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ri916's FM13 Anglo/Euro Youth Academy Challenge


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Sorry for the double post--I got a question for you guys.

So a Swedish guy just bought Castellón (ex-keeper Johan Wiland, random)--and pumped about 4m Euro into the finances, which brings it up to 7m--the weird thing is that I cannot click on the link to talk to the board now--anybody know why this could be??


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Sorry for the double post--I got a question for you guys.

So a Swedish guy just bought Castellón (ex-keeper Johan Wiland, random)--and pumped about 4m Euro into the finances, which brings it up to 7m--the weird thing is that I cannot click on the link to talk to the board now--anybody know why this could be??


has he taken control your position could be under threat or its a bug. well my computer just crashed last nite in middle of saving so theres that save buggered going to try to load up again and see what happens. Well i got it to load up

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Two seasons to report:


Table - Youth Intake - Squad - Transfers - Best player to come in this season

Third season was good, continuing the transition with the youth intake and staying in the top half which was what we wanted.


Rival Watch: Villarreal 5th, Valencia 6th and for the third year in a row Cup finalist!!!

Real Madrid won the Champions League vs Barcelona, 3-2 in the final.



Takeover Completed - Table - Youth Intake - Squad - Transfers

- This season was the first where we officially had our theoretic starting eleven all from our youth intake--and we did better than ever. We had to deal with an amazing season by Alcoyano (wtf), and Valencia Mestalla scoring 100 goals in 38 matches, to finish third in our best season so far.

- In the playoffs Salamanca got in the way--we tied 2-2 away thinking we had the first obstacle out of the way--Saúl scored in the only two their team had, and we lost 1-2, with one of those matches where the "time just goes by" with no chances. Out on the first leg. We FINALLY got a GK in our youth intake, even though the kid is 16 years old and really not that good (1.5 stars so far), we just have to play him. Iker Rubio did his best but just wasn't enough in the playoffs. Let's hope he keeps growing.

- That being said, I'm not too upset about it. We made it to the playoffs and I expect to do it again next season, but with more seasoned players. The last thing I want is to get to the Second Division and get relegated with 10 points after getting bullied by better teams.

- Two players were key--Escáplez, who keeps growing as the leader in the back, and Marco Alonso, who scored 24 goals this season, breaking the club's record, and is six goals away from braking the club's record for most league goals with this shirt (Ulloa, 30 goals in two years).

- Onwards.


Rival Watch: Villarreal 7th and qualified for Europa League, Valencia did really poorly, finishing 10th, sacking Benitez and hiring Jose Antonio Camacho.

United beat City 2-1 in the Champions League Final.



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Real Sport Clube - 2033-34

How do I play this thing again? After being away on holiday and not playing for 2 months I wasn't really sure I could remember where I was at, so I decided to take a fresh look at what I had. Our attack was supposedly lead by two star players, but [28a] António Carvalho and [29a] Nuno Brito are both a bit injury prone and kind of all-round types who don't compliment each other that well. I decided what I did have was height ... so why not run a targetman/poacher system? My current tall players were defenders, but my youth intakes are at the level where they're not just lumps and actually have some all-around ability, so I moved [29d] Rodrigo (a natural DM who had been trained as a DC and scored 3 goals in his life) to striker and tried to build an attack around him.

During the off-season I was offered the Porto job ... they seem to be the stepping stone club where managers rack up easy wins for a couple of seasons before getting big offers overseas. Thankfully whoever they did install was an idiot, and had the team in the bottom half of the table by the time he was sacked in December. This is a team that had won the league for a decade, and they're out of the title race! I knew this was going to be my best chance I might ever get to take out the league. Sporting and Benfica are good teams, but they don't have the budget of Porto, I knew if we played well we were capable of beating them.

Thankfully my off-season decisions worked perfectly: [29d] Rodrigo went on to top the league goalscoring charts with 23 goals, and 29 across all competitions. He got good support with 4 other strikers making it into double figures, including 20 from [30b] Gonçalo Teixeira who was just up from the youth team and had been being trained as a winger ... he was just on fire as a poacher early and could easily have scored 30+ if injuries to our regular right wings didn't force me to play him there.

So overall we ran away to the league title with 2 games to spare. We were unbeaten at home, scoring 36 and only letting in 8, and probably should have won our two draws for a perfect record. Away was a little shakier, we lost 4 games, including all 3 of our matchups against the big 3, which means to defend our title I need to come up with a plan B for the tough matches particularly away.

This lack of ability to fight out the tough ones showed in the Champions League where we qualified from our group only to get steam-rolled by Barcelona 7-2 on aggregate. Also cost us both the cups, although we were unlucky to lose the main cup final against Porto, who had 2 shots on target for 3 goals. I think it might be time to throw my young goal-keeper prospect in since we're really weak there and he can hardly be worse.

Good intake with 4 immediately tagged prospects:

  • [34a] Raffael Debiche - Plays both fullback positions, which I don't use. Since he seems a decent all-round player and I'm going to have to retrain him anyway, will probably go in the central midfield.
  • [34b] Rui Rodrigues - Comes through as a central defender but I see this guy as someone I'll turn into a target man.
  • [34c] Simão Rocha - Right winger who will need to work on his defensive attributes.
  • [34d] Daniel Gonçalves - We have a shortage of lefties who can offer a real attacking option on the wing so he's likely to make it despite being a borderline prospect.

