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was just checking my next fixture. and found this.


Craig Bellamy is Manager of Birmingham

they are playing in League 1... with Bolton :/


then this happened, if i click the 2 buttons it goes the the corrisponding pages.... for Birmingham

Nice looking Birmingham City team there huh? :)

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I now have four Sanchez'. Two Mexicans and Two Spaniards. Three in the first team and the one i just sent on loan. All good players (obviously) and so far signed by coincidence. However i am now going to see how many Sanchez' i can get to fit into a league winning team.

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In my FM12 game that i carried on so that i could get a new stadium the second name Coulibaly is over used like mad. There's literally 5 of them, or there was 1 was 32 so he might have left now, in the Ivory Coast team. Then a scattering of others. It wouldn't be so bad but they're all internationals and all good.

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So I'm manager of Real Madrid, it's transfer deadline day and I get this question from the press:


I've never heard of neither FC Admira Wacker Mödling (awesome team name, though) nor Gorka Larrea, so I was curious about just how expensive that transfer was. Well. Clearly a big money transfer that requires my opinion :lol:


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wait, does this mean i can buy only one part of the player?

ok, i will take Zlatans finishing, Messis mind, CR7 vision........


Agents can own % of players.

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The wrestling fans among us will get this one :D

I hope he plays most on Mondays.

This one's less funny and more mildly amusing...


United docked five points (and excluded from the CL the previous season) due to FFP and Liverpool being relegated. After 38 games they finished lower than Palace. LOWER THAN PALACE!

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