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ri916's FM13 Anglo/Euro Youth Academy Challenge


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Taking a year seems to be normal for new stadiums and it looks to be a nice sized stadium you'll have. On my Dardanelspor save, since I've had my new stadium (built in Year 17) I've annoyingly had the expense of upgrading the capacity each year so far. Started at 18k, after this latest upgrade should be around 30k, but has cost me around 10m total so far for the 2 expansions.

Just doing the pre-season for season 20 atm, but won't finish it before the weekend though. So I'll update with seasons 18-20 then go back to the Borgosesia save for a few seasons in the coming weeks.

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Pretty sure mine took two years in FM12, although looking back at the thread I didn't post a screenshot and I don't have an old enough save to check. I did get 22125 seats last time, maybe those extra 579 seats take an extra year. :p

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Çanakkale Dardanel SAŞ

Season 18-20 Review - 2030 / 2033

Board League Expectations - Title challange

Media Prediction - 1st

Board Cup Expectations - Winner

Champions Cup Expectations - Reach 1st KO round

I can leave that there, as that's been the expectations since season 17 anyway.

For the past 3 seasons, I switched back into using a strikerless 550 formation again, due to the large amount of attacking midfielders at my disposal, and for the large portion of the 3 seasons it worked wonders.

Starting off with the league performances.

Season 18 - Comfortably won the league by 8 points, and just managing to have both best attack and defence.

Season 19 - Another title to make 6 in a row, further tweaking of the tactics saw improvements in both attack and defence finishing 6 points clear with a +55 goal difference.

Season 20 - The season for which I should have stopped messing about with the tactic (in the league anyway), ending up a somewhat disappointing 3rd overall.

Turkey Cup continues to be hit and miss, finishing runner-up in Season 18, and falling out at the semi-final stages in season 20. Most disappointingly, giving the reserves and youngsters some pitch time in Season 19 saw them dumped out in the teams 1 and only game in the 4th round.

Champions Cup, despite the boards insistence that the club should be able to get to the first KO round, in both seasons 18 and 19 the club would reach the semi-finals before being dumped out by Portugal's FCP and then by Real Madrid, so positives to be taken for sure. However, In this most recent of Cup runs, I managed not just revenge on these past two, but on the team that had knocked the team out, in the semi-finals, back in Season 17.

Having only finished 2nd in the group, we beat Liverpool 3-0 at home, only to nearly throw it away with a 4-1 loss at Anfield. Next up, Real Madrid, a 2-1 defeat away meant we just needed the one goal at home, as it was it ended up a comfortable 3-1 home win. Into the semi's and once again it was FCP, a 1-0 away loss meant we had to win at home, and hopefully not concede a goal. Half-time and the team is 2-1 and the players obvious get a Fergie-esque hairdryer treatment, even though I know we need 3 goals to even stand a chance of making the finals. 60 minutes in penalty, 2-2, 79 minutes, Hacihment Atak (YP12) pops up with his 3rd goal of the game, 3-2. Into the final 10 minutes, have to switch tactics to Overload chasing that 1 goal, waiting, waiting... into Injury time mostly thinking so close to the final again... 90+4 minutes a 3rd penalty is awarded and the team goes through 4-3 aggregate and I need a fresh cup of coffee due to over-celebrating a little bit...

Into the final against Man City, who dumped us out 8-1 on aggregate in Season 17, and it's a tense first half, with it being 0-0 at half time, the team quickly scores after the break, which made it much easier to control the game, with the team adding a 2nd close to the end of the game, a 90th minute strike from City did have me slightly concerned, but the team saw out the rest of injury time to claim it's 2nd Champions Cup Trophy.

And with that result, thus closes my 20th season in charge of Dardanelspor, the trophy cabinet is somewhat full with 18 trophies since I took over, though obviously not as full as I'd like.

Breaking it down:-

1 Club World Championship

1 Euro Super Cup

2 Champions Cups

6 Turkey Premier Leagues

5 Turkey Super Cups

2 Turkey Cups

1 Turkey First Division Cup

And as for the improvements in facilities since I took over

General 2013 - General 2033

Facilities 2013 - Facilities 2033

One more season would give me the 1000 games in charge (on 961 atm), but other than that, can really see much more I'll be able to achieve. Back to Italy next.

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I’m a newbie here, and after being a lurker for some time now, I’ve decided to try a challenge, and this seemed a pretty cool one.

I chose Portugal, my home country.

So, I, AKA Edgar A. Poe (Info Overview - Profile Overview), chose Sporting Clube de Pombal, a semi-pro club (after restarting a couple of times so they would be promoted) that I already know from previous careers.


Sporting Clube de Pombal

Here’s its hymn... I think.


Crappy, I know. :)

Let’s get down to business:

When I joined the team they already had bought a player, but due to the transfer window being closed he only joined the club when I was already the manager. But I think this doesn't go against the rules.

As I've already stated, I 've already manager this club a few times before, and I know the squad. They have a good group of players, very experienced (and old, unfortunately, so my kids are going to have plenty of opportunities to prove themselves). They have a center/left back that is "very" talented (Edgar), Fabio Santos is also a decent player, I don't understand why he was listed for transfer! The midfield players are also a capable bunch, but old. The "last minute transfer", Rui Dolores, is an experienced (35 years old) player, with top league experience. But they also have crappy ones, but I'll try to give them some match time, because I don't know if I'm gonna need them in the future. Oh, and my GK is 41 Years old! The other one is so weak! I'm screwed! :)

I've already played a couple of cup matches and a few championship ones and I'm having good results (7 matches / 7 Wins)!

I think the board expectations will be easily achieved. :) I'm really excited.

I'll post news soon.

P.S.- I'm sorry if my English isn't perfect.

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Definitely going to be giving this challenge a go at some point. Probably in Spain.

Also do you guys who are taking part in the challenge generally see you over-achieving because of your players' gelling as you can't sign anyone? (Was hard to word that last part.)

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Sporting Clube de Pombal - Season 2013-14 - 1st

Minimum board expectations: Respectable league Position | Reach third round of the Taça de Portugal - Champions | Final!

Media Prediction: 8th


This season was awesome! The group of players is good and we started with an amazing 14 consecutive wins (10 for the championship and 4 for the Taça de Portugal). The team is very strong mentaly, also, during the season in several

matches we started by conceding goals and they would recover and win the match! we weren't very strong in the defence, but our forward players were amazing! So we were champions fairly easily.