Senior squad is in pretty good shape, needs some re-enforcement in the midfield. We're playing direct so I don't expect possession football, but our midfielders just aren't quite up to it under heavy pressure and our pass completion ratio gets dangerously low (sub 70%), which is causing our away losses as much as anything. Not sure if there's anything tactically that can be done or if I'm going to have to wait for some of my youth players to grow up.

Hopefully Porto failing to make the Champions League kills their bottom line, would be nice if they were taken down a notch and the league got a little easier. Still we've won the title so that box is checked off even if Porto go back to dominating. Now all attention must go to the Champions League, although given how we went this year that's going to require one hell of a favourable draw.

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Just started out in Holland, ended up with Rijnsburgse Boys, Profile.

The squad looks workable, but worryingly many of the amateur players I can't sign permanently, seen in This screenshot of my best player

I hope I can eventually sign them, losing my best players won't help an already difficult challenge.

edit, managed to sign a few of them up and hopefully I can keep the rest, that striker has now left the club though :(

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Bugger jpr who any money involved or on a free

He left on a free :(

Kind of finding our feet in the league after a few played, but I'm not confident I'll keep the job/stay up by the end of the season.

Lost in the 2nd round of the cup to top tier opposition. We really should have won, we had an extra man for over half of the game, even more when counting extra time but eventually it went to penalties, we missed all of ours. Need to work on our penalties!

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Table - Youth Intake - Squad for next season - Transfers - Best Youth intake this season - Most valued player in the team

- Last season, we lost in the playoffs of the Segunda División B, and this one we wanted to make sure to have as many chances to get promoted, so we didn't play around. We finished first, breaking both the goal records (102, 2.7 per game) and 96 points (out of 114, 85% of all points).

- In the playoffs, we were matched yet again with Salamanca, the team that kicked us out last year but failed to make it through to the Liga Adelante. We beat them this time, on away goals. It was close, and we finished the second leg asking the ref to blow the whistle, but we were through.

- With that we were promoted to La Liga Adelante!!! In the final, we were ahead both legs, until a goal in the 91st minute gave Cádiz the honorary title of champion of the division. Oh well.

- The arrival of Santi Romero means we have a midfielder we desperately wanted. This guy is more of a defensive midfielder, and I think he'll be a great complement to Isma in the middle. The retirement of two players this season also means two things--one, that as of today, we're all youth products at this point, after this season. Second, that our average age is 18. This is nuts.

- The Liga Adelante will be tough, for sure. We're expected to come in 21st out of 22nd, and when we look at where we match up with the rest of the league, we're usually the worst team in all departments. If we can survive this season, I think we'll be OK.


Rival Watch: Villarreal finished 8th, and Valencia continues to suck, 11th. Two minor rivals of ours, Elche and Levante, will be in our division next season, which is kinda cool.

Barcelona beat Arsenal 1-0 (Messi) to claim their second CL in four seasons (and their third final in four). They're also on their ninth consecutive La Liga title. Insane. Real Madrid has only won one Champions League as their only title in 15 years.



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Achilles '29 is a football club from Groesbeek in the Netherlands. Previously one of the most successful amateur clubs in the country, they are currently members of the Eerste Divisie, having been promoted from the Topklasse in 2012–13.

Achilles 29


Finances Start of game



League Table



Youth Candidate



Star Players




Next Season Objective : Survival


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Table - Youth Intake - Squad - Transfers - Best Youth intake this season - Most valued player in the team

- ...

- Well, even though we were predicted next to last for our first season in la Liga Adelante in seven years, we get promoted. And we do it winning the league.

- It wasn't luck, either. For the best part of the season we were up there--things were very close for weeks, with Almeria, Oviedo and ourselves switching places game after game. When the season started, I looked at historic data for the past five seasons, and it showed that, by getting 80 points, we'd be promoted. Of course, this was the first year so far where a team got 80 and did not get promoted automatically. Luckily enough, that wasn't us. We were the best team, scoring 80 goals and conceding less than one per game (the last match, with the title clinched, we played all our reserves, and lost 6-0 to Levante, so it was even better than it shows).

- I am not one of the favorite managers of the fans--and the players are starting to get their honors, too. Negredo is now the top scorer in the history of the club, with 64 in three seasons--and he is 19.

- Onto La Liga!!! We'll play the mighty Barcelona, for instance, who just got their TENTH consecutive league title. This season is going to be rough, but we're just excited to be here.


Rival Watch: Villarreal finished 4th, qualifying for the Champions League; Valencia did a bit better this season, finishing 6th.

Man U beat Madrid 0-3 in the Champions League final.



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I know!!! There are a few that have a last name according to what the press say they play like--this guy is said to be the next Chevantón so hence the added last name. I also have the next Gordillo (Real Madrid legend), Hierro (another one), and Negredo--you can see them in the squad :)

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Table - Youth Intake (forgot to take screen this season) - Squad - Transfers - Best Youth intake this season - Most valued player in the team

- Our first season in La Liga was a very difficult one--we started with zero points in the first month and a half, but once we got going, we started to get three points here and there.

