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Stadium capacity

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I think this would mean for stadiums where sections are added on like markrae1 said. Maybe a stadium where there is an athletics track round the outside that can have this covered by more seats if needed.

which stadium is it?

It is the Santa Coloma stadium in Andorra. The stadium is build in 2014, and i've asked for extension because the capacity was 3100 and there are only 794 seats. So in European matches(reached 2 times groupstage EL and 1 time groupstage CL) there are only place for 794 places.

But after expansion there are 50 less capicity and the seats are the same as before the extension..

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It will be league and cup rules, i have the same problem with my team where i have 5000 cappacity but only use 4300 for league games yet in cup games the whole ground is used.

basically what it means is you have to have so many seats to standing positions or visa versa and in your case 794 seats and the rest standing you can only use so much of the ground in a particular competition.

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