The biggest surprise came in the Taça de Portugal, after some "easy" matches we were able to defeat Vitória de Guimarães and Vitória de Setúbal (This one in a two legs round), both top division teams! We made it to the Final, against the

all mighty Benfica! This was wonderful for the club's finances, and it means that in the next season we are going to play in the UEFA Cup!!!

Near the end of the season, elections were held and the president changed. The new one took a loan from the bank in the amount of our debt at the time. But nothing else changed.

In the new season we went pro.

Regarding the youth intake, none of them seems to be any good! But I have to start using somewhat regularly at least a goalkeeper, because the one I have now will probabily retire soon. Not knowing what the future holds, and once we dont

have anyone in the youth team, I ended up signing everyone. :)

*Rui Dolores transfer was already concluded when I was hired but only arrived at the club later.

Next season objectives:

- Hire new/better staff.

- Survive

- Give some match time to youth players

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I just would like to enquiry that did you experience defect in youth intakes? I mean I get only 4-5 few new regen per intake after the new patch. Other teams also suffer from this around the world.

Have a good weekend!



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Why can't you use classic again? You can only load one nation in FMC.. :S

I'm pretty sure you have to load three. FMC is a completely different game to FM anyway, and when you don't have to make transfers normal FM is more than quick enough going through the seasons wise.

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I just would like to enquiry that did you experience defect in youth intakes? I mean I get only 4-5 few new regen per intake after the new patch. Other teams also suffer from this around the world.

Yes, there's an known bug, but no word on whether SI intend to fix it. Personally I'm stuck before the youth intake day waiting on whether to soldier on and make the best of it or to wait for a patch.

I'm pretty sure you have to load three. FMC is a completely different game to FM anyway, and when you don't have to make transfers normal FM is more than quick enough going through the seasons wise.

You can load just one nation. I always thought FMC should be OK for challenges (so long as you can comply with the rules with the DB setup restrictions it has) as it doesn't really give you any advantage, just takes away options, so if anything it's harder with FMC.

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I just would like to enquiry that did you experience defect in youth intakes? I mean I get only 4-5 few new regen per intake after the new patch. Other teams also suffer from this around the world.

Have a good weekend!



I believe this is if you already have a lot of youths already in your youth team. Try clearing out the deadwood just before your intake (which I usually do fortunately anyway) and you should be ok.

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I believe this is if you already have a lot of youths already in your youth team. Try clearing out the deadwood just before your intake (which I usually do fortunately anyway) and you should be ok.

Just did some testing and you're right, for me around 20 seems to be the magic number, much higher than that and my youth intake goes from 16-17 players to only 6. I had tested releasing some players but I was only cutting the guys who were about to expire anyway, so I was still just over the limit.

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Just did some testing and you're right, for me around 20 seems to be the magic number, much higher than that and my youth intake goes from 16-17 players to only 6. I had tested releasing some players but I was only cutting the guys who were about to expire anyway, so I was still just over the limit.

Grrr... didn't read this in time and just saved my game after my 5 player intake. Guess it gives me a year to get rid of the rubbish though.

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I'm going to try this challenge in Spain. But I was wondering, does the size of the city your team is in have a great effect on the quality of the youth players coming in? Because if this is the case then it would be a good idea to start with a team in or near a big city.

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Real Sport Clube - 2020-21

Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira : Real 2 - 1 Porto

Maybe not the most important competition in the world, but a landmark for us as it was both our first top flight trophy won and our first time beating Porto. They dominated the game but we scrapped for two goals before they scored a late goal to make the last 10 minutes interesting.

Taça da Liga : Semi Final : Sporting CP 4 - 1 Real

A solid performance in the league cup, we got a somewhat favourable group which we got out of for the first time. We weren't as bad as the 4-1 scoreline suggested, but Sporting were comfortably the better side in the semi.

Europa League : Quarter Final : Real 2 - 3 Inter

A really great run in Europe! Handled our first two preliminary rounds against weaker opposition professionally, then in the playoff round we surprisingly absolutely smashed Nice. The group stage draw was fairly friendly, with Newcastle, Olympiacos and H. Tel-Aviv ... I fancied us for second in that lot. Once we beat Newcastle away in our first game, I really fancied us and we went on to win against Newcastle again at home and subsequently win the group.

HSV in the round of 32 really looked a class above us in the away leg and 2-0 flattered us. However they maybe got overconfident from it, as we managed the same result at home and then some when we grabbed an extra time winner. The French proved no competition for us again when we played Saint-Étienne, an easy 4-1 aggregate win.

After what we'd done so far even Inter in the quarter final looked possible, but when we fell two goals behind at home things didn't look great. A late goal at least gave us a glimmer of hope for the away leg, but them scoring within the first 3 minutes at home just about snuffed us out. We tried hard for the two goals we'd need to force extra time and actually scored once, but time ran out on us and we were left with a respectable 2-3 scoreline.

Just not nearly good enough. After I said the focus had to be on the league we just couldn't manage to do that, failing to pick up points in winnable games early on to fall off the pace and leaving ourselves with way too much to do in the second half. It'd be easy to blame playing two games a week, but honestly I felt we were usually fielding teams that were strong and fit enough, we just failed to get the job done.

Although we slipped two places we actually ended with 2 more points and a +5 goal difference better than last year, so part of the problem was increased competition. Still given our form in other competitions there's no reason we shouldn't be doing much better in the league.

The pessimist would look at our cup draw and say we got no lower league easy beat teams. The optimist would say at least we avoided the truly big teams. Either way we had little trouble getting back to the semis, by which time it was becoming clear we weren't going to win back into Europe by our league position so this competition became extra important.

A 2-1 home leg to Varzim was probably a par result, and I thought we were 50/50 to make it to the final. Of course they scored from virtually the opening kickoff at home to put us behind on away goals. I really thought we'd lost it until an 89th minute effort from our captain left wing back [15f] António Rito! Once again he's the cup hero seeing us through to the final.

The message before the final told me we hadn't beaten Sporting CP in our 14 previous attempts, so this was going to be tough, even if Sporting aren't the powerhouse they are in real life. In fact they'd slipped down to 6th in the last league game of the season, meaning we wouldn't get the place if we lost, we were both fighting for Europe. As with last year's game against Porto we fought to make it a dull affair that went to extra time scoreless. This time it was us scoring the goal though, right wing back [18a] Tiago Mendes scoring his first ever goal after coming on as a substitute. Not sure what it is about wing backs in the cup for us, but they're our best source of goals.

