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i had commentary like that when my striker for example shot just under the bar, and it said that he placed low shot... should i post it on bugs forum? its not a big deal i think...

Not really a game bug ... more of a commentary inaccuracy that can be easily rephrased. Indeed there are a few of them, always has been with Championship Manager and Football Manager. It's one of those little things that you gotta love the game for :)

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So I've decided with a really good regen doing well on loan in the championship to sell on one of my better players in a similar position, to allow for more finances for other areas, and some wage freeing.

So i offer a long term player out. But hes not going to leave due to his recent arrival.


Well of coarse, hes only been here 7 years.


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He went from Barcelona, to Man Utd, to Spain... to League 1 Colchester!

What happened to Colchester afterwards?!

Were his managerial skills/abilities enough to lift them to the dizzy heights of best football playing club in the world?? ;)

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