The second half was better for us, and, settled in the division, we had a nice run, which had us, with four games to go, with 10 points ahead of relegation spots. We played the younger players to give them a crack at first level football, which is why the relegation ended up looking that much closer in the end.

- Overall, a great first year, for sure. We also made it into the Copa del Rey round of 16.

- Santi Marti has grown up in a crazy way, in only two seasons. The guy is 18 and he is by far the best player we have in my opinion. I can totally see him in the squad for Spain soon.


Rival Watch: Valencia finished 5th, and for the fourth time in seven years, lost in the Spanish Cup final! Villarreal had a horrible season, finishing nine points ahead of relegation spots.

Bayern Munich beat Porto 5-3 in the Champions League final.

In other news, David Moyes is now at Real Madrid (won the Liga in his first season, breaking 10 years of Barcelona titles), Ancelotti at Chelsea, Allegri in Barcelona, and Mourinho at Inter.



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btw does anybody know why the german intake is 14 years old and england not?

germany got U19 and U23 teams, by the time the 14 year old hit 19 hes pretty much maxed out...

i hit the bundesliga in no time from the third

really weird

Germany is the easiest one iv tried as for the question no idea
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Real Sport Clube - 2034-35

Personal milestone year as I passed the 1000 game mark.

Solid follow up to last season as we took out the league again looking even better this year. Porto recovered somewhat to give us a bit of a run for our money along with Benfica, but in the end we did it fairly comfortably. Hopefully we've established ourselves now such that we can concentrate most of our efforts elsewhere.

Champions League form was spotty, it's hard going from looking so solid domestically to being carved apart. Still despite Chelsea putting 6 past us in in the group stage we qualified and looked to be coming on strong, reaching the semi final. However Barcelona once again proved way too strong for us, smashing us 6-0 in our home leg. Going to have to hope for some luck with someone else defeating them or their squad to fall apart, because we just can't compete.

Only one player tagged, [35a] Bruno Parente a either footed prospect who can play both striker and midfield, but has some flaws for both. Going to see if I can train him up for the midfield.

Our longest serving player [16c] Rodrigo Matos is moving on this year, having played 590 games for us. Was a very solid center back for a number of years, but has become just too slow to cut it in his old age.

Just got to keep grinding away with this squad, I can see we're gradually getting better each year, could probably pull off a Champions League with a favourable draw now I think.

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Great to see you make the semis of the CL, but Barca olbiterated you :eek:

They've got a good squad by Villas-Boas (been their manager since 2014), their best player earns more than my entire team and he's well worth it, probably the best player in the world - plays all the M/AM positions and barely an attribute below 15. I really need someone else to take them out for me, I can't match up with them.

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They've got a good squad by Villas-Boas (been their manager since 2014), their best player earns more than my entire team and he's well worth it, probably the best player in the world - plays all the M/AM positions and barely an attribute below 15. I really need someone else to take them out for me, I can't match up with them.

Screenshot? Just out of interest :p

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Concord Rangers Season 4 Review 16/17 - Blue Square Premier:

Tough, so tough. Easily my most challenging season ever on FM - with crippling debts and money rapidly running out of the club, plus having by far the worst squad in the BSP meant it was always going to be another long hard season.

At least for the first time in three years we would actually be using our home ground all season, surely a positive? Well, no. We started the season dreadfully, and after 7 games we were 23rd. Defensively we were all over the place, injuries were killing us, club legend Jason Hallett is getting older and diminishing quickly, whilst most importantly, team morale the ONLY thing we have the edge on most teams on went through the ground. 21 games into the season and we sat rock bottom. With four teams going down, we were in huge trouble.

However injuries were healed and we got a massive win, a horrible 1 - 0 at home to 23rd placed Maidenhead to give us a temporary boost, but after 41 games we only sat 22nd and in deep trouble...

The cups were a different story however and probably contributed to our tough league season with all the extra games. In the FA Cup we played 5 ties - knocking out League 2 Cheltenham in a replay at home 4 - 1 in the 1st round Proper, before a tough game away at League One Exeter in the 2nd Round. We got a brilliant 2 - 2 draw, forcing them to take us on at our place - Again it was 2 - 2, but this time a cruel 93rd minute goal saw us bow out of the competition. Still, a good run.

The Fa Trophy however was even better - A kind draw saw us play only one BSP side as we charged all the way to the final. We faced a tough task - York City, eventual winners of the BSP. Concord Rangers at Wembley was a feat that had to be seen to be believed. 20,000 watched us play possibly the best game we had ever had, as we ran out 3 - 1 winners, and win the cup! Max Hope, the man we all have high hopes scored after just 23 seconds to set us on our way, with Ollie Monguel and old target man Harry Elmes completed the scoring. What a day for Concord, history made.

But back to the league - again it came down to the last day. We were at home to Morecambe and HAD to win, with Boreham Wood 2 points clear of us. They had a very tough game away at Mansfield. We played brilliantly to dispatch Morecambe 3 - 1, with legendary striker Jason Hallett bagging a brace (he only scored 5 league goals all season) but what of Boreham Wood?

Relief! Thankfully they were comfortably beaten, losing 3 - 1. After seven points from the last 3 games, the great escape had happened once again!