A couple of useful prospects in this lot:

  • [21a] João Dias - DC - Slightly on the short side for a DC, and my current DC quality has me leaning towards scrapping 3 at the back, so being trained as a DM. Not a great personality, being tutored by the captain (the only player who can tutor, nobody is old enough!)
  • [21b] Paulo Batista - DM - A fairly well rounded DM, which suits my playstyle. Probably the slightly better prospect even if the ass man rated him half a star lower on the intake.

Couple of pages worth of transfers as I gutted the youth team so as to get an intake, but the real activity is up the top as I actually sold a few fringe players for (small) sums of money. Need to do more of the same next year, there's still some dead weight in the squad that need to move so that the young prospects can take their place. Overall I'd say I have a core group of about a dozen players right now I'm confident in, we just need to develop maybe half a dozen more for depth when we need to rotate or suffer injuries.

The extended 60 game season this year meant a couple of records were set: José Sousa (our only non-youth player left) broke his own assist record with 21 and also made the league team of the year, while [14c] Filipe Moreira broke his own goal scoring record with 31.

Next Season

New stadium opens, we've made about 6 million profit this year, so hopefully this sets us up to get some facility upgrades done. We really do need to push on up the league table though, players were put on 5 year professional deals back when we first made the jump to the top tier, so many have two years to run and will need renewing at the end of this next season. With the jump in wage costs that will cause we really will need the European money.

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Deadmaninc21 - Nobody is sure exactly how the youth intakes work, I've heard city size is an influence but I don't think it matters a huge amount. I think recruitment network is far more important to look for that city size. My French save was a club in Lyon (editor says population 250-500k) where as now I'm in Massamá (editor says population 5k-10k) but I'm getting much better intakes this game, because I started with a good recruitment network. I think the population will affect how fast your supporter base grows and the attraction rating of the city will probably make it slightly easier to keep players though.

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I attempted this challenge in FM 2012 and was still playing with AS Cannes until recently when my game corrupted. I had hoped to be able to play them again in '13 but they failed to get promoted, however I can't tear myself away from France so......


Football Club de Mulhouse

Founded: 1893

Stadium: Stade de l'Ill (Capacity: 11303)

Facilities: Youth facilities - Adequate, Junior Coaching - Basic, Youth Recruitment - Basic

Not much in the way of history despite being 120 years old, they've never won anything except regional titles in France and Germany, based in Alsace they switched nations when that particular area was claimed and re-claimed during the World Wars. They've had a few stints in Ligue 1 but the last time was in the 1989-90, so not much history to live up to.

Current Squad

Despite the board only looking to survive relegation and a media prediction of 17th the squad isn't too bad. 5 or 6 players look pretty decent for this level, there's also a good young keeper (which I've found is a must in previous attempts at this!), the rest look like they should be able to provide decent support so I'm looking for a comfortable mid-table finish.


Again not bad, there are a few decent prospects coming through. A couple of AMC's and a promising striker. Staff and facilities aren't great but I'll be using my budget to try and improve that area.

Here goes....

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Real Sport Clube - 2021-22

Couldn't repeat our supercup win this year, and the cups were a bit of a disappointment. Running into Porto away put an end to our cup defense, which was a bit scary because that's how we'd made it to Europe the past two years.

I take full responsibility, fooling around with the formation was obviously a terrible idea, and we only picked up 4 points from our first 8 games. From there retaining our European spot through the league looked like an impossible mission. We did manage to turn it around but for most of the season it looked like it would only be enough to make a valiant but futile effort. However other teams made small slips, and we managed to win our last game away at Europa League champions Benfica to squeak into 5th spot! Our success lay in our defense, giving up only 13 goals in the final 22 games after an embarrassing 18 in the first 8. We ground out the 1-0s to Europe again!

In the Europa league we smash through the group stage and put in a solid effort to get to the quarter finals, where we dominated both legs with Stuttgart but were robbed of a victory when they were given a dodgy penalty that put them up on away goals. They sealed the win as we pushed forward to chase the game. Oh well, at least there is a next year.

Nothing special in the youth intake, no tags given out as yet. Starting to get some better depth in the squad as some of the younger players stepped up this year, and even though I feel we're weak at center back I'm not making the mistake of moving away from the 3 at the back again!

Hopefully now we've got our foot in the door of the European places on the league table we can keep on pushing to qualify there. Youth and training facilities are being upgraded with the money we've made over the past couple of years, now the rest needs to go into wages to keep all these greedy players around.

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Season 10 Review - 2022/23

Serie B

Season Highlights

This seasonw as alla bout consolidation and ensuring our future in Serie B so that our new stadium, due to be finished at the end of the season, would see Serie B football in 2023/24.

We secured season long loan deals for Mirco Magari YP19 and Manuel De Col YP15 and signed Simeon Jackson (fitness coach), Frabcesco Acerbi (U20 Ass. Mgr) and Alex Della Cristin (physio) to our backroom staff.

The great news in the development of our squad was Federico Perri YP20 getting the callup to the Italy U19 squad for the UEFA CU19 Championships. Perri made his debut in a 2-0 win over Spain, and while the Italians made the final they went down 2-0 to France with Perri watching from the bench.

Despite winning our first Serie B match of the season against Bari, 1-0 we win only one of our next ten matches and we're deep in the relegation spots. Struggling for goals and struggling to keep the goals out doesn't make for good results on the pitch.

Despite a couple fo 2-2 draws in our next 2 matches we fidn ourselves at the bottom of the table. Todesco YP15 is our only player to score more than once and we officially have the lowest number of goals scored and the second highest number conceded.

It's obvious that our tactics aren't working and that we're losing the mdifield battle due to playing a 4-4-2 formation. We make some changes and play more defensively and scrape a 1-0 away win voer Chievo, 2 days after I reject a job offer from Verona (relegated from Seria A last season).

That 1-0 win over Chieveo proved to be the turning point in our season as we we then beat Ternana 3-2 to notch up 4 unbeaten matches ina row. Before we get bck to old habits losing two ina row 4-0 and 1-0.

After another win and a loss we went on a 4 match winning streak scoring 7 and conceding just the 2 goals. By this stage we've converted to a 4-1-4-1 style formation with our wingers supporting our loan striker and a deep playmaker playing the DMC role.

We finished the first half of the season in 17th place after wins over Modena (our rivals) and Verona.

With oru good form new contracts were offered and accepted by Francesco Bini (one of our originals), Grasso, Munafo, Cintoi (another original), Formato and Iampieri. For Formato it's a great reward for what can only be termed awesome form as he has performed in hsi own penalty area and that of the opposition scoring and stopping goals.

