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Funny Screenshots Thread

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To be fair, look at the teams in that Under 18's league. I'm not that surprised your are thrashing all teams there. The youth squads of those others in the league must be terrible, and many teams won't even have enough players to field a side with real players, they will mostly be fake greyed-out players. Can you post a screenshot of the final standings too?

Still pretty impressive all the same, non?



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Yeah, they are different players. I just thought it was funny.

In other news, my chairman announced that we are moving to a new stadium in 2 years, called the Hinshelwood arena, named after himself. Odd thing is, we had a new stadium built for us last year too, and guess what it was named? Yup, the Hinshelwood Arena. Either he's incredibly vain, or he has Alzheimers.

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did city win 4-0 :p

To be honest, when they went 2-0 up in the 75th minute, I was beginning to wonder whether I'd jinxed myself. Thankfully it stayed like that for the rest of the match!

Also, this just happened:


It was blowing a gale, so when Fabianski hoofed the ball up the pitch from a goal kick, it bounced over everyone and into the back of the net. The final commentary made me lol.

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