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One Big Holiday - A Scarman Journeyman Career


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Al-Urooba March 2013

Monthly Results


League Standings


Well, that was a disappointing month. Both games we were in a position to win, but just couldn't capitalise and let in a late equaliser. It's leaving us dangerously close to the relegation zone.

Player of the Month - Rahim Majidi

Scored a pretty good goal, and generally just played well this month.

Looking Ahead


ONly one game this month, and it's going to be a tough one. Hopefully we can get something from this game.

Other News

The chairman put plans in place for another upgrade to our training facilities.


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A bit disappointing you couldn't have gotten more but hopefully the teams below you falter and you can get a point here and there to survive.

It's getting a bit tougher, we really need to figure out how to win games!

Al-Urooba April 2013

Monthly Results


League Standings


Another game, another draw. At least we aren't losing. The relegation battle is a lot tougher now.

Player of the Month - Ali Shafiei

Was man of the match in our only game, so it's only right to award him as our player of the month!

Looking Ahead


We play two teams below us in Al-Wasl and Al-Sharjah, we desperately need to win both of them to assure us of survival. Next season, I'm going to completely rework this team into something that can win games!

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Cheers fellas! We did end up survivng, but it really was way too close. We ended up 9th on 20 points... along with Baniyas in 10th and Al-Sharjah in 11th. Round up to come soonish, I now know I need a team overhaul!

Also, another crap youth intake -


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Al-Urooba May 2013

Monthly Results


League Standings


2 draws and a loss to end the season. Luckily, we did just enough.

Al-Urooba End of Season 2012/13

Squad | Club Info | Facilities | Finances | Transfers

The finances are that bad because of the 5.5mil spent into facilities and a pretty big signing made days before. I'll unveil all my signings when I make more :D

[center][b][size=5]First 11[/size][/b]


[url="http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p563/theScarmanmon/EmmanuelMathiasOverview_Attributes.png"]Mathias[/url]   [url="http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p563/theScarmanmon/IsmalAlassaneOverview_Attributes.png"]Alassane[/url]  [url="http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p563/theScarmanmon/SalahAbdul-HameedOverview_Attributes.png"]Abdul-Hameed[/url]  [url="http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p563/theScarmanmon/PaulQuastenOverview_Attributes-1.png"]Quasten[/url]

[url="http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p563/theScarmanmon/OmidRezaRavankhahOverview_Attributes.png"]Ravankhah[/url]/[url="http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p563/theScarmanmon/AliShafieiOverview_Attributes.png"]Shafiei[/url]  [url="http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p563/theScarmanmon/AlbertoRamrezOverview_Attributes.png"]Ramirez[/url]  [url="http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p563/theScarmanmon/MladenJovancicOverview_Attributes.png"]Jovancic[/url]

[url="http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p563/theScarmanmon/JurandirdaSilvaOverview_Attributes.png"]da Silva[/url]/[url="http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p563/theScarmanmon/ReginaldFariaOverview_Attributes.png"]Faria[/url]

[url="http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p563/theScarmanmon/MaurcioOverview_Attributes-1.png"]Mauricio[/url]/[url="http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p563/theScarmanmon/RahimMajidiOverview_Attributes-1.png"]Majidi[/url]      [url="http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p563/theScarmanmon/BaeChun-SukOverview_Attributes.png"]Chun-Suk[/url][/center]


We did just enough. And I feel we could have done better if we had finished games out. 11 draws (17 if you count the Emirates Cup) is really unacceptable. Next season will be a big turn around hopefully. In the end though, survival is all I wanted, and I learnt some valuable lessons from this season.


- Survive Relegation - Achieved

- Strengthen defence; bring in younger players - I'd say achieved, our defence was, for the most part, pretty good. Just lacked a bit of depth. As for the young players, I brought in a few and they look pretty promising.

