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Mac OS X Mountain Lion Issue

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Morning guys and girls!

Got a little problem...downloaded Mac OS X Mountain Lion last night on my recently brought Macbook Pro...

Football manager obviously worked fine before it...and it still does now...EXCEPT...regen faces now have this ugly black box around their faces!

I then came out of the game and reset my macbook...then loaded FM again for it to be fine again...no black boxes....

Switch it on again this morning, run FM and the ugly black boxes are back again!!! :(

Obviously not a big issue...but one i'd like resolved!

Any ideas?

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Hard to say. Seems random the way you describe it. Is it consistently fine/bad every other time you start FM? Maybe only happening when another particular app is running at the same time? Windowed/fullscreen make a difference? Goes bad after the computer has been on for a while? Anything at all you can think of that's different with the system when it's okay vs. when it's not?

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Thanks for the reply!

Since i updated to OSXML i've only got it to work fine twice...the rest of the time i've had the black boxes...also large area of colour look slighty fuzzy...

I've tried running FM on its own and with other apps open...but have had the black boxes every time.

Windowed/full screen make no difference.

The original fix of restarting my Mac must have been luck/coincidence because it hasn't worked since...

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