The Season In Numbers

Predicted Finish: 24th (bottom, as always)

Actual Finish: 20th - League Table[/url] /

FA Cup: 2nd Round - Lost home to Exeter after replay (League One) 2-3.

FA Trophy: Winners! (Club record) - Beat York City in final (BSP) 3 - 1.

Club Finances: Insecure

Income brought into club from transfers: £0 - Six players released, all on free's

Income brought into club from cup competitions: £30,500 (FA Cup), £117,000 (FA Trophy) Total: £147,500 (easily a new club record)

Income brought into club from league finish: £23.86K (20th in BSP)

Estimated club Value: £275k (No change)

23rd of June Balance: -£423,450 (+£120,277!)

Upgrades to youth facilities: None

New Parent club: None

New Feeder club: None

End of Season Stats

Top Scorer: (19)

Top Assists': Harry Elmes (13)

Highest Av. Rating: James Elmes (34(2) Apps, 7.22 Av.Rating)

Most MOTM: (6)

Yellow Cards: (10)

Young find of the year award: Warren Wraight - Came through our first ever intake, this was his breakthrough season following the retirement of Adam Everitt. As you can see he's not great but does a job in the air, and managed 37 appearances in all competitions, with an average rating of 7.04.

Senior find of the year award: Harry Elmes - Firstly, look how bad he actually his. But he made the most of his abilities and was a good target man for us. Scored some important goals, and led the assists chart. Unbelievable to think he's managed that despite not making the team when we first started, in the BSS!

Club record league Apps - James Elmes - 186

Club record league Goals - Jason Hallett - 61

Next Season Aims: Try and hold on to my better players, and survive again!

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Real Sport Clube - 2035-36

Got off to an inexplicably horrible start to the season, just couldn't score for some reason and only managed 1 win in the first 5 games. That should have put the title out of our reach given it gave Benfica an 11 point lead on us, but they fell back to us and when we beat them 3-0 away in the second last fixture we finally got our noses in front for the first time and took it out by a single point. It marked a clean sweep of everything domestic as we won all the cups.

In Europe we drew Barcelona in our group (this is their best player as requested by TheGreatTraveler). Should have meant we'd be settling for second, except we hit an injury crisis and with our league position in trouble I could hardly afford to risk losing games there, so maybe wasn't playing strong enough teams in the CL. In any case we somehow managed to lose both ties to Anderlecht. We got dropped into Europa League which we smashed through before we picked a bad time to have our first run out without scoring in over 40 matches. Not that the Europa League was that big a priority, but every little bit of co-efficient helps, we're up to 12th now, would be good to break into the top 8 and get an easier group draw.

Very happy with the youth intake, if I'd tailor made it to my needs I would have chosen these three players. [36a] Fernando Miranda a left wing (although he has the dreaded "shoots from distance" PPM which will need removing), [36b] Alexandre de Bastos as target man type striker, and [36c] David Viana a big tall center back.

Overall we've got a solid young core here, with only 4 players over the age of 24. We should be right to keep them together, wages are rising but we made an 18 million profit and have 57 million in the bank even after two stadium expansions (capacity now 33330). Only real concern is sorting out the log jam in the right wing and speedy striker slots.

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After year of buying my way to the ultimate top, I decided to join this Challenge!

Atletico Arezzo

"The Beginning - Start of season 2013/2014 - Serie C2/A"

Manger Profile - Arezzo Information - Squad - Transfers - Finances

So when i joined this club, I didn't have ant fellow staff members, i brought in a Assistant Manager and 3 coaches for now (not that great coaching stats, but they will hopefully teach my players something)

Youth Players

All of these where already at the club when I joined.

#00a Lino Michelotti - DR - #00b Silvio Manfreda - M/AM © - #00c Pietro Grazioso - DM,M(LC) - #00d Eugenio Benucci - GK

Goals for this season

- Mid table finish

- Better finance situation

- Hold on for the key players for now.

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St Neots Town - 2013/14


Squad 1 - Squad 2


Blue Square Bet North

Season	League	Pos	Pl	W	D	L	GF	GA	GD	Pts
[url="http://i236.photobucket.com/albums/ff177/cecil-swain/RI916%20st%20neots/2013-07-11_00006_zps7ddfc184.jpg"]13/14	BSN	16th	42	13	10	19	79	81	-2	49[/url]

FA Cup

2nd Quali Round		St Neots Town 1-0 Sutton Coldfield (NPD1S)
3rd Quali Round		Northwich Victoria (NPD1S) 3-1 St Neots Town

FA Trophy

3rd Quali Round		St Neots Town 2-2 Garforth Town (NPD1N)
3rd Quali Round Replay	Garforth Town (NPD1N) 2-5 St Neots Town [AET: 2-2 at 90 mins]
1st Round		Mansfield Town (BSP) 4-1 St Neots Town

Top Scorer - Kyle Asante (30)

Fans' Player of the Year - Eddie Adjei (Ave Rating 7.34)

So my first season comes to a close, and by and large can't complain really. After the media tipped us to finish bottom, we promptly started with a 6-2 win away to Workington, and indeed we were well in the Play-Off hunt at the halfway point. However, the second half of the season we just horrible, as can be seen by our form in the final 10 games.