Next Season

- Improve, finish mid table

- Add depth to the squad

- Strengthen the midfield/attacking midfield

Career Summary

[center]Scarman Career

| Season  |    Club   | Nation |    League   | Position | Accomplishments |
| 2011/12 | Al-Urooba |  UAE   | Divison One |   1st    |  Promotion      |
| 2012/13 | Al-Urooba |  UAE   | Pro-League  |   9th    |  Survived       |

Roll of Honour


| Season  |     EPL Winner    |  EPL Runner-Up  |  FA Cup Winner | FA Cup Runner-Up  |
| 2011/12 | Manchester United | Manchester City |  Swansea City  |    Bristol City   |
| 2012/13 | Manchester United | Manchester City |   Newcastle    |     Doncaster     |


| Season  | La Liga Winner |  La Liga Runner-Up  | Copa del Rey Winner | Copa del Rey Runner-Up |
| 2011/12 |  Real Madrid   |      Barcelona      |      Deportivo      |       Villarreal       |
| 2012/13 |  Real Madrid   |      Barcelona      |      Real Betis     |        Valencia        |


| Season  | Serie A Winner |  Serie A Runner-Up  |  TIM Cup Winner   | TIM Cup Runner-Up |
| 2011/12 |   AC Milan     |   Internazionale    |  Internazionale   |     Cagliari      |
| 2012/13 |    Napoli      |      AC Milan       |     Atalanta      |     Bologna       |


| Season  | Bundesliga Winner  | Bundesliga Runner-Up | DFB-Pokal Winner | DFB-Pokal Runner-Up |
| 2011/12 | FC Bayern Munchen  |  Borussia Dortmund   |   SC Freiburg    |  SV Werder Bremen   |
| 2012/13 | FC Bayern Munchen  |     VfB Stuttgart    | Bayer Leverkusen |      Frankfurt      |


| Season  |   Ligue 1 Winner   |   Ligue 1 Runner-Up    | Coupe de France Winner | Coupe de France Runner-Up |
| 2011/12 | Olympique Lyonnais |  Paris Saint-Germain   |   Stade Brestois 29    |         OGC Nice          |
| 2012/13 | Olympique Lyonnais | Olymipque de Marseille |   Olympique Lyonnais   |     Stade Rennais FC      |


| Season  | Champions League Winner |  Champions League Runner-Up  | Europa League Winner | Europa League Runner-Up |
| 2011/12 |        Valencia         |        Internazionale        |   Bayer Leverkusen   |        AS Roma          |
| 2012/13 |        Barcelona        |        Internazionale        |  Olympique Lyonnais  |      CSKA Moscow        |

Rest of the World

| Year | AFC Champions League | CAF Champions League | CONCACAF Champions League |     O-League     | Copa Libertadroes | FIFA Club World Cup |
| 2011 |   Kashima Antlers    |       ES Tunis       |           N/A             |        N/A       |       N/A         |     Barcelona       |
| 2012 |  Yokohama F Marinos  |       ES Tunis       |        Monterrey          |        Ba        |    Corinthians    |    Corinthians      |
| 2013 |      In Progress     |     In Progress      |        Monterrey          | Wairakere United |    In Progress    |    Not Started      |

The FIFA Club World Cup was pretty interesting this year, with the final contested between Corinthians and Yokohama F Marinos, after the Japanese side knocked out Valencia on the way to the final. Shame they couldn't win though. Valencia came third.

Finally, as I mentioned above, our training facilities are receiving an upgrade, along with our Junior Coaching, which was bumped up to Adequate.

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Good Luck next season!!

Cheers mate!

Anyway, another off season means more international tournaments, so here's the round ups of the Confederations Cup and the Gold Cup!

2013 FIFA Confederations Cup

Holders - Brazil

Hosts - Brazil

Group Stage

Group A - France (7); Mexico (4); Uruguay (3); Japan (2).

Group B - Ivory Coast (6); Spain (6); Brazil (4); New Zealand (1).

Semi Final

France 0 - 0p Spain

Ivory Coast 3 - 3p Mexico

Third Place Play-off

Ivory Coast 5 - 1 France


Spain 5 - 0 Mexico


Golden Ball - Cesc Fabregas (Spain)

Golden Shoe - David Villa; 5 goals (Spain)

Golden Glove - Hugo Lloris (France)

Fair Play Award - Mexico

Pretty interesting tournament, with Brazil not getting out of the groups. Also, the thrashing in the Third Place Play-off was unexpected.

[center]Confederations Cup

|  Year  | Hosts  | Winners | Runners-Up | Third Place |
|  2013  | Brazil |  Spain  |   Mexico   | Ivory Coast |

2013 Gold Cup

Holders - Mexico

Hosts - United States

Group Stage

Group A - United States (6); Canada (4); Honduras (4); Guatemala (3).

Group B - Mexico (7); Cuba (4); Haiti (3); Trinidad & Tobago (3).

Group C - Costa Rica (7); El Salvador (3); Jamaica (2); Panama (2).

