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Given that I tend to play fairly defensively, and probably wouldn't run out of fingers if I counted the number of times in a season and a half I've scored more than 2 or 3 past anyone other than the dire teams, or conceded more than 2 or 3 against anyone outside the big four, I'm not sure what alternate universe we seem to step into when we face Villa.



And it's nice to see Essien taking advantage of some rare December sunshine and taking five to catch some rays.


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When taking over an international side, always double check a couple of things. Like that you actually have a 'keeper from that nation in the game's database.


Fair play to Yaya, after he conceded a mishit pass from 50 yards I thought it'd all go wrong, but in the end we nicked a 4-4 draw before I decided to resign.



I might note that before I realised this man frequents the hairdressers too often, he also had light-brown/gingerish spiky hair, and the short brown one before the blond spikes.

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How to Post a Screenshot

  1. a) While playing FM, press the key 'Print Scrn/SysRq'. This can be found next to F12 on the keyboard
    b) Open an image editing program, MS Paint will suffice, and press Ctrl+V
    c) Save the image, format isn't usually important as it will be put into the correct format later
  2. Instead of Step 1, while playing FM you can press Alt+F9 and look in Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2009\screenshots for your screenshot
  3. Online, go to an image hosting website. Photo Bucket and Image Shack are the most popular ones, although there are others, such as TinyPic and more.
  4. There will be an option to upload an image. You will need to register to do this. Once registered, follow the entry procedures and browse for your image on your computer
  5. Go to the forums and begin to write a reply to the thread in which you want to post your screenshot.
  6. Type in [noparse]Here is my image[/noparse] to get a link to your image saying Here is my image where [noparse]www.example.com[/noparse] is the URL of your image.
    Alternatively, type in the image link name, like 'Here is my image', and click on the blue globe icon at the top of the editing box (Full WYSIWYG Editing needs to be on to do this) and paste in the URL in the box that appears.
    The third option is to have your image show up directly. Put your image URL in between [noparse][/img] tags, such as in :mad:[/noparse], which will show up as :mad:
  7. If you want to follow the second option but don't have WYSIWYG editing enabled, click here. Scroll to the bottom and in the final drop down box, select 'Enhanced Interface - Full WYSIWYG Editing' and click 'Save Changes'. You will now have an enhanced range of editing options available to you when you post.

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