Our performance in the FA Cup was disappointing, considering we went out at the hands of a lower league team, but the draw for the FA Trophy was not kind to us at all, where we crashed out to Mansfield.

Our main strength appears to be the strikeforce, with Asante and Adjei sharing 45 goals between them in the league. As it was, we were the joint-second highest scorers in the league, but also the joint-second worst conceded in the league. And yet, our defenders didn't actually perform terribly, nor the goalkeeper either, so the whole situation is quite perplexing...

Interestingly, we had a player leave on a free mid-season called Pelayo Gomez-Pico. Did great for us in the first ten games, but then got picked up by Real Sociedad B. He then went on to make an actual league appearance for the first team in Liga BBVA, which I found pretty funny.

Youth Intake - Class of 2014

A few decent prospects came through the youth intake, but it was quite hard to decide who was good enough to tag, so I went for the two who were predicted to play at a higher level in the future...

Nigel James (Y14-1) D(RC) - Could turn out pretty good, predicted to become a good BSP defender. Disappointing in the few games he played at the back end of the season, hopefully he can settle in for next season.

Marc Bateman (Y14-2) D/M(L) - Similar to James in that he didn't perform in the games he appeared in this season. Will have to improve for next season, as first-choice ML Sam Sloma has been released.

Goals for 2014/15

- Concede less goals whilst maintaining our potent strikeforce

- Finish higher in the league (obviously)

- Good cup runs

- Create an affiliation

- Improve facilities

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14 games gone, 20 to go and it doesn't look like it's going to get any easier. I really need a good intake in March to drag me up.


Positions that could urgently do with being filled are:

GK, LB, DM & ST. I'm hoping to get at least 1 if not 2 of those positions filled with potential with the intake (If I've not been sacked by then!)

edit: Just lost 5 in a row, no thanks to having my 1st choice keeper and DM both injured.

Keeper is out for another 2 months. This is his replacement. conceded 14 in his first 5 which isn't exactly ideal. I think tthe keeper injury may have cost me any chance of moving forward with this challenge.

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Just had one of those games where one team has one shot and win 1-0 despite being second best for the whole match...

For the first time in a while though it's been my team who pulled it off.

Pic which was then followed by this

First back to back wins of the season though I'm not sure if I am proud or not because of the sheer luck involved. May prove crucial in the relegation fight though.

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End of season report


All in all, a horrible, horrible season. We were by far the worst team in the league which wasn't helped by injuries to key stone members of the squad.

League Table:

It doesn't look that bad but in reality the only reason we are even close to the other teams is because of a string of extremely lucky results towards the end of the season, Fixture list

Our good spells were strangely also around the same time that our keeper wasn't injured. I have no idea what they do in training but he managed to tear his groin muscle, obtain a 'chest injury?' and damage his achilles tendon all in one season. I was hopeful we could avoid relegation on the last day till the keeper got injured 4 days before the game. Our replacement conceded 24 in 10 and the injury prone keeper 37 in 24, which isn't great but had he been around I think we might have just made it.

It's probably a blessing in disguise that we got relegated so I can start with a new team as the Youth squad I was left with after intake day (forgot photo of intake) would have been no use next season!

I may attempt this again in a few days with a new team but that really wasn't a fun season :mad:

For anyone interested, I lined up a generic flat 4-4-2 for most home games. 2 WM's (s), 1 BWM (d) & CM (s) and a 4-1-4-1 counter for away games.

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Real Sport Clube - 2036-37

Wasn't quite as potent up front this year in the league but had an excellent season defensively to take it out fairly easily. 4 in a row for us now. Porto have really fallen away, Benfica seems to be our only real competition.

In Europe we finally managed to win our group, which got us a manageable first knockout round draw against Werder Bremen who we'd done well against in the past. Unfortunately we twice gave up the lead in the second leg at home and threw it away. Disappointing.

Not the greatest of intakes with only keeper [37a] Hélder tagged.

Next season is the same plan, win the league and hope for some lucky breaks in Europe. The big teams from Spain and England are still clearly better than us, so we'll need to ride our luck (and not stuff up when we do get a winnable draw).

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This (and the season 33 2045-46) are long overdue an update, so here is the first half....


Excelsior Veldwezelt

Season 32 Review (2044-45)

Belgian Pro League

This turned out to be a real squeaker in the end. Again we did fantastic in the regualr season, losing just 1 game and having a 15 point lead over the 2nd place Club Brugge and 21 points over the always dangerous Anderlecht, with the point leads being reduced to 8 and 10 with the recalculations before the Championship Group began. And again Anderlecht went on one of their infuriatingly unstoppable runs as they were already out of Europe and only had the league to play for. They won 9 and drew the other of their 10 Championship Group games (beating me twice), while I won 6 and drew 2 in my other 8 non-Anderlecht games. How it boiled down was a 1 point advantage for me going into the final game of the season. Both Anderlecht and us won, so it was 4 league titles in a row (just!).

Regular Season League Table

Championship Group League Table

Fixtures (Regular Championship)

Champions League

Progress!!! After years and years of falling at the Quarter Finals, we finally cleared that hurdle this year!

Another very tricky group draw, this time with Barcelona, FC Bayern and poor Rapid Vienna who must have wondered what on earth they had gotten into!

First game, away at Barcelona, the trickiest of the group games..... A 2-1 win had us buzzing! Was this our year?

