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Hey, I need a little help..

I'm creating my own league, which includes every league's best players. So there are teams of English league, Italian and so on. League I use is Slovenian first division. I edited everything and replaced the normal team players with the specific league ones.

I'm almost done with the database, but there's a little problem..

Every team got about 25 players, but when I loaded game, there were about 10 regens in every team, but what I didn't see, was youth team. So what I want to know, is how can I add youth team, cause it's really annoying if the young regens are in same team with real players. Help is appreciated.

(Sry for English)

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The teams must have the same nation as the division as they are in. This not only stops them from having reserve and youth teams, but any team who is not of the nation of the division cannot be promoted, so teams will just keep getting relegated and no one will get promoted again so that the league will shrink until the game eventually crashes.

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