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FM13 Arsenal Thread - Victoria Concordia Crescit


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My Cazorla has....

33 (1) games played in all competitions so far, 13 goals (0 pens), 14 assists, 5 motms, 3 yellow cards, 88% pass success, 0.63 dribbles, 7.35 average rating.

He's playing as a trequartista for me.

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I will be next season due to the update, but I'm currently using the tactic from http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/318271-Assymetrical-2-2-2-2-2-EPL-Win-with-Swansea-1st-season. - I was getting rather annoyed with my own tactic so decided to go for a bit of a plug and play.

With the first version of the ME in the beta I was trying a narrow 4-2-3-1 however found that Cazorla got completely surrounded in the middle (by both his own players and the opposing team), so having a more open formation suits him more I feel.

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ha! De Matteo just got the sack in November, and Torres wants to leave and is only valued at 10 million, making a cheeky enquiry to see how much they want for him :D

january transfer window just finished, hes on transfer list for £750k thats the 2nd season and his value is £4mill, and now rotting in the reserves lol! on another note i drought vidal from juventus for 40mill and hes been outstanding, the ox has been scoring and assisting none stop all season(20 goals, 13 assists in 31 appearances!!!) and wilshere has been performing and now cazorla is sitting on the bench which ramsay doesnt make and in the summer cazorla is going to be sold

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Premier League: Southampton(H) 3-2 Win, Norwich(A) 3-0 Win, West Ham(H) 1-1, QPR(A) 3-1 Win, Everton(H) 1-0 Win, Man City(A) 2-0 Loss, Spurs(H) 2-0 Win, Aston Villa(H) 2-0 Win, Newcastle(A) 2-1 Win

Capital One Cup: Chelsea(A) 2-1 Loss

Champions League: Gladbach(A) 1-1, Galatasaray(A) 2-1 Loss, Zenit(H) 2-1 Win

My player stats;

Most Goals - Giroud and Podolski 10

Most Assists - Wilshere with 9

MOTM - Vermaelen with 5

Pass completion - Ramsey 89%

tackles per game - Arteta 4.83

shots on target - Arshavin and Mertesacker with 100% :D

average rating - Vermaelen 7.63

Plans for transfer window - Sell Rosicky and Mertesacker as I have no use for them, and bring in Torres and maybe any good youngsters I see about

Wilshere named European golden boy :D


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Team is falling apart now, either I'm winning unconvincingly or losing. Ba has lost form, Cazorla still cannot play and I'm relying on Woj a lot to save me.

My main issue is the full backs. Gibbs especially, I just lost 4-1 to Juventus and it was his fault. He just doesnt tackle or close down or do anything. I know the ME is woeful with regards to defending, but is anyone else having this problem atm? Should have just stuck with 12 really.

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Signed Falcao for 28 million, possibly raising to 52 million if he bags 30 goals and 40 appearances, 600k after 25 league goals in a season, and 1.5m if he is ever top goalscorer or in TOTY. First game he gets 2, second game he has a 17 minute hattrick before half time :')

Ledesma got left out of the CL squad when I autopicked it, so now he is negetive whenever he is playing and I speak to the team :mad:

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Season Update - 12th March

Transfers in - Falcao 28 million, raising to 52, Baines 14 million, James Ward Prowse 5 million,

Transfers Out - Mertesacker 7.5 million to Leverkusen, the usual youngster loans





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That's a lot of money for a man who is still a limited player. Look at how much Barcelona paid for Jordi Alba - £12m

Maybe Jetro Willems, Dennis Aogo, Natxo Monreal or Marko Schmelzer?

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Also bought Shaw at the start of the season, gonna loan him out for the next 2/3 seasons and then get him in some cup games.

Been giving 9 million for the new season which is not surprising considering the cash I spashed on Falcao, however Neymar, Hamsik, Dede, Young, Milner and Adler are all transfer listed, but I only really need to strengthen my defence with only 3 cbs in the squad.