Second game, home to Rapid Vienna, the easiest of the group games..... A 2-1 loss, and we were gutted! Could we even progress from the groups?

Third and fourth games saw us trade a win and a loss with FC Bayern and it kept us in the hunt. We were 3rd, 3 points behind Bayern and level with Barcelona.

Fifth game, home to Barcelona and we were officially in big trouble. Down 0-1 in the 3rd minute and it was not until the 91st minute that Ken Daniels (YP 27a) popped up with the goal that kept us in the Champions League.

So still level with Barcelona on points, but in 3rd due to being 4 goals worse off on goal difference.

Last group game, away at Rapid Vienna and looking for revenge for the shock defeat at home. We either had to better Barcelona's result or if we both won we would have to do so by a 4 goal margin more that they did. As it turned out, it was a simply magical European night. Barcelona ended up drawing 1-1 with Bayern, meaning we 'just' needed to win and now worry about the margin of vistory, but Veldwezelt and especially Ken Daniels (YP 27a) went out and obliterated several Champions League records, beating Rapid Vienna 11-0, with Ken netting an amazing 7 times! Ken Daniels was already the best striker in Belgium, and their first choice FC, with a continental reputation but this night began his rise onto the next level. Record 1 Record 2

So, 1st knockout round, and we draw one of our frequent rivals, AC Milan. A great performace and 3-1 in the first leg at home has us in good shape and then a slightly nervy 1-2 loss at their place saw us advance.

Quarter Final time. Our usual ending point on this journey, and who did we draw.... Chelsea. And of course not just Chelsea, but Chelsea with recent 45 million sale Orkun Deniz (YP 20a) running their midfield. This game couldn't be so cruel, could it? Well, first leg away and we were battling to a very handy 1-1 draw when in the 92nd minute the rapidly improving Luciano Ulivi (YP 30b) popped up with a priceless goal. A 2-1 away win, and chances for progression!

Second leg at home and it was a very professional first half. 0-0 and zero chances for Chelsea. Then potential disaster as Timothy Moons (YP 24) gets sent off in the 65th minutes. Remarkably, this sparks us into life and we score quick fire goals in the 68th and 69 minutes. Chelsea finally wake up and take the game to us, and while we conceded a late 88th minute consolation goal, it was another 2-1 win for a 4-2 aggregate win and a trip into our first ever Champions League Semi Final!

Here we met Sporting of Portugal, who were definitely the plum draw to get at this point. Maddeningly though, we never really turned up to either game! Losing the home leg 0-1 and the return leg 1-3. Very deflating in the end, but the positive is that we have broken new ground and in doing so consistently beaten big teams (Barcelona, FC Bayern, AC Milan and Chelsea) and deserved to do so. Usually in the past it felt like we had to rely on good fortune or an other worldly performace, but this year it felt like a step up had been made and we were on level footing with the big teams!

Champions League Fixtures

Youth Intake

A decent middle of the road intake. I ended up tagging just one player, but he has potential to turn into something I have yet to have, a decent solid, targetman FC.

Senne Dejonghe (YP 32a) - Report - 6 ft 2 in, good in the air a very tidy finishing and composure for a 15 year old. Doesn't fit into my current style or approach, but if he progresses and looks useful, then maybe that approach will have to change.


Another great season at Veldwezelt. Another league title (4th in a row, 11th in total) and making it to the Champions League Semi Finals. Slight disappointment in being beaten in the Belgian Cup semi final, but overall a great season.

Off the field the board approved an 8 million pound expansion to the still new ground, raising our attendance eventually from 36,619 to 52,619. Downside is it will take 2 years to complete, so both this year and next season our 'home' games are being played at Genk's 60,500 capacity ground.

A couple of club legend central defenders retired from football this year. Klaas Verbruggen after 23 seasons and Timmy Theunissen after 22 seasons.

Almost as expected, I began bedding in last years fantastic GK youth prospect during pre-season and then in the easier league games during the early part of the season. It soon became apparent though that there was little to no gap in performance between the kid and our now aging first choice keeper. Middle of November I pulled the trigger and Jasper Janssen (YP 31a) was officially our first choice GK at age 16.

Yearly Training Summary


Squad Stats

Season 33 Targets Were

* Win the league again

* Continue fringe player development

* Repeat Champions League performance and reach Semi Finals again

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Excelsior Veldwezelt

Season 33 Review (2045-46)

Belgian Pro League

A fifth straight Belgian Pro League title! Beating Anderlecht by just 3 points, although it never felt that close in all honesty. In our 40 league games we scored 101 goals and conceded just 27, keeping 23 clean sheets along the way.

Regular Season League Table

Championship Group League Table

Fixtures (Regular Championship)

Champions League

For the first time in 3 or 4 years, we had a reasonable group stage draw. AC Milan, Shakhtar and Levski and we negotiated this will ease. After drawing the first game at home with AC Milan 1-1, we then went on to win all 5 remaining games, including 6-2. 6-1 & 6-1 wins and scoring a total of 24 goals.

Onto the knockout rounds and we drew the other Milan team in the 1st knock-out round, Inter. A confident 2-0 win in the away leg set up a relatively comfortable 2nd leg at home and another 2-0 victory. 4-0 on aggregate and on we go.

