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Since I've to be a bit DESCRIPTIVE here as I would like to follow the forum Rules..I've chosen to Post the Approx LAYOUT of this site..which I think will be more than ENOUGH to let You understand about it..

The Site Has..

A) TACTICS SECTION : Here I've Posted Several Tactics with their Dload Link and also a small Review on them..

B) BACKROOM STAFF SECTION : Here I've elaborated the Required skills that You should use when You Go to filter out an Ass Man, A Coach, A Scout or a Physio for Your team..and I've included some names for Possible Candidates in each section..

C) DOWNLOAD ZONE : This is the most Visited Section of all..contains a LOGO Sub-section where I've Inserted Dload links to clubs based on their nations..so that You can Dload only what You need rather than a entire 200MB MEGAPACK..!!! Beside this..there is Skin Dload Section and Editor Software Dload section to help You out a bit more..

D) BE A BETTER MANAGER : This is the Portion which I like the most..because here I share Methods which I've learnt from my Game experience and also from Others to make Your FM experience much more realistic..Tactical, Financial, Wonderkids and some more etc etc etc..

So If You think its worthwhile to have a visit..You are welcome..here is the link..


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