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FMHXooit (FMH Fansite)

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Hello everybody.

I am Vcadu92, administrator of FMHXooit, the only one French FMH Fan site. I write this topic to tell you about my forum. We are only 440 members. That is why I would like to know if you can visit it (register if you like), and say what you think about that. Of course we are less important than FMHVibe, may be because the game is not as popular in French as in England, but we are in good terms with Dec, the admin of FMHVibe.


FMHXooit is a FMH fan site, which obviously is talking about Football Manager Handheld. You will find guides, tutorials, downloadable content (changes.txt, logos), team's, championship's & player's guides, stories, games and more. Please visit it on the next link: www.fmhxooit.xooit.fr

Thank you.

(PS: I don't know if pub/ads is allowed, please tell me if it is forbidden. Also I apologize for my English, I am French)

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I am so happy to announce that FMHXooit is now affiliate with SEGA thanks to romjet especcially, without him, nothing would happened!

J'ai le plaisir de vous annoncer que FMHXooit est désormais affilié à SEGA grâce à romjet, sans qui rien ne serait arrivé!

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