Quarter Finals and it is big spending PSG we meet. Could we progress past the 1/4s for 2 years on the bounce? First leg is away form home and Luciano Ulivi pops up with an equalizer at the death in the 92nd minute to secure a 1-1 draw. Return leg and a PSG red card after just 10 minutes puts us in command. Or so we thought, a defensive mix up causes an own goal after just 18 minutes and not only are we behind again, but PSG by scoring one more goal could cause all kind of issues with away goals. Ken Daniels (YP 27a) again comes to the rescue with an equalizer in 1st half injury time. PSG seem content to try and shut up shop after this and the match stats displayed that. They often had 55% possession, but did nothing with it (and in turn not allowing me to do anything with the ball they had possession of). As the 90 minute drew to a close it was becoming incredibly tense. The whistle blew and it was into extra time and not far away from a penalty shoot-out. Thankfully the extra man began to show as PSG tired and 3 extra time goals meant we ran out 4-1 winners on the night and 5-2 on aggregate. Onto the semi finals again!

Semi Final opponents were Manchester City. First leg at home and with the crowd behind us we raced into a 2-0 lead midway through the first half. Dreams were dared to be dreamt. As the 2nd half began Man City pulled one back with a rare attack forward and suddenly the tie was in the balance again. Remarkably the woodwork was hit 5 times (3 by us, 2 by Man City) but the score stayed the same. Second leg, and just a potential 90 minutes away from the biggest game of the clubs history.

Disasterous start, as Man City score after 27 seconds to level the tie on aggregate but take the advantage on away goals. 24th minute and away goals are mute when Man City score again, now leading 2-3 on aggreate. 34th minute and evergreen Bernt Cevik (YP 20b) scores on a rare start (Ken Daniels was suspended) to level everything up on aggregate and away goals. And just as the referee was about to blow the whistle for half time, we completed the rollercoaster half of football with a 2nd goal, scored by Serge N'Simba (YP 22a). This now gave us a 4-3 aggregate lead and also a possible away goal advantage. Short story, Man City needed to score 2 in the second half. And they came out firing. We held them off until the 70th minute when they retook the lead on the night and leveled the tie at 4-4 on aggregate. We had a chance to seal it in the 85th minute when Luciano Ulivi (YP 30b) hit the woodwork and then Man City had two good chances in added on time to steal it. But no, the whistle blew and we were through to the Champions League Final!

So I glance at the other semi final to see who our opponents will be and as so often happens, it would be Chelsea and Orkun Deniz (YP 20a) again!

Or so we thought..... Turns out Mr 45m has not been performing for the blues and he did not even make the subs bench for the big game!

So, the biggest game of Excelsior Veldwezelt's history was here and it was to be played out infront of 79,000 at the Stade de France.

Below are the YouTube video highlights:


Challenge Complete!

33 seasons and 1,686 official games in charge and we finally achieved what was initially believed to be impossible! So, so very happy.

In a fantastically professional team performance we limited Chelsea to just one shot on target the whole game and 19 year old Luciano Ulivi (YP 30b) became the most popular man in Veldwezelt scoring both goals to bring home the biggest prize in European club football!

Champions League Results

I will be shelving this save for now, but I will never delete it or FM13 so that I can always come back to it. Very sad that during the course of me playing as manager of Excelsior Veldwezelt they have ceased to be in real life. No playing them in FM14 :(

Ok, lots of screenshots to follow to document where the club is after their famous Champions League win.

Final Squad Screen

Season 33 Transfers

General Information


Player Screenshots

Kerem Sengular - Long time custodian of the GK shirt for Veldwezelt, with 560 league appearances and conceding only 568 goals. Now 37 and is a very handy GK coach for the squad.

Jasper Janssen (YP 31a) - The new long term goalkeeper, rightly tagged in the game as a wonderkid. He has played just 73 league games, but has already kept a clean sheet in 38 of those, conceding just 54 goals. Still only 17, he has a massive future.

Gerarde Makela (YP 28) - Initially overlooked in season 28's youth intake, Gerarde has become my main DC in the wake of the big name DC retirements recently. A quality player now, Makela chose Belgium over DR of Congo and has been capped 5 times.

Azzedine Yilmaz (YP 24) - Not the best technically, and slower than I prefer, but Azzedine has managed to carve out a role in the squad. 205 league appearances to date for the 25 year old, predominantly at DC but with occassional DM assignments. 45 caps for Morocco.

Jurgen Scavone (YP 24) - Back up DR, but possesses a very potent long flat throw which can cause mayhem in the opposition box. Very handy squad player

Roy Hermans (YP 30e) - Newer addition to the 1st team squad, Roy provides flexibility off the bench for DC and DR roles. A lot more development needed, but is progressing nicely.

Reynauld Pelletier (YP 18b) - 30 year old DC who has racked up 404 league appearances over the years, often as a squad backup. 8 caps for Belgium after initially playing for the French u21s.

