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What's that? A new Wishlist Thread? What you would like to see in future FM versions.

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I've asked for this a few times now, but I'll try again.

Can we please get some easy way of reasonably selecting photos for regens please?

Having to trawl through the internet (or facepacks) manually, size them, get the player id, find the xml, write the xml, refresh the UI - then do that another 12 times...it's horribly frustrating.

Adding a 'set image' option on the context menu for the photo seems like it'd be a 15 minute job.

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Player Interaction: Unhappy with game time - New response

Whether their contract is 1st team, backup or whichever I feel that one of the response options should be one which pulls the appearance data from the stats and allows you to effectively ask/get the player to put things into perspective...i.e: "You've played in 10 games this season out of a possible 30, I think that is suitable game time as a backup player" etc, adjusted accordingly.

So then you could talk down certain players, which would be more realistic than hoping one of the other options has them back down for a few months till next time.

Also early in the season I feel players come complaining too early and although the "there's plenty of football left to play this season, be patient you'll get your chance" response is suitable and realistic I just feel the players shouldn't be complaining as much relative to their contracts, personalities, aspirations and actual appearances(sub or otherwise)

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UI: Clear indication for the UI whether a player is told to roam or move into channels. As this is altered dynamically by roles, mentality, but also TI's, and it's related (crucially) to movement, it needs more readily visually cues. I'm personally not sure myself actually how things exactly link and which positions may be affected, tbh.

A mock up symbol of a forward roaming (either by his role, mentality or team instruction):


Naturally you wouldn't want to clutter things, but some kind of visual cue is needed here (possibly with a tool-tip opening up if you hover around the circle symbol)

Statistics such as:

Shots for / against (average) for each team

SOT for / against (average) samewise

There one very very crucially bit missing here, which is the shot spread off actually open play plus set pieces. For years and years and years you've had that argument made that well, I'm creating 25 shots every match, 10 of them on target, oft a couple of CCCs most inside the box but oft can't score. Maybe so, but in FM it is totally possible to compress areas and spaces this insanely much, by narrowing stuff and/or having players virtually sit on top of each others, oft by human players getting rather "creative", that virtually any of those attempts will be either made from free kicks, corners, or attacking throws, which have areas packed by default and forwards never into space, be they world class or not.

You would see the matches loaded up, would need to manually click on the shot dots and see up to all of them coming from set play. As that is going to be a regularly occurance due to the movement patterns / play that would repeat in each match, this increases the likelyhood of going away with nothing from dozen attempts tenfold and then some. There's got to be a cut-off line here, such as at which number of passes is a shot not from set piece anymore. Naturally it would need an understanding that regularly virtually creating nothing from open play at all is really not that good, no matter how much set pieces you're going to pile up. For every individually freak match where you 2 direct kicks are belted into the top corner by an average guy, overall they're mostly defended, simple as that. And in FM every shot count+1 without goal from such a low conversion shot under pressure additionally can make players frustrated which can rub off on conversions of latter shots made in the match. However if an overall average league stat was available here for all teams, the human team would stick out here badly and may prompt some questions as to why things look this absurdly different to all the other guys competing against. Can't spoon feed solutions but as stats are held as such an objective measurement, it may trigger some pondering and for more advanced players can be useful to better their play too.

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I usually play music whilst playing the game via Itunes or youtube so not for me
I'd like to see a sound track in the game like fifa, where you can play music when not in a match.

Anyone else?

The crowd during games is all the soundtrack you need! Actually, maybe they could flesh out the soundtrack by having a richer palette of sounds, cheers, chants, boos...and perhaps country/team related if possible. Take an away Champions League game in Turkey, or at the Stadio Olimpico to see Lazio perhaps....get some flares launched on the pitch...a bit of crowd fighting...a few stabbings...a bit of after match Bunga Bunga, that sort of thing.

(Part of that a serious idea...part not...obvs)

But as for a soundtrack come on...Computers these days are rather good at multi-tasking. Youtube/Soundcloud/Spotify/Mixcloud/Mixcrate/....CD player? A soundtrack would cost them far too much to license and would be the cost equivalent of hours and hours worth of game feature development.

