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ri916's FM13 Anglo/Euro Youth Academy Challenge


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Thats just it. Because you are only using your own products, they are likely to be on slightly lower wages than their counterparts elsewhere.

My players are on far more money than they would be elsewhere, for the most part if I sell them I have to pay them the difference in wages. If I let their contracts expire they'll often sign for under half what I was paying them.

Premier League TV would be nice!

In Belgium we got around 890k I think! Winning the league gave prize money around 7.9m

I get 1.88m for winning in Portugal, I have to pay my squad a win bonus of 2.8m, so winning the league costs me money!



As you can see my gate receipts are pathetic, the board are probably correct that building a new stadium wont ever pay for itself. :(

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Real Sport Clube - 2044-45

Well it had to happen really, no way we could repeat our run from last year. [38a] Tiago Pinto missed significant time with injury, [30a] Júlio César is starting to lose that first step of speed and isn't quite the rock at the back he used to be. A bunch of the older players are moaning they want new challenges. Was hoping the fact it was a tight title race would get the to pull a finger out but we gave up without much of a fight. After 11 in a row we gave up the title to Porto. In fairness they deserve it, they put together a +73 goal difference season, which beat our record of +70 last year.

More concerning was the Champions League. Yes we got past the first knockout round, but we ran into our namesakes from Madrid, and they are a monster. Probably even better than the Barca team that was smashing everyone a decade or so ago. Really hard to see how we could possibly beat them in a two legged encounter. I fear we may have missed our window to snatch a Champions League while there were no super teams out there.

The one positive from the season, we found a gem in [45a] Tiago Pinto (yes, another one), probably the best player at intake time I've had. He's already good enough to be playing for some of the teams in the league, and I reckon he only needs one year in the youth team before he'll be better served playing in our senior team.

Hopefully losing the title was the boot up the bum the team needs ... they really were in the disinterested "we'll take 20 shots and they can have 2, but we'll find a way to lose 2-1" mood this year. But don't have the youth players who are ready to provide new blood.

I think I still have a few more rolls of the dice left before FM14, but my previous thought that we were close is gone, it really is a hope for a favourable draw through and if we can make a final it's a one off game and anything can happen right?

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Shakes, new Tiago Pinto is a beast. Play him immediately!

It's unfortunate that your namesakes from Madrid made super team, but on the other hand it can be super satisfying if you can beat them. There is still 3 more weeks until FM14 comes out... You still have time to beat your arch nemesis from Spain and lift CL trophy :)

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Real Sport Clube - 2045-46

Sold a couple of players netting 20 million and trimming the squad. Enjoyed having a trim squad, much better to be picking guys on need to rotate than rotating because someone is getting unfit. We pushed hard but Porto were too good, we couldn't reclaim the title. Can't really complain about the performance though, Porto just had a great season.

Champions League was a mixed bag, Group stage we've lost our place in the group of first seeds so had to face Real Madrid, but played them to two draws (seems the AI squad building strikes again, they haven't remained a super team for long). After finishing second in the group we got Hearts ... I had to double check there wasn't a Hearts from somewhere other than Scotland. Predictably we smashed them, to set up another meeting with Barca.

Ugh. We were the better team in both legs, still lost 4-2. Sometimes the game simulates the cruel and unusual punishment of sports too well. :(

Not much of an intake really.

With [29d] Rodrigo leaving us this year without playing a game (a sad decline really for our leading goal scorer) I'm now far enough in the future that none of my players have even been born yet. I feel old!

As predicted [45a] Tiago Pinto is probably ready for a full time role in the seniors next year, along with 3 decent-ish prospects from the 43 class coming of age. Going to need to make some more tough calls I feel, don't want to bloat the squad again.

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Real Sport Clube - 2046-47

So close to winning everything, ended up stumbling at the last.


I don't want to talk about it.

A good holding mid in [47a] Pedro Pinto, and a prospect for each wing that might turn out useful.

Just got to soldier on, can't quit when I've got a new stadium coming after this season, hopefully we can open our new home as champions of Europe.

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Real Sport Clube - 2047-48

We recaptured the title this year, and should have had a domestic treble but for a bad day in front of goal in the cup final. Managed to string 18 wins together across all competitions at one point before our heavy injury list caught up with us.