Gurcan Celebi (YP 27b) - Quality first choice DL who possesses great attacking options. The 22 year old just broke into the Turkish national team and did not cause a fuss when I sold his compatriot Orkun Deniz (YP 20a) to Chelsea for a 45m record fee

David Stevens (YP 18a) - Our heart and soul. David is our club captain and one of the first names on the teamsheet. Either at DM or MC, but over the years he was successfully retrained as both a DL and DML to cover squad deficiencies when playing different formations. Has a 'Leader' personality due to maturing over the years while captain. The 30 year old has just achieved worldwide reputation due to lifting the Champions League trophy and is knocking on the door of 100 caps for Belgium (96 to date and a main part of the Belgium world cup squad in the next month).

Pawel Gajda (YP 18c) - The quiet man on the squad. You never hear from him and he registers very solid, consistent performances. Played second fiddle to David Stevens in the season 18 intake. Even retrained at WBL for a while, but often played in the more defensive of the DM or MC roles.

Serge N'Simba (YP 22a) - Quickly became one of my favorite players. Rightly a worldwide reputation footballer now, Serge will fill any role and perform excellently. Spent time learning and playing at both DR and WBR in years past, but is at home in a DM role. These days he plays at MC mainly and bombs forward to great effect. Just hit 50 caps for Belgium.

Dmitri Mellemans (YP 30a) - The next wave of DM / MC talent to take over from the Stevens, Gajda, N'Simba trio. Fantastic ball winning, ball playing midfielder who is currently finding his feet in a DM role, freeing up his more experienced senior team mates to venture forward more.

Luca Vercruysse (YP 30d) - A two footed MC / AMC who still has a lot of developing to do, but is making great strides. Made 15 league appearances this year in his first season in the 1st team squad

Timothy Moons (YP 24) - An often overlooked and under utilized player, due to other options at my disposal. Moons does however provide great versatility at most midfield positions.

Antonio Lebron (YP 22a) - One of the true world stars at the club, and worldwide reputation for several years before our big boost from winning it all. Naturally an FC and scores for fun, and before Ken Daniels (YP 27a) emergence was first choice FC at the club. Has been retrained as an MC over the past couple of seasons, to give room for Ken to play and to provide a genuine goalscoring threat from deep. 150 league goals from 309 league starts.

Ahmed Arab (YP 13b) - The elder statesman of the outfield players. Now 35 and very much on the down slope of his career, Ahmed still provides great squad depth and experience. A former AMC in our 5-5-0 formation days, Ahmed is now more of a holding MC who can distribute the ball around to others. 588 league appearances in total, with 183 league goals and 169 assist.

Kamiel De Schouwer (YP 30c) - Another of the new wave of midfield talent at the club. Kamiel has scored some important late goals for us in the 2 years he has been in the first team squad. Can play well in either a MC or AMC role.

Luciano Ulivi (YP 30b) - Luciano is the final member of the great season 30 midfield youth intake. He can operate at MC, AMC or even FC although lacks the natural finishing to be a long term FC option. Will forever go down in Excelsior Veldwezelt folk lore as the scorer of both goals in the Champions League final against Chelsea. Still only 19, but with a fantastic future ahead of him. Just gained his first cap for Italy.

Senne Dejonghe (YP 32a) - Has yet to break into the 1st team, but last years main youth product looks to have a great future ahead of him. Developing nicely and is a great different option upfront for me.

Bernt Cevik (YP 20b) - Our original goal machine and still a very reliable source. Plays second fiddle to Ken Daniels (YP 27a) now, but in his early days his pacey, powerful runs from his AMC role (on the 5-5-0 formation) caused havoc all over Belgium. 185 goals in 370 league appearances. Has since returned to his natural FC role.

Ken Daniels (YP 27a) - Ah, Mr Daniels. Without a doubt the single best player to ever pull on the red and black, and still just 22 years old. Now a worldwide reputation footballer and with good reason. A natural born goalscorer. 24 international goals for Belgium in 35 appearances so far, and 106 league goals in just 146 appearances (including 48 goals in 47 league appearances over the last 2 seasosns, as he was often rested for big European games or injured). Has the chance to be the best player in the world. Mature beyond his years and already possesses a 'Model Professional' personality.

Ben Talbott Career Stats

Played 1686

Won 985 (58.4%)

Drawn 327 (19.4%)

Lost 374 (22.2%)

Goals For 3606 (2.14 / game)

Goals Against 1914 (1.14 / game)

Goal Difference +1692 (1.00 / game)

Career Achievements

1 - European Champions Cup Winners

12 - Belgian Pro League Titles

9 - Belgian Cup Winners

10 - Belgian Super Cup Titles

1 - Belgian Third Division Title

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Thanks :)

I would love to start from scratch again back in England (I already have a Weymouth save ready to go from a while ago), but I am just not going to have time to get into it.

We just moved house this month, are going on vacation / holiday next week and starting a new job when I get back, so a little busy to play anything more than sporadically :(

I think I am going to pick back up my side project game of Castellon in Spain. I think they are in season 13 or 14 and well on their way to getting far in this challenge too (truth be told, I thought they were nearer to being able to complete it than Veldwezelt were are one point, but I could not stay away from my Veldwezelt game).

So I will tinker with that attempt at this challenge and update when I can :thup:

My FM14 version of this challenge will be England based I believe

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I try other countrys but i keep going back to england i am stuck in league 2 at the moment but my squad still is partialy bsqn and bsqp so i am just try to get my youngsters through without getting relegated but anyways have a nice holiday :)

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