute, I tried to ge the defenders on their toes, but a short pass to O'Toole who slotted it home meant we were behind.

Waterford Utd 1-0 Leeds United

I turned away in dissapointment, our defence was too easy to beat then, and we needed to come back into the game. The game became scrappy, and it seemed it wouldn't change and eventually we got a corner 10 minutes before half time. Sorsa swung it in, and Matty Fryatt found a free header and got his goal. I walked to the pitch, and shouted, "Get in Matty, there's your goal".

Waterford 1 - 1 Leeds

Then I concentrated on getting the defence to watch the other attack and to be on their toes, as I knew another error could lead to being behind.

Half Time - Waterford 1 -1 Leeds

I knew a change in defence may be needed, and perhaps a better attack, so I changed things around a little.


Richardson for Kenton (To try and change the defence around. My only real option in doing so.)

Fryatt for Calvin Zola (Fryatt had proved he can score, now it was time for new boy Zola to get a run out.)

I then just told the lads that we're a bigger side and we owe the fans a win, I did this in the hope they'd go out more confidently but not more relaxed. It was a risk. Will it pay off?

2nd Half:

They started the second half by getting a through oppurtunity, but 18 year old Alan Martin made a terrific save. I whistled to get his attention and shouted, "Quality Alan, keep it up mate!". But our defence still looked shaky. But when Calvin Zola got the ball on the edge of the area, I stood up, knowing this was his chance, he was just about to take a strike, when Kavanagh hacked him down on the edge of the box. I wa outrageed with the challenge, but I knew we had a chance to score from it. But Sorsa's free-kick was deflected wide for a corner, which was also cleared too easily. I tried to fire the side up,

"C'mon lads, show them what you can do!". I decided to change things further by bringing off Sorsa and Johnson and bringing on Flo and Beckford. I put Flo in striker, and put Zola on the right and Beckford on the left.I also gave Kilkenny a shot and brought him on for Cleaver. I put took off Piatii for Prutton and put Prutton alongside Kilkenny in midfield. I was still tinkering with my tactics, and this was just 50 minutes in. We came very close to breaking the deadloc when a ball came in from Zola which Beckford headed on target, only to be saved by the keeper. Better signs from Leeds. I then took off Heath who had suffered a injury. I brought on Thompson for him and swapped thompson with Michalik.I then gave 29 year old David Lucas a chance in goal, Alan got a good amount of clapping from the Leeds faithful. I clpaped him on the back and said, "Great play Alan. You were great." He looked pleased and walked to his seat applauding the fans as he went. They had a free-kick, they fed a ball in the box which was cleared, I was just about to say 'clear-out!,' when McGee on their side belted it into the top corner from out of the box.

Waterford 2 - 1 LeedsI was shocked by the screamer, then I got the players quickly in posito and said, "We can't do anything about that, let's move on lads!" I was woindering how the Leeds fans would take defeat if we got it. They wouldn't be happy... I ordeed Kilkenny to get more defensive when another one of the players scored a belter.... 3-1.

Waterford 3 - 1 Leeds

This... was embarrising.

Full time: Waterford 3 - 1 Leeds

After the game I told the lads that it was embarrising and that we needed to improve, and quick. I left quickly in anger and then had an interview with the Media. I only had a few things to say, I scratched my head and spoke, "Well, we lost. But they did score 3 fabulous goals and the last 2 we could've done nothing about. We need to improve, but don't worry yet fans, we are just working things out in the friendlies and judge me after a couple of months in the season. Not on how we fair in our pre-season friendlies." Then i walked out. I knew the Leeds fans would already be doubting me, and perhaps they had good reason too, but I needed them on my side to improve...

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I sent an e-mail to the chairman. I knew we had a problem with our defense, so I had a new Defensive midfielder in mind.

Hey Ken,

Look, as I'm sure you know, we've had trouble with our shaky defence. There's an 18 year old for Bolton who is transfer listed. His name is Robert Sissons. I'd like to see him in a Leeds shirt. his transfer list price is only 65 thousand pounds, so he's within our price range. I believe he would be very useful for us.


Adam Connellan

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A new day, a new tactic, a hopefully better performance was all I thoguht as i prepared for another game. I'm hoping to see more goals and a better defence at the same time.


Sligo Rangers v Leeds United


Richardson    Michalik    Huntingon  Sheehan

       Cleaver     Thompson   Prutton


             Fryatt      Beckford    

With 3 men in the centre of midfield I'm hoping our midfield can boss the game and Piatti has been given a free role to find openings and to find holes and to even have the odd shot. Hopefully we will control the game.

I got out of my new Ford Focus and walked into the dressing room. It looked very cheap and crowded, but I was more conerned with my players.

"Listen up lads, after playing 2 friendlies against arguably worse sides and drawing 1 and losing 1, we owe the fans a win. We have the ability to do so, believe in your ability, and show why you play for Leeds United. And finally, Pablo, Matty and Jermaine, I have faith, that you 3 will get the goals today, but I also have faith in Flo and and Elding to get goals, so if you're slacking, I won't be afraid to sub you. So lads, GO ouut there and win!"

The players walked out onto the field, while I was hoping for an improved performance today and some goals toplease the fans. The whistle went to start the game, and the crowd went crazy...

The Game:

First Half:

Leeds are attacking, bal crossed in from the left but cleared. Only as far as Chris Cleaver who passes it out to Beckford, who immediately crosses into Matty Fryatt who heads it home! Goal Leeds!

6 minutes in - Sligo Rangers 0 - 1 Leeds United

I was delighted, great goal for Matty and more happy that we finally have a lead in a friendly. I applauded my players and made sure they didn't relax.

Leeds are on the atta- but no it's been cleared, here come Sligo on the counter, ball in from the right, but Huntingon tries to clear but heads it towards his own goal, but Ankergren makes a fine save... only for it to fall out to McCormack too slot it home.

25 minutes in - Sligo Rangers 1 - 1 Leeds United

I groaned... What shambles of a defence... We just served them a goal... We've got to get another goal now to take the lead. I encouraged the players and made sure they weren't down from the goal, but I was and I wasn't sure that they weren't either.

Straight from kick off Sligo get the ball and attack and the defence seems to stand still as O'Neill gets through and scores to put Sligo ahead.

27 minutes in Sligo Rangers 2 - 1 Leeds United

"EERGH! Defence! Stay awake! Your costing us the game at the moment! Improve or be subbed!" after my rant and I went to sit down. What poor, poor defending.

Was almost 3-1 but O'Neill is dened by a fabulous save from Ankergren.

O'Neill gets the ball through again and easily scores, the defenders no where to be seen.

Sligo Rangers 33 minutes in - 3 - 1 Leeds United

"DEFENCE! CONCENTRATE!" I was exaparated, the defence was poor again. I told Thompson to go DMC for the rest of the half.

-nothing else happened in game -

after the game I ranted to my defence about how they let the side down and deserved to play for a conference side.

I refused to talk to anyone after the game as I was so embarrised.

The challenge doest't look good yet lol.

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