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Funny Screenshots Thread

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This is from FM 2012: One night in Paris...


Wales progressed a bit luckily past their group (Sweden, Denmark, Belgium) judging by the statistics (full match simulation), after which they defeated all of the following opponents (Russia, Sweden, Ukraine) either after extra time or, well, see above. Admittedly their midfield in the default databse by 2016 looks quite handy with Bale and Ramsey being recognized amongst the world's elite, and Allen or Collison aren't half bad either.

Still, that's quite something. :D

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FM just gave me a genuine laugh out loud, couldn't-believe-what-I-was-seeing moment.

What was it, you may ask...

A shocking miss?

Some terrible piece of defending?

A bug causing the game to do something ridiculous?


It was this.


Just... perfect.

For reference:

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And the award for fewest miles travelled in a qualifying group goes to...


I'm not sure what's funnier- the fact that the group was drawn like this, or the fact that Wales qualified from it ahead of Ireland and Scotland.

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Wales aren't half bad, they finished 2nd in the Euro16 qualifying group in my save (powered by Bale) behind England (and ahead of someone like Ukraine IIRC)

and replace Cyprus with the Faroe Islands and yeah, shortest travel of all time :p

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