Santos wanting 37 million and Man Utd blew me out of the water with a 42 million, any slim hopes I had of waiting it out for a bit more funds is gone, and UNited are stronger for next season after scraping to 4th

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season 1 complete-

won Pl

Lost CL final to barca

CC semi lost to united

FA cup- 4th round

Players in

Robbie Cotton-2.5 mill

Zakkariya Bakkali-1 mill

Ibrahima Sy-3 mill

Players out-

Arteta -10 mill

Diaby- 6 mill

Bendtner- 5 mill

Dinilson 5 mill

Park-1 mill

Rosicky- 1 mill

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i'm really struggling with the demo, anyone else? lost all my pre season games lol any advice on tactics?

what are you doing currently? need a bit more information to go on to help you

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yeah some match engine issues still being sorted - otherwise what else are you doing - cos me and you could do hundreds of different things with those formations

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So, the second season begin.

I kick off with a fully fit squad.

GK - Scznesny

RB - Chris Solly -- 4.5m

CB - Mats Hummels -- 12.5m

CB - Thomas Vermaelen

LB - Keiran Gibbs

MRC - Jack Wilshere

MRL - Aaron Ramsey

AMR - Oxlade-Chamberlain

AMC - Mario Gotze -- 30m

AML - Neymar -- 60m

ST - Falcao -- 28m

S1 - Lukask Fabianski

S2 - Bacary Sagna

S3 - Per Mertesacker

S4 - Abou Diaby

S5 - Santi Cazorla

S6 - Lukas Podolski

S7 - Olivier Giroud

SQ - Mikel Arteta

SQ - Doria


Lose first game of the season 3-0 to West Brom

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So I thought I would do a quick new game before tomorrow to play about a bit. Having not had much luck with 4-2-3-1 playing 2 wide men, never have in any version, I have switch to the 4-1-2-1-2 diamond that served me so well in fm12.

Still only pre-season but transfers so far


Stevan Jovetic - £22m


Gerv £12m

Arshavin - £7.5m

Chamakh - £6.5m

Will update when I have played a bit more

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I have a Chelsea single player save but tonight at midnight I will be starting a network game with my mate. I will be Arsenal, he shall be Spurs.

I will update how things go :)

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I'm gonna wait till tomorrow morning till I start. I couldn't get any good out of Santi in particular but I didn't give it much effort.

I will want someone to play as an advanced playmaker on the left. Hopefully Diego Peotti won't cost much or even Isco would do.

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I bought Falcao as I do not believe Giroud is a decent enough striker to be first choice. So I made a decision and jut went for Falcao for 52million. He's got 2 in 3 and is looking good. My question is who else has had him and how do you get the best out of him? I want to build my team around him and have sold arshavin, chamakh, gervinho. I play him up front on his own with cazorla, ox and podolski behind him. Played 3 and drawn 3.

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just started a new game , I have not signed many players apart from Jetro Willems at left back , Im undecided if I need another midfielder as a cover for Arteta who plays in a 3 man midfield just behind carzorla in amc.

He plays as a CM on deep lying playmaker on a defend role but if he gets injured Im not sure who to put there? , can Wilshire play that role or should I buy someone?


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I'll be starting a new game once I have time to download the full version, but on the beta this was my team :)

4-4-1-1 (ML + MR offer much more protection to the fullbacks but it is basically a 4-2-3-1 in attack)

Rigid, direct, less creative freedom, more pressing.

GK - Chez

RB (WB auto) - Sagna

LB (WB auto) - Honda (awesome LB once retrained)

CD (CB defend) - Kos

CD (CB defend) - Verms

RM (Winger attack) - Chamberlain

LM (Winger attack) - Wilshere

CM (DLP support) - Arteta

CM (DLP support) - Hamsik

CAM (Treq) - Cazorla

ST (Poacher) - Giroud



GK - Mannone

RB - Jenks

LB - Gibbs

CB - Mert, Djourou

RM - Theo

LM - Podolski

CM - Ramsey, Coquelin

CAM - Rossi

ST - Rossi, and a regen

Rosicky is my utility man, he offers extra cover for all midfield positions.

Coquelin offers emergency FB cover.