We keep the form up throughout the 2nd half of the season and at one stage we even found oursleves within 3pts of 6th place and a playoff spot, despite sitting in 10th.

Only 2 wins in our last 6 matches, including losses in our final 2 games of the season ensure that we fnish safe and in 13th spot with 57pts - only 8pts from the playoffs and 6pts clear of the playout positions.

All in a ll it was a great year we we recovered well after a very poor start to the season ahd everyone writing us off as relegation fodder, however the class of the players started to show and some very strong performances, especially from Formato, Di Dio and Todesco ensured Serie B football will be played in our new stadium next season.

Season 2022/23 Objectives

- Consolidate ACHIEVED


- Get some loan time for the fringe players ACHIEVED

Youth Intake

A poor with no players tagged and the number of players comign through the smallest ever. This lead to a revamp of our sysyem with a number of youngsters being noted for release during next season to ensure we have room to take onboard some new youths.

First Team Youth Players

MC/AMC Mirko Bettari YP14 - At 25 years of age MIrko is starting to get into his prime years as a midfielder. Covered just about the most distance per 90 minutes in Serie B at 14 kilometres per match. His pace and stamina get him into great positions throughout a game and 5 goals and 7 assists was his best return for the club. The key with MIrko and his fast paced game is to keep him on the field as he missed about 5 matches with injury this season.

SC Enzo Todesco YP15 - Enzo topped the goal scoring (16 goals) and assist (13) charts at SPAL this year. He performed just as well as a lone striker as he did in a partnership and continues to be our number one forward. His delviery from set pieces, especially to the head of Formato, were a joy to behold. A lot is expected of Todesco next season and hopefully we can get into a position to provide him a partner once more up the top of our formation.

DR Dario Mazzucchelli YP15 - Dario mainly saw time from the bench this season due to the emergence of other defenders at the club. He remains a godo squad player and can be counted on when needed.

MC Francesco Munafo YP15 - Francesco didn't really kick on this year, in fact it woudl be safe to say that he regressed somewhat as a player. However he performed admirably when called upon and given a lack of central midfielders at the club he still has a role to play at SPAL.

AML Agostino Grasso YP15 - Wasn't givena chance to shine this year as the performance of Di Dio kept him on the bench for most of the season. Is really a backup player now and will likely be allowed to leave once we obtain another left sided midfielder.

MR Mattia Ghirardello YP16 - Mattia put his injury troubles from the previous campaign behind him featuring in every single one of our league matches and starting each one. Five assists and two goals was probably a bit shy of what we expected in terms of output, however his consistent team performances were a key reason for comfortable league position.

MC Nicholas Lavelli YP16 - Lavelli was shifted back into the DMC spot partway through the year and this move really assisted in keeping our possession moving from the back to the front. Far from the most skillful player in our squad he, like Munafo, performs a role and this year, as proven by his 7.12 rating, performed it very well.

SC Ignazio Regina YP17 - As we moved to just one up top, Ignazio did not get many chances. His 6 appearances led to just the 1 goal and the 1 assist. I'd love to give him more game time due to his unique attributes, however in all honesty he's fourth choice amongst our strikers, not a good position to be in when we only play with one.

ML Angelo Di Dio YP18 - Angelo is now wanted by all the big teams with AC Milan and Juventus continually putting forward co-ownership bids. It's easy to see why he's catching everyone's attention as sparkling displays, including his first SPAL hat-trick, led to 7 goals and 6 assists and a 7.13 rating. Best fo all however was Di Dio's durability, playing in all but 1 of our Serie B matches. A vital cog in the way we play and I'll be doing everything I can to ensure he has a long career at SPAL.

DC Nunzio Paolo Formato YP18 - A breakout season for Nunzio as he established himself asd key member of our central defence. He played in all 42 of our league games and scored 4 goals (all from corners) while notching up a league leading 14 MoM awards (5 better than his nearest rival) and a 7.49 average rating. He was such a rock that he even kept our Captain, Bini, on the bench ofr the latter half of the year. He's not the most talented player, but he's physically imposing at 198cm and 96kgs. Put simply he was and is the most effective central defender in the league I believe and this was confirmed with his selection to the Serie B team of the year.

SC Alfred Langer YP20 - Alfred saw significantly less game time this year due to our change in tactics. In his 13 starts and 2 substitute appearances he did manage 3 goals and 2 assists. I would love to give him mroe game time as he's pretty talented player and a good athelete as well, but if we play with just 1 striker next year he'll struggle for starts again I expect.

GK Federico Perri YP20 - Another really positive season from Federico with 39 league appearances and 12 clean sheets (2nd highest in the league). Despite only turning 19, he has over 100 league appearances for SPAL and will cotninue to be our first choice next season, despite facing a challenge from Cortinovis.

SC Mirco Chiodi YP21 - I really expected this to be the year for Chiodi to explode onto the scene, and while he played well when called upon, he didn't have the time from the first whistle that he needed to progress. Three goals and two assists from 3 starts and 16 sub appearances shows the boy has talent, he just needs to push for more opportunities in the following season. If he can improve his finishing he'll give me some decisions to make regarding both our team selection and our tactics.

DC Luca Cremonini YP22 - Still only 16y/o Luca looks to have the world at his feet. He was groomed this year across the backline making 6 apperances on the left, 6 in the middle and 5 on the right. It was his development along the great form of Formato that kept Bini on the bench at the end of the year. Luca is expected to step up and be a key first teamer next season and I'm really looking forward to see how he develops as he looks to be the best player to come out of the academy in my time at the club.

MC Vincenzo Ferrigno YP22 - Vincenzo was asked to step up this year and despite his tender years he is growing nicely into the central midfielder that we need at the club. I'll be looking to give him more game time next season as he shows all the potential to play at a higher level than Serie B. A midfield pairing of Vincenzo and Bettari is a mouthwatering prospect.

Other Youth Players

AMR Carmelo Iampieri YP15 - Three starts for Carmelo in the first half of the year before he was shipped out on loan to Rimini. He performed OK on loan, however I don't believe he has a long term future at SPAL.

DL Manuel De Col YP15 - A whole season spent on loan at Rimini was what De Col faced. He performed quite well two divisions down, however he has no future at SPAL given the youngsters that we have who can play the DL position.

