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Hi guys, thought I'd already set up a thread on here but apparently not.

Me and a friend run a tactics and gameplay blog over at http://www.pushthemwide.co.uk. We cover a few things, we've done three match analyses which are popular and have a few ideas in the pipeline; we don't tend to talk about obvious, tiresome things but instead try and give a refreshing outlook on things. I know Cleon enjoys the site (woo!) so hopefully a few others will like it too :)


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Thanks for the lovely comment Cleon, and your support of sorts Game :) We haven't been active much recently but we're both brimming with ideas so the summer should be a good one for us (and you, fingers crossed)!

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Quite a few articles for FM12 and 13 since we last updated in June, including some really good contributions from the community.

Hopefully something there for everyone!

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This is a quick update to show what we've been up to recently. We have moved to www.pushthemwide.co.uk with a new design and there is now hopefully less in the way of what matters - the articles.

We have been pretty busy since the launch of FM13:

The comprehensive guide to FM13 training (nearly 5000 words so get a drink ready!)

A look at the Hold Up Ball instruction and potential uses

Youth Development: plan for the future, not for now

A post on Supports Interactive on Defensive Line

Probably the biggest thing we've done to date, the Beginners Resource Pack, an assortment of helpful print-outs on all aspects of tactics.

Push Them Wide

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I love this site but I really dislike the homepage it looks horrible for me :(. It just feels like things have been stuck there and not organised properly. It just feels cluttered to me and nothing is catergorised anymore, unless I am missing something?

I much preferred the old blog and style you used. I realise you moved with the times but I am slightly dissapointed because I love you guys and this is my favourite blog for FM without a doubt.

I feel really bad been critical but the navigation is a big draw back for me, sorry :(

All that been said though, it still produces the best content on the t'internet for FM without a doubt :)

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