I've been playing FM since 2005 and this was the first time that I've ever used a 4-4-1-1 and I loved it! I've always played 4-5-1 or 4-2-3-1, but defensively the 4-4-1-1 was very satisfying :) I was also surprised at how nice the football was in a rigid environment with low creative freedom, I've come to the conclusion that having players with high flair will ensure nice football regardless of creative freedom, but keeping it low really helps the defensive side of things.

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For my new game I'll be looking for some young players in certain positions, this is what I have in mind so far, does anyone have any suggestions?

GK - not needed

RB - Aurier perhaps?

CB - Zouma looks awesome, I'll try and get him, I'll sell Djourou to make space.

LB - Shaw from Southampton has really high potential, but his stats are crap to be honest, has anyone tried him?

RM - Not needed, Chambo and Theo are young.

LM - A young backup for Wilshere would be nice, any suggestions?

CM - Not needed immediately, but I'll be on the lookout for a good, young DLP

CAM - Not needed

ST - Definitely needed, I'm thinking of Sanogo or Niang, but I always buy them :(

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just started a new game , I have not signed many players apart from Jetro Willems at left back , Im undecided if I need another midfielder as a cover for Arteta who plays in a 3 man midfield just behind carzorla in amc.

He plays as a CM on deep lying playmaker on a defend role but if he gets injured Im not sure who to put there? , can Wilshire play that role or should I buy someone?


Francis Coquelin!

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Pre-Season is complete, so we are all ready to go now for the new season!

Kitbuhel 0-1 Arsenal - Arshavin

Arsenal 3-0 Dortmund - Cazorla, Podolski, Gunter og

Havre AC 1-0 Arsenal

Deportivo Petare 2-4 Arsenal - Chamakh, Gervinho (2), Cazorla

Trabzonspor 0-2 Arsenal - Podolski, Walcott

Kitchee 0-2 Arsenal - Diaby, Cazorla

Arsenal 1-1 Leverkusen - Ramsey

Arsenal 3-1 Benfica - Walcott (2), Giroud

Got real life fixtures, so first up are Sunderland at home, and Stoke away.


  • Balanced
  • Control
  • Short Passing
  • More Expressive
  • Press More
  • Cautious Tackling
  • Zonal Marking
  • Drill Crosses
  • Roam From Position

Goalkeeper - Sweeper Keeper - Defend - Szczesny

Defender Right - Wing Back - Automatic - Sagna

Defender Centre - Central Defender - Defend - Mertesacker/Koscielny

Defender Centre - Central Defender - Defend - Vermaelen

Defender Left - Wing Back - Automatic - Gibbs/Andre Santos

Midfield Centre - Central Midfielder - Defend - Arteta

Midfield Centre - Box to Box Midfielder - Support - Diaby/Wilshere/Ramsey

Attacking Midfielder Right - Inside Forward - Attack - Walcott/Oxlade-Chamberlain

Attacking Midfielder Centre - Advanced Playmaker - Attack - Cazorla

Attacking Midfielder Left - Inside Forward - Attack - Podolski/Gervinho

Striker Centre - Advanced Forward - Attack - Giroud

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Premier League

Arsenal - 4 Coquelin, Walcott (2), Giroud

Sunderland - 1 Sessegnon

Fell behind against the run of play in the first half, but eventually Coquelin's shot crept in midway through the 2nd half. Lost Gervinho (2 months) and Podolski (9 days) to injury in the first 10 minutes to add to already missing Arteta, Wilshere, Rosicky, Fabianski, Sagna & Frimpong.

Premier League

Stoke - 0

Arsenal - 2 Walcott (2)

Good controlled performance, moved the ball around well and rode a few periods of Stoke dominance.

Player of the Month - Theo Walcott

Young Player of the Month - Carl Jenkinson

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I'm currently half-way through my third season with the Gunners, and I've noted that my taxes have risen steadily. Each month at the beginning of the game I paid about 3 mill GBP in taxes, having a little bump in july/august but then falling back down. The last 3 months thoug (oct-dec) I've paid almost 9 mill a month in taxes and I've already spent more on taxes this season than I did the entire previous season. Why?

Have anybody else noticed this?

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