The injury list and schedule congestion may have had some influence on our European performance, we nearly lost to Ajax, going into half time of the first leg 3-0 down. Drew Real Madrid in the quarter final and it was a familiar story, we didn't make our chances count in the home leg then everything Madrid touched turned to gold in the return leg, a 5-1 result doing us no justice. They went on to win the competition.

[48a] Joaquim Vincente and [48b] Luís Lopes both look pretty solid coming in from this intake. If we have another injury disaster year they may spend time in the seniors like the last lot did.

I think this next year is going to be my last dance, it makes sense with the new stadium opening and my manager celebrating his 70th birthday that I take one last go and then retire. Will there be a fairy tale ending? I hope so but I'm not expecting it!

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Interesting tweet by Miles just now, which relates to this youth challenge.


"there is a (less than) 1 in 10,000 chance that a son will appear in your youth squad."

So there we have it, some numbers.

Just asked for clarification if 1 in 10,000 youth intakes or 1 in 10,000 youths who you get via youth intakes (presuming 2nd, will update if he replies)

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The game, it laughs at me. Look what sort of an intake happens when you say it's going to be your last season:


One, two, three, four sure fire first team players. Has to be the best intake I've gotten in more than 20 years (relative to my team of course, in absolute terms it's easily the best I've ever had).

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Real Sport Clube - 2048-49 : The Last Dance

Portugal started out by winning Euro 2048, meaning many of my players didn't get any off-season time off, and early on it showed. We picked up some nasty injuries, our form was terrible, and our luck was even worse. We managed to lose in the cup 2-1 to a second league team even though the opponents only had a single shot!

Things weren't going much better in Europe either, we had to scrape to get out of our group and could only qualify second:


This meant we had to play Arsenal. Thankfully by the new year we'd turned our form around and for once we made full use of the home leg:


Our reward was a matchup with Manchester United, who beat us in the final two years ago and were runners up last year. Again we absolutely dominated the first leg, going 5-1 up after 48 minutes, but they managed to claw one back with only 10 men, then gave us a hell of a scare on the return leg, forcing us to nervously defend the final 10 minutes knowing if they scored they'd win on away goals. If we'd lost this I think something would have been broken in my household:


On to Barcelona, our old nemesis, but we tamed the beast easily, for the third leg in a row finally learning how to make use of home advantage. Maybe our larger crowd at our new stadium?


Through to our second final, this time to face FC Bayern. Although we lost a game to them in the group stages we were the better team, and I felt they were the weakest competition we'd faced in the knockout stages. We just had to win this one, surely the team weren't going to break my heart. Fairy tale ending and all that, I believe, I believe!


Not a game for the ages, but I don't think anyone will mind. Hit it Freddy!


(We also won the league and were runners up in the league cup, but that deserves to be the footnote it is)

Winning Team:

GK [37a] Hélder - His low rushing out cost us at times with through balls but he's generally been a really great keeper and important in allowing the team to take the next step.

SW [36c] David Viana - Very good consistent performer at the back for many years, was named player of the match in the final.

DC [34b] Rui Rodrigues - A natural defender I had marked out to be my targetman striker, but an influx of strikers sent him back again. Absolute beast in the air, and still decently quick for a DC at 31.

DC [40a] Leonel Varão - Probably the weak link of the defense throughout the year but found form at the right time.

RM [34c] Simão Rocha - An absolute star who even as he ages can still rip people apart down the wing, good with the cross but also much better at cutting inside and scoring for himself than you'd expect.

CM [33b] Tiago Norinho - The presence of Rocha means Norinho had to learn how to play centrally and he's been a vital playmaker and corner specialist for the side, topping our assist charts on many occasions.

CM [38b] Fávio Fernandes - Way too short to be the sweeper he started out as, but found his niche as a solid holding mid who is comfortable on the ball.

CM [45a] Tiago Pinto - Still only 19 and on his way to becoming one of the best players in the world, 17 goals from central midfield this year is just insane.

LM [36a] Fernando Miranda - Injuries and inability to unlearn shoots from distance/cuts inside limited him from becoming a star down the left, but he's still been a solid option.

