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Your Best Bargains


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Inspired by my purchase of Bogdan Stancu for 2.7m from Tottenham. He was placed in the reserves there and undervalued. I snapped of Tottenham's hand and bought him for 2.7m. He since gone on to score 71 goals in three seasons.

I realise you can probably get Stancu for peanuts at the start of the game but, starting as Wednesday I couldnt sign him then.

Next up is Jimmy Briand for 9.25m, not the smallest price ever but, considering he has scored 130 goals in 169 appearences I think its great value for money.

I also signed Alex Farnerud for a free, beat Leicester to him (we were both relegation candidates). He may not be the best player in the world but he regularly performs and scores goals for me at important times and got an ave rating of at least 7.06 every season he has been with us.

So, who are your best bargains?

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