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This one was more hilarious than funny, but here we go:

I was manager of England and got Spain in the Knock-out stage of Euro 2016. After using my 3 subs, my striker and one of my center halves got injured, and my DM got sent off. Miraculously we managed to hold them off with a makeshift 3-4-0 formation, then came Joe Hart, who saved two penalties and banged one in himself. He didn't get man of the match, tho... :(


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Is Bradley Rutherford a regen? Must have come through with Rooney level stats to get into the England team so quickly..

Yes, he's a regen. I'm at Arsenal and I'm England's boss as well, so I knew he had the potential, and he proved it by being top scorer at the Euros.

I'm focusing on youth from the start (mostly English ones) and I still haven't been able to put down FM'12, because I love my prodigies so much. :)

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I hoped this would be the case when I clicked the news item (never heard of this regen until then), but it still came as a bit of a surprise :D


Could have only been better if he was born in Naples, too, but no, they actually bought him from Argentina.

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I guess I wouldn't class this as funny, but I don't think it warranted a whole thread to itself.

I just played a game against Forest Green in the Skrill Premier. I won 3-0.

What I found humorous was the amount of throw-ins I received. They hoofed it every time I got into their half.


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