ST [36b] Alexandre de Bastos - Struggled to find the net much of the year, but stayed mostly healthy for once. Scored a hat trick in the game against Barca and the only goal in the final, so we'll forgive his early season scoring woes.

ST [37b] José Manuel Silva - Imported from Australia, my local contribution to the team. Has never been first choice but generally does a job when called upon.

S1 [30a] Júlio César - Unfortunately age really started to kick in and I couldn't justify starting the captain in the final. Still what a career, Portugal's greatest ever player? 721 apps for Real, 162 for Portugal, won two World Cups and a European Championship, made the dream team twice in both competitions.

S2 [44a] Filipe Santos - Young tall defender I've been trying to turn into a midfield destroyer with mixed success so far.

S3 [43a] Ricardinho - Haven't quite managed to turn the full back into a good central mid either, I think he'd be overtaken by the newer intakes in years to come.

S4 [44c] José Gomes - A player I only decided at the last minute to keep past his youth contract, but has been a solid defensive minded mid.

S5 [44b] Paulo Silva - Striker who is filling a gap as a right mid backup.

S6 [42a] Óscar - He's had years where he looks like a star, and others where he looks like a chump. Couldn't buy a goal early in the year but came right at the business end of the season.

S7 [34d] Daniel Gonçalves - Never been that highly rated by the ass man but has done the job year after year as both a left and centre mid.

And the unlucky ones to miss out

[37d] Eduardo Moreira - Has spent more time injured or getting back to fitness than playing. Was going to let him go at the end of the season.

[38a] Tiago Pinto - The real hard luck story. Out best striker and was on track to beat his record of 38 goals in a season before he got injured on international duty. Couldn't recapture form and fitness after that, and missed the final with another injury.

[41a] Fábio Andrade - Very good for a backup keeper, probably too good as he keeps complaining I don't play him enough.

[43c] Márcio Nunes - Is a decent player but ultimately left out as I went for my two more experienced players down the left.

[43b] Renato Costa - Did his cruciate ligaments in pre-season training and not back to being the same player yet.


All in all we ended up winning:

  • 13 League titles (we're only 31 behind Porto, a challenge I am not up for!)
  • 4 Cups/8 runners up (we underachieved here I think)
  • 10 League Cups/6 runners up
  • 10 Super Cups/5 runners up
  • 1 Champions League/1 runners up
  • 1 Europa League
  • 1 UEFA Super Cup

Not a bad haul! Real sit 3rd in Europe now, and it takes me to 18th in the overall hall of fame, 1 spot ahead of Lionel Messi. :lol:

Overall best XI - 7777 appearances total, not a bad shot at Acker's challenge for a 30 game league! 6 current players, but all nearing the end of their careers, so probably wouldn't add much to it for a while even if I continued on.

Final record

  • Played 1733
  • Won 1081 62.4%
  • Lost 301 17.4%
  • Drawn 351 20.2%
  • Goals For 3629 2.09/game
  • Goals Against 1666 0.96/game
  • Goal Difference 1963 1.13/game
  • 119 Youth players used

And one stadium named after me. :)

Thank you everyone for your encouragement, I thought there was no way I'd get there, but I couldn't have scripted a better ending with FM14 beta released as I played out the last few games. A fitting time to end. Looking forward to following along in the FM14 thread (uncertain whether I'll do this challenge again, but I have a feeling it'll suck me in).

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FC United Of Manchester-2031/2032


League Table | Transfers(No Cheating!)