Quarter Final

Haiti 1 - 1p Canada

Mexico 5 - 3 Costa Rica

Cuba 0 - 4 Honduras

United States 1 - 0 El Salvador

Semi Final

Canada p2 - 2 Mexico

Honduras 2 - 0 United States


Honduras 3 - 0 Canada


Best Player - Javier Hernandez (Mexico)

Golden Boot - Javier Hernandez; 7 goals (Mexico)

Sorry Rancer & Cerud, Canada just couldn't win it! I find it pretty stupid though that Hernandez won player of the tournament, when Mexico didn't even make the final. Just one of those things in FM I guess.

[center]Gold Cup

|  Year  |     Hosts     |   Winners  | Runners-Up |
|  2013  | United States |  Honduras  |   Canada   |

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While I'm in the UAE, I decided to take apply for the U23's job for the upcoming U23's Gulf Cup. Got the job, so I'll use it to raise my reputation a bit and maybe even get somewhere in the tournament. My group for the competition is -


Two groups of three, top two qualify for the semis.

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U23 Gulf Cup


Feel a little bit annoyed at the moment. We looked pretty good throughout the tournament. But the squad was never locked in, for any team in the tournament mind. And then the U21's and U19's called up their squad squads and most of my team was gone. I could have handled that, there was still about 7 left in the team. But the game didn't even make any greyed out players available, so I couldn't play the match and had to holiday. Needless to say, I lost, but I would have rather lost managing the team. Still, it didn't take away from any Al-Urooba stuff, so I'm not regretting taking over the job. But because they won't play another game until late 2014, the game made me resign.


My short tenure is over, but I might look to retake the reigns when the Olympics qualifying comes around.

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You survived by the skin of the teeth,hopefully you can find the right signings in pre-season.

I think I have, the players I've signed are definitely a step up in calibre from some of the players I previously had.

Wow, really just edged survival after a poor finish. Should hopefully get better.

Yeah, it really was a bad finish. We hadn't won a game in 12 matches, really lucky I survived then.

Tough beat on the Final of the U23s. But better in the league :) Great to stay up.

Cheers, the U23's was disappointing, but I hopefully it'll boost my rep slightly coming second in that tournament.

Good work surviving your first season up there. Shame about the under 23's though.

Cheers mate! I was pretty lucky to survive though.

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Al-Urooba Pre-Season 2013/14

Chairman News

Straight off the bat, Khalifa Mohammed made 9mil available and started planning expansion to our youth facilities (due in 2014). This along with our upgrade to our training facilities almost being completed and an upgrade to our Junior Coaching Budget should mean that the club will have up to standard facilities soon enough.

However, Mr Mohammed is still looking to leave the club, and yet another failed takeover bid has occurred. I've got to wonder how many bids have to take place in order for him to be happy the club is in good hands.

Transfer News

Transfer History 2013/14

The main part of any pre-season. As you can see, I released a lot of players that I deemed not up to standard, or wanted large wages that they didn't deserve. This included players like Mauricio and da Silva, however I'm certain I brought in players of much better quality.

Mathias Cardacio (600k from Nagoya Grampus) - The Uruguayan midfielder comes in with experience in Japan's J-League, as well as being a former player for AC Milan. He has experience, while still having the advantage of being in his prime. He will be a vital member of the team.

Bjorn Lindemann (525k from Army Utd) - More experience joins the club, as the German attacking mid offers creativity. Will miss the first few weeks of the season however, thanks to a ankle strain.

Omri Tsafrir (Free Transfer) - The young Israeli defender is being touted by my scouts and coaching staff as one for the future. On a free transfer, I couldn't say no.

Eros Pellegrini (24k from Varese) - The Italian fullback brings a mixture of youth and the ability to immediately slot into the team. A bargain.

Ronaldo Capixaba (Free Transfer) - Signed as a backup to Chun-Suk and Majidi, the experienced striker should prove valuable when injuries strike.

Fernando (Free Transfer) - Signed as a backup keeper to Houri, probably won't see much first team action.

Hamid Khodamoradi (700k from Moghavemat Fars) - Another young Iranian, this young striker is Majidi's partner for the Iranian U21's, and has a lot of talent.

Hamed Hajati (28k from Nassaji) - Signed to cover for Lindemann while he's injured, the Iranian attacking mid brings experience and ability to the camp.



vs Al-Sha'ab - 1-1

vs Hatta - 0-1

Only a few friendlies, but most of the pre-season was taken up by the UAE U23's. Not the best results, but I rarely see friendlies as anything other than a chances to gel and gain fitness.

