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liverpools defence

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hi im here yet again and this time i need to up my defence and wonderin if u will help me. to butcher up my defence i bought fernando meira from stugart petri pasanen from werder bremen phillip degen and jens mustermann as a 2nd choice keeper instead of tht crap itandje guy but it still doesnt feel right.

my defence is like this:

gk- reina/mustermann

lb- aurelio/arbeloa/carragher

rb- finnan/pasanen/degen

cb- carragher/agger/hyypia/meira

as rb needs a good player in it and i have 8 mill left could anyone point out who/what position needs filling and who to put there

the other positions are like this:




mc:any midfielder apart from leto/pennant

amc:any apart from dmcs


if you have good players for certin places etc. do say them


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