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New manager stat - Youth development

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The human player's management stats at present are a bit clunky to say the least, but more so they've neither been revised or seem to have much of an impact in the game for a while.

One stat I'd like to see added is for 'youth development'. Quite simply this stat would be determined by the way the manger uses and trains youth players. If the manger gives his own youth players a shot in the first team or choses to replace aged/exiting players with seniors he's purchased from elsewhere. Etc.

The idea is that certain managers IRL are famous for nurturing their own products or taking rough gems they've found elsewhere and turning them into the finished product.

In relation to the game a manager with a better rating could expect players from abroad who currently think the move would not be in the right direction, that it would be a step down or similar to be more open to a move if they know the manager would play them and help their development. On a similar note youth players released by bigger clubs and who have to take a step down, would be more willing to sign for a club who's manager they'd think would help them in their career.

The second effect is that it should in some way help the quality of newgens teams get. For example there are a couple of London based Premiership sides who are known for producing their own players and giving them a chance to break through into the first team at relatively young ages, on the other hand there are a couple who are well known to have not given chances to their own youth players, instead bringing in replacements from other teams. Given the choice, a youth player would more then likely choose one of the former then the later.

If your score for the stat was low, because you have a habit of signing up half a dosen youth players you think were prospects every season, then never playing them and releasing them the day they turned eighteen, then other youth players would be wary of moving to your club, for fear that they'd follow suit.

Of course, if included in the game it would have to be calculated in such a way that if your accademy just produced rubbish players that you release because they have no hope, then you didn't end up with a zero rating. Maybe it could take into account in that regard a player's CA when he joined the club and what he progressed to in terms of his PA before he was released?

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The most important feature for me in an improved FM 2009 would be the ability to edit prize money for different competitions (T.V Revenue would be good too) so that the editor is far more flexible in what you can do

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