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Funny Screenshots Thread

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Not exactly funny... But..

I managed the Hammers for 2 1/2 seasons, won the Premiership twice. I left and took over at Charlton in npower Championship, got through to Premiership the next season.

First game is against Hammers, yay..

Basically a new side, lol.


Lost 1-0 in the end.

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Is there a conflict of interest when you manage both a National and club team? You be the judge :)

(Me as England Manager) Mmm so Blackburn want me to play their CD Scott Dann for only 45 minutes in the upcoming friendly? Well that's fine he's only a 2nd back-up anyway not sure if I'll pick him to the reserve either


(Me as Barnsley Manager) But lookie here :O, I have an away league game against Blackburn 3 days after the friendly :O (and I just lost my last away game and not too happy about that...) so um...


(Me as England Manager) Oh... darn I forgot about the 45 min instructions, Scott Dann played full 90 min and now his condition is only 59% after the game... guess he'll have to miss his next league game... that's too bad :(


... U mad Bro? LOL


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A created player.



A regen who just popped up recently.

Either these two are cousins or Mr. Williams has been a naughty boy.

Check out the time between their birth dates.

p.s. could someone please let me know how to get images to appear in the post?

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Guest avine

Real Madrid changing formation in half time:


Liga BBVA table:


Mourinho's comments:


Moments like this make FM what it is..

Jose you lost this time:lol:

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There's no date on that screenshot though and judging by the regens this could be far into the future meaning Man Utd may not be the force they once were.


Man U have 95% time been top 3, only 2-3 times have they not been top 3, those were 4-5th place..

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