SC Mirco Magari YP19 - Mirco spent the season on loan with Lucchese in the Prima Pro Divisione. After a few league appearnaces, he was quickly dropped to their reserves and unfortunately didn't find the net like I had hoped. He's very close to being surplus to requirements now and will likely be sent on loan yet again.

GK Joseph Bianchini YP19 - Our reserve keeper all season, however he didn't get on the pitch at all as Perri was first chocie and Cortinovis was second choice when Perri was unavailable.

DL David Agresti YP20 - David made a few starts for us early in the season, however he was laoned out to Propatria for the second half of the season. I'm not sure how much help the game time has been and he'll continue to be in a tough fight for the DL spot given Matteo Ton's continued performances and the emergence of Simone Magnani YP22 in the youth team.

DC Oreste Ghetti YP21 - Oreste made his debut this year as injuries and suspensions hit us hard. He'll continue his development in the U20s next season and also provide support when needed.

GK Demetrio Cortinovis YP21 - Demetrio made his first appearance for SPAL this year and has progressed well as a player. I expect him to put pressure on Perri towards the end of next season or the season after.

DL Simone Magnani YP22 - Simone is yet to make his debut, but looks like he will be fighting with Agresti for the backup DL role and with Matteo Ton getting on in years it won't be long until one of the youngsters has to step up to consistent first team action.

DC Giovanni Di Giulio YP22 - NOt sighted near the first team, however is progressing well and may see some time on the bench in 2023/24.

SC Simone Orlando YP22 - Simone made his debut early in the year, however he'll continue his work in the U20s as we're currently blessed with some quality in the ranks up front. I may even look to loan him out if the right club comes along with an offer.

AMR Ernsto Gargiulo YP22 - Another graduate from the class of 2022, Ernesto has really blossomed for the U20s. He could prove a likely backup on our right flank while he also possesses the ability to play on the left as well, making him a interesting prospect to monitor.


All in all a great season for us. We righted the ship after some worrying early form saw as at the foot of the table and we came out of it the other end a better football team and a more united football club.

The new stadium will be finished in a month or two and this will likely give everyone from the players, the backroom staff and the janitor a boost at the club.

What our performances this season have done is set the bar high. We could just about smell the playoff spots showing there's not a lot of difference bwteen 6th place and 16th place - this division is a tough division where a good run of results can catapult a club up the table.

I have really good hopes for next season as our promising youngsters start the new season with one more year of experience under their belts while players like Bettari and Todesco are entering the best years of their careers.

While qutomatic promotion is not a realistic goal, I believe that a top half finish (top 11) and maybe even a playoff push could be on the agenda, especially if we start the season well.

Screenshots of Value

Squad at the end of the season

Final League Table


Past Positions

Season 2023/24 Objectives

- Open the new stadium with a win

- Loan some players out

- Remove the deadwood from the U20 squad

- Finish in the top half of the table

Stats of Youth Graduates After First 10 Years

Most Appearances - Mirko Bettari 255, Enzo Todesco 222, Francesco Munafo 209

Most League Appearances - Mirko Bettari 243, Enzo Todesco 209, Francesco Munafo 197

Most Goals - Enzo Todesco 73, Tiberio Genovali 52, Alfred Langer 29

Most League Goals - Enzo Todesco 68, Tiberio Genovali 50, Alfred Langer 28

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I am overdue an update. I was traveling for a week or so, came home with FM withdrawals and then played out 3 seasons in the following 2 weeks without updating. So here is an abbreviated update for those 3 seasons (if I tried to do all 3 in detail I would never get around to it and then would fall further behind.....



Seasons 7,8,9

Season 7 - 2019-20

Our first season in La LIGA and it started out great! 1 defeat in our first 8 games saw us flirting with Barcelona. Of course that did not last, and the rough patches were some of the roughest I have experienced at Castellon (as expected) but we never truely fell into a relegation fight and a final place of 12th was beyond everyones expectations

Season 8 - 2020-21

Expectations were still on survival and that is what we delivered. Points were picked up in small pockets of form, while the majority of the time we struggled. Ending on identical points as our first season, but this time around it landed us a 10th place finish! Although truth be told that flattered us quite a lot

Season 9 - 2021-22

The board of Castellon has decided that our (somewhat fortuitous) 10th place finish last season means we can do that year in, year out now and are looking for a mid table finish! Again this season felt like a small step backwards, but again we were able to exploit the smaller teams and gain vital points off of them. 2 points less this year than the previous two and that equated to a 13th place finish. The bigger news here is that the strikerless formation we had previously played began to falter (lack of quality at DC and relying on a 17yr old as your playmaker will do that!) and I abandoned it just before the halfway mark of the season. I have yet to find a workable replacement and this added to the sense of dismay as the season wore on.

Spanish Cups

Went out early all three years. Thankfully the board care about them as much as I do :)

Youth Intakes

Season 7 - 2019-20

Season 8 - 2020-21

Season 9 - 2021-22


YP 7's - Truth be told I am disappointed here. 5 tagged and no-one has shown anything close to enough to get a look at first team action.

Constantine Vicente YP 8A - Report - A great looking player who was thrown into the first team almost immediately. Has a great future with the team and developed nicely during his first full season.

Sergio Risueno YP 8B - Report - A good looking left back, but there is currently log jam at that position. Will have a couple of years of development in the youths

Andres Sanz YP 8C - Report - An interesting young striker who might begin to see chances now that I have dropped my strikerless tactical approach. Love his determination.

Julian Lezcano YP 9A - Report - Just the one tagged this season, but what a one! This description was part of the youth intake message! Great starting attributes, good height for a DC (which is a huge need in my team) and thrown into the deep end. Played in 5 games at the end of the season, averaged 7.30 to prove he was not out of his depth even given his young age and even nodded in a set piece for his first career goal. Very excited about this kid who has already been called up to the Spain u21s (although he didn't play). Would love to get rid of his weakness on his report screen - consistency, urgh

Season 10 Targets

* Develop and settle on a new tactical outlook for Castellon

* Mid table finish

* Continue to develop my two new starlets and bring along several others who emerge (if any)


Season 7 - 2019-20

Season 8 - 2020-21

Season 9 - 2021-22

It probably goes without saying, but the quality curve is a lot steeper in Spain than it was in Belgium!

Somewhat related, here is a good example showing the disparity in Sponsorship money currently in La LIGA.

After finishing season 9 I was fairly disappointed with the direction we were heading in, so I have walked away from the game for a few days. I am now returning (after finally getting this written up) and I am ready to attack it from a different direction. I have 2 new back-to-basics tactics on paper and ready to go, with some player retraining planned. No hints at them, as they might fail spectacularly and then I can forget I ever mentioned this :D

The hope is we move forward, and these first 3 years are seem correctly as consolidation years!

