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Who will end up top scorer?


Who will finish top scorer?  

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  1. 1. Who will finish top scorer?

    • RvP
    • Klose
    • Ronaldo
    • di Natale
    • Benzema
    • Lewandowski
    • Ashley Young (!)
    • Balotelli
    • Kerzhakov
    • Torres lolz
    • Ibraminovic
    • Striker from Croatia/Ireland/Denmark, etc
    • John Terry
    • Midfield you smugly thought of and no one else did!
    • "at the end of the day football is the winner" (Other)

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Didn't he win it on goals:minutes ratio? His assists were tied with Gomez.

As I understood it, it was assists first (which left just him and Gomez), then goals:minutes ratio.

I feel they should just have kept it as a joint award if scores are tied tbh.

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It wasn't just assists as Gomez also had an assist. They have 3 or 4 sub-criteria and as they matched on assists it was then who scored in the most efficient period of time or something :D

When players finish level on goals:

The following criteria are applied, in this order, to determine who wins the adidas Golden Shoe:

a) highest number of assists;

b) fewest minutes played.

NB: Only goals scored in normal or extra time count towards a player's tournament total – penalties scored in a shoot-out do not.

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