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Why not drop in on The Boy Done Good, a new blog about two things as important in life as the water we drink and the air that we breath… football and Football Manager!

We aim to bring you articles, tips, comment and opinion on FM and the beautiful game, plus there’ll be our weekly round-up of what is going on in the top football leagues across Europe.

In our first week we take a look at the merits of setting up your own squad screens, show you how to access all the statistical data you need to strengthen your team and spot your opponents weaknesses, and discuss the impact of the 25 man squad rule on the Premier League.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy your visit and will keep coming back for more! Be sure to sign up and receive news on the latest posts via email, plus you can follow The Boy Done Good on twitter @TheBDG

Stay lucky!

If you’d like to contribute to The Boy Done Good by submitting an article for publication then you can email us at mail@theboydonegood.net

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