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[Match 27][QF3] Spain vs France (23/6/12) KO 1945


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They have Giroud, who is pretty great, but Benzema is probably a better fit for the way they seem to want to play - which is like a second rate Spain, and is the wrong way for them to play.

Great atmosphere in the stadium :/

Wow, spain got width and got past the full back, first time for everything! :o.

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Anyone else notice that in the first 15 minutes the longest France had the ball was 13 seconds and that is when they kicked off.

Bit of useless trivia but sort of knew this game would be all Spain so decided to keep an eye on it,13 seconds is pretty bad though.

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It's not even that I hate Spain or anything but every time they play it noticeably is just one way traffic in their games and doesn't really make for entertaining football when you're watching one team do everything. There's no real flow to the game just Spain, pass sideways, pass sideways, pass it some more etc, France have the ball for 2 seconds and then repeat.

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