(I will return to more detailed updates when I have finished season 10!)

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Main Squad

We were predicted to finish 17th at the start of the season, but having assessed the squad I was quietly confident that we could prove the doubters wrong and comfortably achieve the boards aim of survival, and so it proved. We were really solid all season, largely thanks to really tight defence. Following an opening day home defeat to hotly fancied Nimes, we went on a run of 5 clean sheets in a row, which ended with defeat against another promotion contender in Caen. Those were the league only defeats we suffered pre-winter break but a large percentage of draws were keeping us from mounting much of a challenge for promotion. But the main aim was all but achieved by Christmas, some pretty poor competition meant those fighting relegation were defined very early in the season.

As is customary for me after the winter break in France we came back with a disappointing 4-1 defeat to eventual champions Dijon which took us into a period of 3 defeats in 5 games, our worst run. But the winter break had also seen changes to the starting XI. It became clear that a number of higher paid players weren't willing to sign for next season (or clear we couldn't afford them). So being safe I decided to bring in the players who would be around next year. After our slight blip they grabbed the opportunity. 4 straight wins gave us an outside chance at promotion which was ultimately ended by a series of draws. Positive signs for next season though, hopefully we can continue our form towards a more sustained promotion push.

Final position: 7th

French Cup: knocked out in 7th round by Strasbourg on penalties

League Table

League Results

Player Stats



Despite numerous attempts at upgrading the youth setup the board refused to budge so no developments in that area yet. Of the existing youth players they were all pretty much restricted to the u19 squad. Oumar Ba, a young striker, was called upon a few times making 4 appearances for the first team and netting his first goal.

The intake was better than I'd anticipated with 3 good prospects coming though, I also signed a couple of the others to bulk up the numbers a bit.

Youth Intake

Nassim LorrentzYP01a

William Mbala YP01b

Bilal Petit YP01c

Aims for next season

- Cut the wage bill

- Turn the draws to wins

- Consolidate league position

- Try to improve facilities

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Union Sportive Concarnoise

In the back pages of the local newspaper Union Sportive Concarnoise's Chairman has issued a statement declaring that, after being promoted into the Championnat National, he will take his club into a new direction. This direction, heavily influenced by Atheltic Bilbao, Will involve the club making no signings outside of the Brittany region of France, focusing on nurturing youth talent only from this area.

The club have hired a complete unknown Englishman as manager. He is said to have ancestral roots in the Brittany region and is very enthusiastic about the new philosophy of the club.

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Real Sport Clube - 2022-23

Disappointing season all around as we did worse in every single competition. Dropped the cup in our first round (which at the time was our first loss for the year), dropped out of the league cup as I decided to blood a bunch of players. Maybe that made us disjointed I don't know, because we had been in excellent league form but then we had one hell of a slump, and we really didn't deserve to re-qualify for the Europa League on our own merits, we scraped in because Braga's campaign came to an even bigger grinding halt than ours and we had the head to head advantage against them. Even Europe went worse, with us going down due to away goals against Twente in the first knockout: we really had every chance to score a goal on their turf, we just missed a couple of sitters.

Still we re-qualify for Europe which should avoid any financial disaster ... but we really need to get some forward progress going again. We're a strong defensive side but lack the ability to score, which is really hurting us if we can't kick the first goal, we look terrible once a team parks the bus.

A coupled of decent prospects in [23a] Sandro Serrano and [23b]Guilherme Gorriz, both only rated 3.5 stars now but I've learnt my youth intakes are fairly consistently going up half or a full star after a year. They're both right wingers but should hopefully be able to be made into scoring attacking mids with any luck.

Squad wise I'm turning over a bunch of players with 10 leaving to make way for a new generation. We really need to shake things up and get in players with the potential to carry us to the next level, so even though some of the players I'm letting go are still useful contributors I'm willing to risk that we can replace them.

It's been a Real 10 years

A few stats from the first 10 years at Real:

  • 49 youth players have played at least one game.
  • 27 of those players are still at the club come next season.
  • 19 of those have gone on to play at least 100 games, while another 19 have played 10 or fewer so far.
  • 7 have gone on to play at least 200 games:

    [*] As you'd expect, the early years were the most prolific, with the 2014 and 2015 intakes each producing 9 players.

    [*] The 2015 intake has been the most productive, with 6 100 game players and 1339 games in total.

    [*] [14c] Filipe Moreira is clearly the greatest product we've produced from our system: he's the leader in goals (127), assists (68) and PoM (48).

    [*] Despite my disappointment in this season in my FM12 game 2022/23 saw my team finish 16th and get relegated in our first season in Liga ZON SAGRES. 4 straight Europa League qualifications is something I will take!

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Very nice first season stephen_atk!

Welcome aboard elt :thup:

Shakes, a great first 10 years in charge and multiple European qualifications is outstanding. Love the risk you are taking with making the moves to give the next generation their chance :thup:

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Good luck Conman14 :thup:

Just wanted to share (in my opinion) an extremely interesting, useful post which is very relevant to our challenge here.


(Taken from his blog - http://fmrashidi.wordpress.com/2013/03/10/fm13-player-development-model/ - with a lot of other great articles there too)

It gave me a completely new view on youth development and how to handle new recruits in your youth team.

I have implemented most of it in my current season (just finished, update tonight or tomorrow) and I am really liking it.

No longer loaning youths out, really trying to get them gelled into my 'style'. I also overlooked PPM's, but rashidi's view on the 15-18 age range being the time to load them up on relevant and helpful ones has been taken on board too.

Getting some interesting results from this now (interesting = good :D)

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I've had a few players that I loaned while they were in the youth team turn out well, and some come back having not played much, so it's a bit luck of the draw. With the young intake bug meaning I have to cut my youth team each year I'm a bit reluctant to loan youth players out now anyway - the youth team gets too thin and my guys all end up needing constant holidays. Most of my loans are just to get salary off the books from players that aren't making the grade but I can't find a buyer for. I probably should just be more decisive and let them go permanently for $0 to whoever will take them.

The other problem with loaning players out for me is that they wont get new position training ... I train about half my players to cover a second position since in a youth challenge it's hard to predict where the chances for players are going to come from, better to have a youth player ready to fill multiple gaps if injury hits.

