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just got asked what I think about me dropping points, and Chelsea (my nearest rival) gaining with a win

honestly, one look at the table and I couldn't care less


edit: in fact, bugger the last 20 games, just give me the title now

for my results, I had a 3-3 with Chelsea on the opening day - and then had a 3-2 loss away at Norwich (where everything they touched went in)

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The most insane ending to a league I have seen in all my time on FM. Sadly I was not part of it, I'm managing in the Welsh Prem.

4 teams finished on the same points at the top and 3 teams finished on the same points at the bottom of the league.

Absolute madness. Birmingham and Blackburn had to be separated by goals scored as well, equal on goal difference :eek:


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After 8 straight losses to ManCity and facing a 9th coz of an early dismissal... I cracked.


I once played something very similar when I was managing Lincoln Red Imps in the early days of getting regularly battered in the early Champions League qualifying rounds. Although the wide midfielders were brought back to wing-backs. One time I took a DM out and played him as a (very) lone striker. Actually pretty successful if I remember, but if it were to happen in real life, what a dreadful, dreadful spectacle it would be.

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