Barclays Premier League-4th

A season to remember for many reasons. We had a brilliant campaign in the league, starting out really well and being in and around the Europa League and Champions League places with teams that spent 50+ million in the last transfer window. But as good as our start of the season was, our last 4 months were even better. In the last 18 league matches, we lost only 4 games, and they were all close (against Utd., Liverpool, Chelsea, and Arsenal). And that period included amazing wins against Spurs and City that decided our eventual Champions League place, as well as a 10 man win-streak that ended with our victory over city. That 2-0 victory, thanks to a Stuart McMahon double, secured our place in the Champions League as we took an 8 point lead with 2 games to go. Speaking about McMahon, our great end of season form had a lot to do with his form, as he scored 15 goals in the last 8 games of our winning run, taking his league total to 29 for the season and his overall to 34, breaking the record of 30 goals he had set back in the Championship. But McMahon wasn't the only one to star this season. Adam Abbott II was as reliable as ever at the back and as dangerous from set pieces scoring 10 goals this season. His partner in the center of defense, Carl Cook was a surprise again this season, being very consistent and incredibly confident in his own ability, winning 3 of the first 4 Young Player of the Month awards of the new year. And in goal, Louis Mutch had his best season to date, only conceding 43 league goals and finishing with a career high avg.rating of 7.09. In the end I was also rewarded for the amazing season, with me winning 3 of the last 4 Manager of the Month awards.


FA Cup-We lost in the 3rd round against Newcastle, but our great Capital One Cup performance more than made up for it.

Capital One Cup-An unbelievable run as we won a cup competition for the first time since I took charge in heroic fashion. We had the toughest draw possible on our road to the final, having to eliminate Sheffield Wednesday (4-2), Champions League Spurs (3-1), Prem Wolves (1-0), Manchester City (2-1), Manchester United (3-1 agg.) before facing Suothampton with 6 of my starting XI injured or suspended. In the end, we won 3-2, with a Rhys Bowden double added to by a Stuart McMahon striker to secure our first cup title ever.

Important Events Of The Season

We Beat United and City for the first times(and second times as well!) We beat each of them once in the cup and once in the League to show that we are moving up this season.

Board Finally Agreed to Build A New Stadium So after 19 seasons of playing at a 12,500 stadium, we will move into the 25,600 FC United stadium for the start of the 2033/34 season. Ideally with a league and Chamipions League title in the bag :p

I won the Manager of the Year Award Great for me to win this award, first time I've managed to win it without winning the league I was in at the time.

McMahon became the club's highest ever league scorer: He surpassed Leon Throne's 135 league goals to end the season with 153 league goals in 262 league appearances.

Youth Intake

This was this season's intake, a dissapointing one overall, although the increasing influx of foreign players is a good testament to the club's growing reputation.

The Intake

Rasmus Berggren-YP19a

The young Danish keeper is one I'm really excited about, as he is a completely foreign player with good potential who chose the club as it's reputation rises. The club now has a great starter in Mutch and a challenged in Leigh Clark, with Kieran Liversedge set to compete with Berggren for the right to challenge for a first team spot in the future.

Arif Rafiq-YP19b

The Pakistani-English midfielder has great potential, and he actually came into the team towards the end as injuries forced my hand, with him responding very well, making 3 assists in 7 games and performing well overall.

Farai Makopa-YP19c

Another English player with foreign decent, this time from Zimbabwe, will hopefully become a good center-back for the club and, probably, the Zimbabwe national team.

Goals From Last Season

  • Finish Top 10 ACHIEVED!-We finished Top 4!
  • Build A New Stadium ACHIEVED!-The FC United Stadium is being built!
  • Give New Contracts to Top Players. ACHIEVED!-Most stars got contracts until 2036 or 2037

Goals For Next Season

  • Qualify for CL Group Stage
  • Compete for FA Cup
  • Finish in the Top 4 again

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I have been reading up on the Youth Academy Challenges the last few months and its something that really inspired me. 

I have been playing FM2011 for a long time with a challenge winning CL with Shamrock Rovers in Ireland and i managed that. After that i wanted a bigger challenge so i decided to try a YAC with Shamrock Rovers but about 8 years in i came to the conclusion its not possible because the Youth Intake is ridiculously bad. So i started a YAC with Berkum (amateur club from Holland) and about 6 years in i came to the conclusion that i lost my motivation because its way too easy. My youth team at the moment has about 25 players and only 3 or 4 with potential below 3 stars. The rest is all potential First League material and then the best 15 and 16 year old are with the first team allready. Very unrealistic to me!


So now im gonna try a YAC in Ireland. Lets see if that feels like a realistic challenge. 


What i also noticed is that there is a huge difference in player interest and buy between FM2011 and FM2013. In FM2011 my players get bought much more often then in FM2013.

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