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I've had a few players that I loaned while they were in the youth team turn out well, and some come back having not played much, so it's a bit luck of the draw. With the young intake bug meaning I have to cut my youth team each year I'm a bit reluctant to loan youth players out now anyway - the youth team gets too thin and my guys all end up needing constant holidays. Most of my loans are just to get salary off the books from players that aren't making the grade but I can't find a buyer for. I probably should just be more decisive and let them go permanently for $0 to whoever will take them.

The other problem with loaning players out for me is that they wont get new position training ... I train about half my players to cover a second position since in a youth challenge it's hard to predict where the chances for players are going to come from, better to have a youth player ready to fill multiple gaps if injury hits.

Sorry, youth intake bug?

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Sorry, youth intake bug?

It appears that if you already have a LOT of players in your youth team come youth intake day, you will receive a smaller than usual youth intake (because there are not many 'open' spots in your youth team).

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It appears that if you already have a LOT of players in your youth team come youth intake day, you will receive a smaller than usual youth intake (because there are not many 'open' spots in your youth team).

What if you were to move all your youth squad into the Reserves just before the intake day?

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I've had a few players that I loaned while they were in the youth team turn out well, and some come back having not played much, so it's a bit luck of the draw. With the young intake bug meaning I have to cut my youth team each year I'm a bit reluctant to loan youth players out now anyway - the youth team gets too thin and my guys all end up needing constant holidays. Most of my loans are just to get salary off the books from players that aren't making the grade but I can't find a buyer for. I probably should just be more decisive and let them go permanently for $0 to whoever will take them.

The other problem with loaning players out for me is that they wont get new position training ... I train about half my players to cover a second position since in a youth challenge it's hard to predict where the chances for players are going to come from, better to have a youth player ready to fill multiple gaps if injury hits.

When it comes to offloading deadwood I tend to go for the $0 but with a 30-50% clause for next transfer. It rarely pays off, but it is nice to have the possibility out there :D

Absolutely agree on the positional retraining and it is one of my favorite parts of this challenge. Nothing like seeing a play excel in a position that they previously were unable to play in.

In my Veldwezelt game I commonly had to do this with all strikers (they play a strikerless formation), but I had great success with a couple of MC's turning into wing backs.

Indeed in my Castellon update I am about to start, my star AMC was positionally retrained twice in one season to adapt to my tactical indecision before we settled.

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Real Sport Clube - 2023-24

A real bounce back after last year, we looked like a quality side with the ability to beat anyone all year. We still need improvement on our finishing and consistency at putting away the lesser sides, but if we can keep this form up we go into any game knowing we can win.

The cup was a slight disappointment to go out on penalties, but it was made up for by the league cup which we ran out winners. Now we've won all three cups I think they'll become more of an excuse to trial some of the younger players.

In the Europa league we looked quality against any opposition really, only coming to a stop when we had to face Porto in the semi. We'd beaten Porto 3 times already this year, and when we managed a 2-2 draw in the away first leg I thought we were going to be able to make it to the final but it was not to be, Porto came and scored the first two at our place and we could only catch up one of them.

The disappointment didn't last long though as our much improved league form had us challenging for the newly opened third champion's league spot. I figure we deserved it as our performances in Europe had been helping the national rankings! In any case it was a close run contest the whole way, and as it turned out we went into the final game at Leiria with our destiny in our own hands. Win and we take the spot, any other result and it was theirs. I thought for all money we'd fallen short with the score stuck at 1-1 but [14c] Filipe Moreira scored in stoppage time to put us home. [17e] Carlo Simões provided the assist that has probably saved his real career - I was lkeaning towards letting him go to give other players a chance but now I feel like i have to give him another contract.

Out first intake with a 5 star player in quite some time. Hopefully [24a] Simon Scherrer can live up to his potential ... defensive midfield is looking absolutely stacked with a couple of first team ready players due to graduate from the youth team this year. Also [24b] Artur Sousa may be our play maker of the future at attacking midfield.

Squad wise I'm now able to rotate fairly heavily as I think we've built up some good depth. I feel like I've passed out of the phase where the young guys just get thrown in and now am in a position where I'm going to have to make some tough decisions to open up places for them. Only thing I could really ask for is a good keeper prospect since our current one has hit 25 but is no more than solid for the league.

Anyway onwards to the champion's league ... looking forward to seeing how we stack up. Hopefully we can at least make it to the groups and put in a solid showing.

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Seasons 10 - 2022-23

Well, we went into our 10th season with high hopes of finally putting our newfound tactical indeciveness behind us as we went back to basics with a flat 442 formation and standard player roles. Everything looked good during preseason, with 6 wins out of 7 and the lone loss a 0-1 reverse at Old Trafford. Our promising AMC Constantino Vicente (YP 8A) was being retrained as an FC so that he could fill in the deep lying forward role and that was going very well with him picking it up very quickly. So into the season we go and the first four games were promising, 1 win and 3 draws. Then came the crash, 5 straight losses and we looked bad. Couldn't see where the next goal, let alone point was coming from. So the 442 was ditched and a complete overview was taken of the squad and our possibilities.

We settled on an attacking, direct 4-1-2-2-1 formation. Our first game was a cup game against Liga adelante opposition and we won 3-0. Next up a tough home league game against Athletico Madrid in which we scored early but ended up losing 2-1, but there were good signs as we threatened (which we had rarely done before then) and could consider ourselves unlucky. We quickly started to pick up points and within a couple of weeks had escaped the relegation places and began to slowly rise the table. As the we turned into the New Year we had a 3 game stretch which is as hard as they come on our calendar. Back to back league games against Real Madrid (away) and Barcelona (home) and then away at our hated local rivals Valencia. This really was a watershed for the team as we did fantastic! We picked our first ever point up away from home at either of the big two, with a 1-1 draw against Real with a text book planned daylight robbery. We played counter attacking football, fell behind 1-0 but carried on and withstood an absolute onslaught. On 83 minutes we switched to attacking play, continued to ride our luck and on 93 minutes we bundled in a corner. Match screenshot! With Barcelona at home and morale sky high we went attack from the start and traded blows almost evenly, with another 1-1 draw to show for it. Against Valencia we took an early 1-0 lead, they lost their shape and cool and were down to 10 men midway through the 1st half. The final score of 5-0 was a massive result for us.

We never could get over the horrendous start, but finishing 9th and just 4 points shy of a EUROPA Cup spot was a fantastic effort.