Season Ahead



Emirates Cup Group


First Month


Going to be an interesting month, if I can perform against Emirates, Al-Wahda and Al-Ahli, I think I should be able to push for a mid table spot.

Late News


Managed to convince the board to give me scouting access to the entire world.

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Al-Urooba September 2013

Monthly Results


League Standings


Emirates Cup Standings


A great start to the new season. We really should have won the game against Al-Ahli (14 shots to none!), but the other games we showed we are definitely more clinical than last season. Hopefully we can maintain this good start.

Player of the Month - Hamed Hajati

The new signing scored 2 and set up 2. Really was a bargain signing..

Looking Ahead


Busy month ahead, some tough games against Al-Jazira and Baniyas, but I think I can win a few of them.

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You've made a good start to the season,you've nearly won as many games in the league as you did in the entirety of last season :D Good luck for the rest of the season!

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Looks more promising this time.

Cheers delta, I should be a lot more competitive this season.

You've made a good start to the season,you've nearly won as many games in the league as you did in the entirety of last season :D Good luck for the rest of the season!

Thanks BWG :lol: It shouldn't take too long to overtake that dismal showing, last season was probably the worst I've ever done and still stayed up :D

Good beginning in both the league and cup :thup:

Cheers Cerud!

Here's to you beating Baniyas this time around!

We did beat Baniyas this time! But they aren't a team I'm too worried about, I need to beat teams like Al-Ain!

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Al-Urooba October 2013

Monthly Results


League Standings


Emirates Cup Standings


Another great month, I finish it tied top to both the league and the my cup group. I've officially won as many league games as last season! The win over Al-Jazira was great, and we should have gotten something from the Al-Wasl game, but just coulnd't.

Player of the Month - Salah Abdul-Hameed

Fantastic month, his rating was never below 7.0, even scored a goal and won a man of the match.

Looking Ahead


Next month is many league games, with a Emirates Cup and a President's Cup game thrown in. We should beat the non-league Al-Taawun in the cup, and I'm hoping for 2 wins all up in other games, with a couple of draws to go with it.

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No tactical changes. Last season it wasn't doing too badly, we just didn't have the personal to finish out games. I think most games last season we had about 60% of possession and generally more shots, so the tactic was working in some aspects, it just the players that weren't up to standard.

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Al-Urooba November 2013

Monthly Results


League Standings


We were outclassed in the first two games of the month, before regaining form against Baniyas and in the cup. The Al-Jazira game was pretty disappointing, we took the lead early but couldn't hold on. We play Al-Ain in the next round of the President's Cup. If we win that game, we have a great chance of winning the cup, as the rest of the teams left are teams we've already beaten, or are in a lower league.

Player of the Month - Emmanuel Mathias

Very solid month, capped with a goal.

Looking Ahead


We start off with Baniyas again, before facing another tough team in Al-Shabab. Hopefully we can beat Al-Wasl this time, before we play Al-Ahli twice. We've already beaten them once this season, so hopefully we can continue that this month. Overall, it's been a tough month due to injuries to 6 key players.

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First club to offer me a job. Pity it wasn't the Roar, don't think I'll accept this one. Would be interesting to go to the A-League, but I don't think I could manage any team other than Brisbane (and maybe Wellington) out of loyalty :lol

Regardless, I've only delayed it. I would love to build a team of Aussie talent, but at the same time... I'm not sure...

Ended up rejecting, Sydney isn't the club for me

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Solid start!!! Quite tight at the top to.
Not doing too bad this season,lost a bit of form recently but you can probably overcome that.

Cheers fellas, we're definitely doing better than last season!

Al-Urooba December 2013

Monthly Results


League Standings


Emirates Cup


Lost two games by 1-0 this month, but both were in the Emirates Cup. We're still in that comp, but only just. The one that matters is that we're only 1 point off top in the league. Looking much, much better than last season

Player of the Month - Rahim Majidi

Two goals, and generally played well.

Looking Ahead


Two games against Al-Ain, as well as Al-Jazira to cap a tough month. Going to be an interesting month.

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It's been a great season so far for you. :) Smart move on rejecting the Sydney job.

In the end, I just couldn't accept it. If it was Brisbane, I would have gone, but at the moment I think leaving UAE would be pretty dumb.

Nice improvement,looks like it's going to go down right to the wire in the league.

Yeah, but I don't think we'll be a part of it. We dropped form pretty badly in January.

Much better season!

Cheers mate!

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