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I was looking through the FA Cup results and saw that Man Utd got flogged at home to championship side West Ham so i went to have a look at the stats and saw that the Man U subs were non existent!!


I checked to see if they had any major injuries but i found around 9 1st team players with 95-100% fitness not selected in the squad>?.....weird one.

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i need a work permit to sign a player from my own division:applause::lol:

He may have not obtained a WP when signing with Stoke

I happened to me at Manchester City with an argentinian striker who didn't get a Work Permit when I signed him at Hull (He was bought from Huracán, who were at Primera B Nacional). Despite the fact that only six months between each transfer pased, he got a WP the second time

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Minimum Expectation is to win??

Bit harsh

Dear coach,

We expect you to buy the league title this year.


The Board


That wasn't a suggestion. We actually want you to buy all the best players from the league. Hell, buy some bad ones too

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