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Something I'd quite like to see is the option to use already existing player's faces for regens, using the faces that you have loaded up. E.g. when a regen is created, a random player in the database who has a face graphic already is used as his 'image' and the regen will inherit his skin and hair colour and of course the graphic. If you are using a large facepack that you've downloaded then it will become unlikely that you will see a well known face for your regens... I feel this would allow me to relate to my players more than the regen faces that currently exist.

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I'm used to play mainly strategic games, especially Civilization and imho in many aspects FM can take huge inspiration from development and patch release behind these games.

I think that ME, transfer market and AI need a really careful fine tuning, before the release and also after, when patches are released.

I know that there is a big effort of SI Games in this department, but in my opinion the best way is to not introduce many new feautures and to put all efforts to tune properly what is already existing.

The ME is close to be perfect but: some movements of defenders, crosses too important, overpowered full backs (especially the ones playing on the right flank), ratings of players, too much free kicks and penalties missed...these are all problems affecting the ME also after last patch release.

Then there are problems with transfer market and with a not competitive AI. These issues are more serious because are there since many years.

I know that fix certain things is extremely complicated, however a fine tuned game would be much more enjoyable than a game with lot of new features but game mechanics and AI not refined.

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I see potential in international management, When I take over a country, I should be able to control the philosophy of the nation and the direction the FA wants to go.


- Addressing the lack of players a nation produces in a certain position, and recommend it to youth systems in the country. For example England has a left midfielder problem for 15 years now so this should help.

- Influencing clubs managers regarding playing certain players in positions that will help their progress.

- Having an input in transfers of national team players and whether moving somewhere would boost or hamper their chance of selection in the future. Also helping national stars get moves abroad using manager reputation and relationships.

Other ideas:

Also another interesting idea would be doing punditry/newspaper column for tv/newspaper where you can predict a score or praise/criticise a player/team/referee, building your reputation and networking as well as boosting your contract value.

Id also like to see sponsors being more of a factor in the game, In Euro 2016 most of the teams were littered with past it players shoe horned into teams due to sponsors (Rooney,Fellaini,Wilshere). Also palayers sponsored by the same company as the club would find it easier to move.

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I'd like to see a reinvention of the team meeting idea for FM17. There just doesn't seem to be any depth to it in FM16.

In past editions I've had the option of having the captain say something, or having a player wish to speak. In the meetings I've done in 16 I have had none of that.

I'd love to see it be more of a modular event, rather like press conferences, with a series of questions or statements and responses and replies. I realised that has to be balanced with the effect gained on player morale, but I am sure it could be possible.

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Id also like to see sponsors being more of a factor in the game, In Euro 2016 most of the teams were littered with past it players shoe horned into teams due to sponsors (Rooney,Fellaini,Wilshere). Also palayers sponsored by the same company as the club would find it easier to move.

I doubt there is a single international manager who would allow his team selection to be influenced by sponsors even slightly.

I have no doubt that at club level there will be a certain degree of influence from the teams sponsors for certain transfers but it simply won't happen at international level.

All of the players you list can be explained through perfectly logical reasons:

Rooney may be past his best as a striker but he consistently showed for Man Utd that he can operate very effectively in a deeper role behind the strikers. Add in the fact that he was a consistent performer all through the qualifying campaign and he was our national caption and you get to the situation where if he was left out it could lead to whatever team harmony there was being completely destroyed.

Fellaini is a player type that Belgium don't have if he's not in the squad, a midfielder who is going to be physical with the opposition, is going to throw his weight around and make life difficult for them and in the right situation he can be very effective. Also late in games he would give them the option of getting another very physical player making a nuisance of himself in the opposition penalty area which can be a very good thing to have.

Wilshere is, when fit and healthy, one of the best midfield players we've had in the last couple of decades. Personally I think that Drinkwater should have been picked after the season he had but I can see why the gamble was taken on Wilshere because even when he's not played much he is the kind of player who is capable of producing that one moment of magic that is needed to win a game.

