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set up a friendly for the christmas achievment, when it comes around.

world cup qualifiers AND under 19's internationals. leaving me with 14 players, one of which is almost back from injury. making this crazy formation.

What's crazy about that formation?

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I thought i had a decent one to upload but after viewing the match report it just wasnt the same as the commentary in the match. Micah Richards scored and own goal for City and Milner complained saying it shouldnt of stood as it was offside. He didnt complain my player was offside which he wasnt he complained the goal was which i found quite amusing lol

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Don't have a screenshot of it, but Man utd signed a newgen striker from Real M. and he was relieved to leave Mourinho who wasn't giving him many opportunities.

Then perhaps a week later, Deschamp leaves Man Utd to manage French national team and guess who gets Man Utd job? Yep, the special one, lol.

that said the mentioned forward so far got 7 out of 20 apperances.

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Looked like a pretty standard victory, but...

- Danilo Mulder is a goalkeeper

- The bench contains no spare keeper

- Why, even if you're forced to pick two keepers, would you not put the one IN GOAL in the #1 shirt?

This happened to me in FM11, too. Maybe it's because most of my better younger players are loaned out?

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