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37 minutes ago, xray1324 said:



Rip Lamela. (This is a 'bug', it looks like, text only. He's 2 and a half stars in my current save and loaned out because he wanted to leave.)

You should log this in the bug forum if you haven't already so they can fix it for the full release!

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22 minutes ago, jackripper said:

Spurs twice away in Orem league wonder what team I only played once 


You should put this in the bug forum so they can take a look at it. In general the fixtures have been wonky for years, too close together, following predictable patterns, and being the same order as other clubs', etc.

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it also tells you a reason why (in transfer activity)... I'd guess it's because you're paying 61k per week (or 3m per year) to a guy who's only a rotation/squad player

depends on the level of your club too, but that's likely the "poor financial deal" reason

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