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Transfer History (F9):

Currently, you can't filter out any of the transfers.

Sure, you can choose one of a number of transfer options to show but it's not the same thing.

For example, I loan out a lot of youngsters during the season and that usually ends up with me having to scroll down to see all my 'out' transfers. I don't have the option of filtering out any loan deals, nor can I choose all permanent transfers only i.e. both cash/claused and free transfers together.

My suggestions would be to add a 'permanent transfers' option or, more simply, add a 'show filters' button like we have in most other pages, including 'transfer centre', and then I can just tick/untick what I want.

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Hi there.

Just a suggestion in terms of the financials.

Many clubs nowadays work with a salary cap for their first teams, meaning that a player can not earn above x.x mio per year despite the total wage budget is much higher. Fx. Ajax has a salary cap of €1.0 mio p/year, despite the salary budget being much higher. This is to avoid ending up in financial trouble, but also to avoid too much of differences between new players and existing star players.

Of course these salary caps should be flexible - like Juventus currently is lifting their salary cap from 4.5mio to 6mio to ensure the signing of Higuain. And that request could then be build in so you can discuss it with the board. So next to the existing request of increasing the salary budget it should then also be needed to ask the board to lift the salary cap.

Currently in FM i see that certain smaller clubs all of a sudden pay 4x as much in salary for a new player as their existing best paid player is getting. Which is strange and not real life..

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improve the match engine thats all i ask and all i want, obviously nothing like fifa, but just improve it espeically how the football is played etc, even betting sites 3d match engine is far better

show some hunger its a shame there is noone YET challenging football manager hopefully soon there will be so we can see some hunger shown by si

all i ask

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improve the match engine thats all i ask and all i want, obviously nothing like fifa, but just improve it espeically how the football is played etc, even betting sites 3d match engine is far better

That's because it's not an 'engine'. It has been covered at the top of the page, in other threads in GD and even the bugs forum:

They are amazing graphics and there's a reason for that - there's no real engine underneath the animations. It's for a betting company - the animations are generic 'goals' which have been pre-programmed and will play in a loop. The difficult aspect about the FM match engine is that there's always things going on, the AI is constantly working in such a way that 90 minutes of football is generated over and over again for numerous seasons.

But yeah, as we always say we're looking to improve the look and feel of the match engine for every version and appreciate people who take the time to feed back to us. Even if in their feedback they call our current work 'awful'. Thanks.

SI don't need someone to come in and compete for them to show hunger. They already wiped the floor with everyone and still we keep seeing improvements such as the motion capture now being brought in.

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Hi everyone!

Although I loved this years FM I felt like there were no big changes to the game, at least to the way I play it. Instead of crying on the internet, I decided to be pro-active about it and give a few suggestions on how SI could improve the game in my opinion.

1. Director of Football guidelines

If board allows it, you should be able to give the DoF some guidelines for transfers and contracts. In my PSV save I wanted to buy some 16 y/o wonderkids because I had made a lot of money on transfers. As I'm lazy I let my DoF handle the transfer- and contract negotiations. Turns out he signed 8 5-star potential players for around 300k each, I was happy. Then I looked at the clauses he offered, ALL of them had 40% sell on clauses and 5/8 had minimum release clauses of around 1 mil in their contracts. My future return on investment could have been so much higher, it's unbelievable.

So I put it to the test.. Q: How much did I have to pay extra to leave the 40% sell on clause out of the deal? A: 30k (On a budget of around 20 mil) ... *Sigh*

2. Transfer policies

I know they are kind of in the game, but they are more like guidelines while in real life they are strictly enforced.

To give a few examples:

  • In Holland a lot of clubs work with a wage ceiling. If you can't negotiate a salary under the max wage the board should just not allow the transfer. I'm at the end of my second season with PSV and my highest paid player earns 2,4 mil before taxes, this could've never happened in real life as PSV has a rumored wage ceiling of around 1,2 mil before taxes. Even if they won a CL and made 20+ mil in transfer profit, of course this should rise over time if you're constantly doing well.
  • Buying youth players. Ajax has a policy to first look at their youth academy before buying a player even though they have a lot of money in the bank. Only exceptional talents or experienced players can be bought.