League Table

Weekly League Positions

League Results (442 tactic - new 41221 tactic)

Youth Intake

Wow. Potentially one of the best intakes I have had. 5 kids with very high potential and 2 more that could yet prove to be as good. For the second intake in a row one of the kids was picked out in the news item as 'possibly one of the best players of his generation' and he too is a DC.

Tomeu YP 10A - Report - The aforementioned DC. He really could be the knight in shining armor. Unlike Julian Lezcano YP 9A last year, Tomeu has no worrying weaknesses on his coach report and he is left footed to naturally fill into the DCL spot eventually. 6' 4" gives some needed height as well. I could keep drooling over this kid, but I won't

Evaristo YP 10B - Report - Very interesting AMC, with huge potential. Sadly I do not play with an AMC currently, so I have to decide if I turn him into an Inside Forward (AML) or an attacking Advanced Playmaker (MC). Leaning on the MC role and training accordingly. Main weakness is listed as strength and neither of the dreaded Injury Proneness or Consistency, which many of my other youths had suffered from. Hoping once I train his strength up neither of those are waiting in the wings to be displayed as his next weakest area. He played 1 senior game this year when injuries hit and he picked up a red card (2 yellows). Nice start kid!

Ramiro Martinez YP 10C - Report - Highly thought of DM with nice starting stats. Suffers from consistency apparently, but it seems most youths do!

Marco Martin YP 10D - Report - Another highly touted kid with consistency issues. Good versatility and could play MC, AML or FC given the right focus

Alex Calzado YP 10E - Report - Hoping to train him into my pacey AMR outlet. Needs a lot of coaching, but the potential is there.

Rafael Mauel YP 10F - Report - A lightweight, incosistent DM/MC, but plenty of time and potential to play with

Ruben Tres YP 10G - Report - Very interesting character. A rare (for me) genuine future Target Man FC. Has great starting height, strength, jumping, first touch, finishing, work rate, teamwork. Target Man doesn't fit smoothly in with my plans, but he intrigues me.

YP Tagged Players Highlights - Season 10

Constantino Vicente YP 8A - Great kid, still only 18. During the preseason and first month of the season he was retraining as an FC and got up to Accomplished level. Once we switched from the 442 to a 41221 he began retraining (and playing) as an Inside Forward AML. Our main source of assists in the team and has begun his collection of PPM's with Comes Deep To Get Ball, Hits Free Kicks With Power, Tries Long Range Free Kicks, Likes To Switch Ball To Other Flank and currently learning Cuts Inside.

Julian Lezcano YP 9A - Last years big promise rarely failed to deliver. Playing 36 first team games aged just 15/16 and averaging 7.34. The long term hope is that he can form a rock solid partnership with Tomeu YP 10A

Jorge Iriondo YP 4B - Jorge has turned into a our pacey attacking right full back and is now a solid, dependable performer

Tomas YP 2A - Our playmaker in the middle of the park, with a nice touch of steel to back up his silky play.

Hugo Elizalde YP 4F - Hugo is a great GK, who has been let down by the performances in front of him in the past. With our new found excitement I am hoping Hugo will begin to add more clean sheets to his stat line.


End Of Season Squad Stats

Season 11 Targets

* Challenge for European qualification (top 7)

* Try to work some of the YP 10's into first team action

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Season 2013/14 - Safety!

Sambenedettese Calcio



Sambenedettese are a football club based in San Benedetto del Tronto, on the beautiful Adriatic coast, a town of roughly 50,000 inhabitants. They play their games at the Stadio Riviera delle Palme, which can seat 7500 fans (in-game). The club last played in Serie B in 1989, and have never played higher.

They possess adequate training facilities, minimal youth facilities and basic youth recruitment.

Season Summary - Serie C2/B

Media Prediction - 18th

Final Position - 12th [Table]

Top Scorer - Henri Shiba & Diego Armando Montuori (16 league, 19 overall)

Final squad - Pt 1 / Pt 2

Transfers - I'm no fackin' wheelah dealah

Serie C Cup

Group J

Pos	Team		Pl	W	D	L	GF	GA	GD	Pts
1st	Sambenedettese	2	1	1	0	10	6	+4	4
2nd	Foligno		2	0	2	0	5	5	0	2
3rd	Gubbio		2	0	1	1	3	7	-4	1

Sambenedettese 4-4 Foligno
Gubbio 2-6 Sambenedettese

1st Round	San Marino 0-1 Sambenedettese
2nd Round	Vigor Lamezia 3-0 Sambenedettese

Other achievements

Junior Coaching improved - now adequate

The aim was quite simple from the outset - safety. The media had us finishing bottom, and the board were quite content with us being competitive. I had other ideas, obivously. The start of the season was solid, 7 points from the first 5 games. Following our exit from the Serie C Cup, however, things started going downhill. Of the remaining 27 games, our form read W9 D3 L15, and more worringly, 60 goals conceded. Our best centre back suffered two long-term injuries, the second of which ended his season. These limited him to just 20 games, and at the age of 30, he won't be getting any fitter.

In the end, it was only a decent run towards the end, where we won 6 of our final 11 games that saved our asses. Nonetheless, our asses were indeed safe, and as such the season can be considered a success.

We saw the highest average attendance of the league, with over 2000 more fans attending our games than any other team on average. Despite this, we still lost just over £200k, even with a wage budget of just £8.8k a week, the lowest of the league by far.

Youth Intake - Full class

Our first intake saw a couple of good prospects, one of whom saw some game time towards the end of the season. There were two "tags" handed out.

Giacomo Anselmo (Y14-1) ST - What can I say? Already good enough to be a starter, and indeed he saw three games in the run in, bagging one goal and providing an assist. The kid's a monster. Two metres tall, great finishing, great with his feet, great mentals. If I can train up that strength, he can dominate up top for years to come. Definitely looking to build around him. Interestingly, our striker class saw three more strikers who were at least 1.85m tall...must be something in the water.

Massimo Rivi (Y14-2) D© - Looks solid enough technically, his lack of height may be a bit of a problem. Still, looking forward to seeing him develop, and provides more young backup in a position where both starters are currently over the age of 30.

Next season

I'm still not getting ahead of myself. With this current squad, safety is again going to be a priority, and indeed the board are asking for safety again. Keeping the squad more fit would also be nice, and improving the consistency. Only then can we look to pushing for promotion.

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Conman14 - Well done on just scraping survival, just staying safe for long enough for the youth intakes to kick in is half the challenge.

Braumiller - After seeing your intake I feel silly for calling my intake good because it has a 5 star and a 4 star. :p

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