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These kind of threads always cheer me up.

Need to get some screen print images up myself.

Not as good as some of these but one of my Viking FK youth newgens name is "Koko Kola" Swear FM does this on purpose lol.

Swear I was reading TomTucks career thread and one of his players were called Agu Du Du Du lol!

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Prince Bossman - surely one of the coolest names ever?

I found a regen once called Seth Bossman, who had played 1 professional game, scored 3 goals, got a 10 rating and a red card. I knew he was a winner.

The best regens I've had have been an American called Randy Kox, a guy called Ronnie McDonald, just bought a German I like called Bram van Campenhout. Also like my japanese goal keeper Yuki Ono, like to think he says "Oh no!" whenever he lets a goal in, and I've had a Nigerian called Surprise.

Also, not so much funny, more anti-semitic - I've got a Spanish footballer called Kike Martinez.

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Pretty solid name. No messin'.


It gets better: Plymouth in Montserrat is a ghost town! It's buried in ash and burnt down by the violent volcanic eruptions. You can't even go there, it's an exclusion zone!

Curiouser and curiouser...

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Here it is!

I remember John Motson's only funny piece of commentary, I think it was the 1998 World Cup but might be wrong about that. Nothing particularly exciting was happening on the pitch and the Germans were warming up a sub as play went down the wing with a Germany in possession dribbling.

"The Germans are looking to make a substitute. Kuntz."

I was ******* myself.

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