While we are on the subject, of course you should be able to edit these policies in the editor.

3. Economics/finances

I always like to have more in depth information in this regard. It would be nice if we were able to get involved, instead of it just being information.

A couple suggestions:

[*] Maybe there could be some marketing related activities you can plan, like fan meetups abroad, or lucrative trips to China etc.

[*] Another thing is selecting sponsors, or suggesting at least. All contracts would have specific up- and downsides.

[*] Investing could also be interesting. If you've reached a certain status at the club and you got a lot of money in the bank, you should be able to invest in certain projects like small clubs abroad or again marketing ventures.

4. UI/scouting

I want to be able to select a whole bunch of players and have an option to 'Scout until 100% knowledge'. This makes scouting more efficient since you don't have to scout 100 players 1 month while some only need 2 more weeks of scouting for example.

5. B-Team

In my PSV save the B-team plays in the second tier of the league, to me it is weird that staff advises players to go out on a loan to another team in the second tier that's weaker than my B-team. I think they also develop better if they go out on a loan. This just seems unrealistic.

6. Language course

If a buy a player in March I should immediately be able to send him on a language course, or a least ask him to follow one.

7. Scouting knowledge

If you get sacked or a player transfers to another club you automatically lose knowledge of the player. This is just unrealistic, over time you should indeed lose knowledge but not the next day.

8. Shortlists

Something seems wrong about these lists. Last week I made a list with 10 goalkeepers on it, some time later I wanted to take another look at the list, turns out all players I scouted in the meantime were on the list.

9. Team talks

I get it must be hard to make these really work, but I still wanted to mention them. If I play a match where we had 60% possession and 10 shots on goal but it's still 0-0 at half time, I tell them 'We were just unfortunate', then half of my players' morale drops and they're all demotivated. That's not right IMO.

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I would love to have the opportunity to manually change the size of the 3D visual pitch.

Mainly in order make space for all the widgets i like to have up.

At the moment they are in the way at times when action is happening.

Mainly due to the amount of widgets i have up.

I know i can minimise them but i do like to have them open at all times.

A click-and-drag possibility on the visuals would've been wonderful.

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Remove clutter.


No mentality, fluidity, roles, duties.


Team instruction board with how well the team can play the instruction stated on the instruction button, player instruction board with how well the player can play the instruction stated on the instruction button.


The team and player instructions should be separate from each other but complement each other in a way that they don't overdose or underdose the instructions.


Jigsaw puzzles have separate pieces that go together and don't overdose or underdose the puzzle.

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1 minute ago, smajcevicius said:

What do you think to put a camera from managers perspective, so we actually have the feeling like we're on the stadium, that we can send players to warm up((Maybe this has been suggested but I'm new here so sorry if yes))


The 2 problems with it is that 1- You can't see much of the pitch from that view and 2- it'll put the camera too close to the players, which can't be done (licencing issues, I think) at the moment.

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Just now, HUNT3R said:

The 2 problems with it is that 1- You can't see much of the pitch from that view and 2- it'll put the camera too close to the players, which can't be done (licencing issues, I think) at the moment.

Well I don't agree with you for the visibilty, the players would be bigger, and you'd have a view like on the stadium from the bench, and the players would be like the manager now, I mean the faces, no need to go into details

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9 minutes ago, smajcevicius said:

Well I don't agree with you for the visibilty, the players would be bigger, and you'd have a view like on the stadium from the bench, and the players would be like the manager now, I mean the faces, no need to go into details


1 - The pitch is flat. It doesn't matter if the players are bigger, from a tactical standpoint, it's much worse.


This is your view: assistant-referee.jpg


2 - The players being bigger (so you closer to them) is the issue. The level of detail isn't.

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It's been a great run, but the wishlist thread has served it's purpose. Everything in here will be reviewed, but please for all new feature ideas and things you want to discuss, use our new Feature Requests forum which can be found in the link below:




Please read this post before posting - 


Many thanks! 

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