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Dimartino's Fuss v3 Crazy 4-1-5-0: forget everything u have seen! Crazy goalscoring!

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I've been around for a while (started playing the series back in 92 in the Commodore Amiga!) and if then I had all the time in the world to play the game, I now have a very tight schedule between family and 12 working hours a day!!! :p So in recent years I've become a kind of a lurker in the forum, trying to find other users most sucessful tactics just to enjoy the game, and only participating if I had something REALLY special to share with you guys.

First of all I don't like to mess with tactic sliders, so I just experimented repositioning the players on the field based on the tactic I felt the best in the forum was Fuss V3 (credits to him!).

It's a strikerless formation, so yes sell all your strikers and use fast, technical AMC's.

For those purists (respect!) around that don't like to exploit the ME don't try it, as it TOTALLY exploits it!!!

Opposition's defence gets completely scrambled by the five men in the AM line, and lose positional awareness leaving your players with true runways to goal!

It works like a dream as a counter-attack tactic (I've lost count of goals coming from recovering the ball from a corner against, and seeing my 5/4 players fooling around against 1/2 defenders and scoring for fun...)

Very honestly it is a true monster. I mean I've done tons of different saves (always starting in Portuguese 2nd division) with all the tactics around and only when I got jobs at FC Porto, Man Utd, Milan, I was able to get scores like 9-0, and mainly against very weak teams. Until grabbing those jobs and playing low rep teams with weak players I usually would overperform, but just enough to win by one goal or draw a tough match from time to time.

And now let me give you an inside of what I'm about to show you:

I always start my saves with my hometown team Cova da Piedade (in 4th divition in real life, so not playable in the original database), so I just replace (with the official editor) the weakest team in 2nd Div by my team. I them after I start the game I fill the team with free transfers. Not an easy job, as C.Piedade has very low reputation, but I admit genie does a god job finding some crazy south americans willing to play for me!

I started this save using Fuss's V3 and was top of the table in february, but not fully happy with the football played and mainly with the way strikers just stood there upfront picking their noses and ignoring everything else!!! I was after my 4th defeat in about 20 matches in the league, and after a terrible performance that I decided to send my strikers paint the walls around the stadium (that were full of fungus) and decided to experiment this strikerless formation. The results where imediately very interesting and I ended the season as champion with a fair margin. Reached the cup final and lost it to Porto, but even so got a Europa League place!

For the new season done a pretty good deals, grabbing a bunch of free players aand some bargains, but of course media predicts 16th position out of 16! I used genie scout to see the overall rating of my team and was only the 3rd worst of the league. So expectations were not high, maybe a position just above mid table, and no real hopes in Europa League has I had to against AEK Athens (with some very good players) to get a position in the group stage!

What happened them:





Here's the link: http://www.2shared.com/file/cU8K-Ji_/Crazy_4-1-5-0_Fuss_v3_.html

Feel free to ask questions!

Once again credits and many 10x to Fuss

And plaease let it get FLUID before start posting that this is the worst tactic in the world. (Worload max with defensive position all the way)

It DOES USE the corner cheat (but in 5 matches scored only 6 from corners, out of 31 goals in league)

Hazza, please include this in your test!!!! Very courious to see the result!

And please forgive my bad english!

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Yes. I know some might think different but I don't consider it cheating. Is more like a shortcut to find the right players, instead of working with the scouts in the game. Former FC Porto manager (now at Panathinaikos) Jesualdo Ferreira used to watch south-american matches on sports TV very late at night and just by that he made some buys for Porto at the time! So no scouts, no travelling, no reports.

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Espero que tenhas sucesso com esta táctica, vou experimentar!

Thanx. Actually I'm having few time to play, as I'm writing this from the middle of the Mediterranian (I'm in a cruise!!!) but since the last image I posted with my calendar I did lost my first league match, and my first european match by narrow margins. When I was already fearing a morale fall, this happened in toughest challenge my team had this season:


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