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what the?!!

gk - Hugo Lloris

scorer(?) - Eric Dier

Nir Davidovich says hi.


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I can't upload pictures at the moment for some reason, but I'll post them as soon as I can.

1. David Moyes is listed as a legend at PSG.

2. My fans did a Mancini and celebrated a 2-3 loss which put us out on away goals (1-0 win away). I believe it was "on the march to Wembley" or something like that.

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Slightly amusing maybe


Unfortunate name, must get plenty of banter from away fans.


You would be gutted if you were Gateshead


Yup they rehired him after relegating WBA and just about saving Sunderland from the drop the season before. He is likely to get fired this season however.


Nice Cup run for this non league club wouldn't you say? Poor Arsenal.

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The mobility of Talavera's strikers are impressive.

Especially according to my scout report and the need for paying attention to Toni Casas:


1.7km. I suppose he will make one run with devastating effect; scoring a hat-trick in one move :D

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About that.... "Proud Tradition"


That said it's a shame custom arena models aren't a thing. Love to see some enterprising modder figure out THAT stadium. And I say this as a fan of them by proxy (Yankees are my local Baseball Team so its only natural that NYCFC is my "local" team).

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