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[FM11] - Loading every league at once, I must be insane!


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Hope you fined Blevins, looks like he cost you there. Got to hate those injury time winners

It looked like our unbeaten record would continue, but the frustrating thing about the goal was that it came after an attack by us ended.

I let Blevins off with a warning because no-one would expect the referee to shell out 2 yellows for the same offence. He still deserved a warning though.

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21/4/11 - Brantwood vs Armagh (Northern Irish 2nd Division)


GK: Stephen Brennan......|GK: Scott Traveller

RB: Craig Kirk................|RB: Howard Beverland

RCB: Michael McMullan....|RCB: Mitch Kelly

LCB: Derek Tyrrell..........|LCB: Sean Young

LB: Jordan Watson"£.......|LB: Adam Dodd

RM: Matthew Brown.......|DM: Gerard Moore

RCM: Wes Daly£............|RM: Stuart Hendrie

LCM: Ryan Murray..........|RCM: Frankie Sutherland

LM: Adrian McCaffrey......|LCM: Paul McAreavey>

ST: Matt Boyd...............|LM: Leigh Smith

ST: Gerard Rooney.........|ST: Shea Campbell


Matthew Rice.......|Patrick Appleton

Robbie Budden*...|Jamie Savage

Eddie Williamson,..|Ryan McGerrigan

Vincent Sweeney.|Thomas Gregg Lopes da Silva"£

Steven McQuillan.|Jake Gillingwater

" - Makes/Could make 25th league appearance.

£ - Makes/Could make 25th league appearance for his club.

* - Makes/Could make league debut for his club.

> - 2 goals to reach 25 league goals.

Preview: Our first away win of the season came against Armagh so we should be better at home. It'll be tough with suspensions to Blevins and Fitzpatrick as well as Dunlop's injury but I'm confident of a win.

3 - Moore is booked for tripping Daly.

4 - Sutherland sees yellow for barging Murray in the back.

5 - Hendrie's free-kick goes wide.

14 - A great effort by Boyd from 20 yards out hits the bar, the rebound falls to McCaffrey who makes a mess of it, sending it over.

17 - Daly is booked for tripping McAreavey.

22 - Hendrie gets a yellow for a trip on Rooney.

23 - GOAL! A great strike by McAreavey is tipped onto the bar but Smith latches on to the rebound to give Armagh the lead.

27 - Rooney plays it to Boyd but his shot is well wide.

28 - Sutherland finds Campbell but a top save by Brennan tips it over the bar.

29 - McAreavey's corner is headed just over by Hendrie.

45+1 - Half time

A disappointing half and we are rightly behind, we need to wake up in the 2nd half and get at least a draw out of this.

55 - Boyd sets up Daly 25 yards out and a fierce strike is well saved by Traveller, McCaffrey scuffs the rebound well wide though.

70 - McCaffrey finds Rooney with his back to goal, he turns and shoots but it's tipped round the post.

83 - Lopes da Silva replaces Campbell.

83 - Beverland hits it from distance but it's wide.

83 - Rooney has a good chance on the edge of the box but his tame effort is an easy catch for the keeper.

84 - Lopes da Silva hits it first time but it misses.

88 - Armagh double sub, Savage and McGerrigan on and Hendrie and Sutherland off.

90+2 - Full time

A disappointing defeat, a much better second half performance but we can't give teams headstarts like that. We are now down to 12th. The good news is we only need 1 point to guarantee survival in our last 2 games.


GK: Brennan (6.8)

RB: Kirk (7.0)

RCB: McMullan (6.6)

LCB: Tyrrell (6.8)

LB: Watson (6.7)

RM: Brown (6.1)

RCM: Daly (6.7)

LCM: Murray (6.7)

LM: McCaffrey (6.7)

ST: Boyd (6.7)

ST: Rooney (6.6)

Post-match press conference

Ricky McFall "Not long left till the Northern Irish Player of the Year award is decided, who do you think will win it."

Me "I'll stick with my previous prediction, Steven Davis, he's been in top form for Rangers this season."

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I'm sure you'll manage it.

Definitely, even if we get no points I can't see us being relegated.

Good to see you're being linked to a few jobs now. I'm sure they'll be a decent offer from somewhere soon enough

I'm definitely hoping for a decent offer because I don't see myself going too far with Brantwood but I'll stick with them until I'm linked (to a job that's vacant not to someone who "might" leave at the end of the season") or offered a job but yeah it's a good sign.

The loan doesn't lokk too bad. Any idea what it was for?

I'm sure the new chairman can handle it :D. Unfortunately, I don't know where to find this out, I took over the club as soon as they were promoted to the 2nd Division (the lowest playable league in NI). I can't imagine anything drastic happening before then.

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28/4/12 - Knockbreda vs Brantwood (Northern Irish 2nd Division)

Pre-match press conference

Ricky McFall "It is suggested that a defensive approach is required to avoid defeat here, is that true?"

Me "We may only need a point for survival, but we'll still be playing a balanced game, it's worked for us so far so it probably will continue that way."


GK: Stephen Brennan......|GK: Laurence McCormick

RB: Craig Kirk................|RB: Mark Haughey

RCB: Michael McMullan....|RCB: Jack Cubbon

LCB: Michael Fitzpatrick..|LCB: John McGrath

LB: Jordan Watson.........|LB: Adam Scorfield

RM: Matthew Brown.......|RM: John Martin

RCM: Gary Dickson.........|RCM: Liam Henderson

LCM: Wes Daly..............|LCM: Gary Murphy

LM: Adrian McCaffrey......|LM: Robbie-Lee Crawford

ST: Thai Blevins.............|ST: Michael McGinlay

ST: Gerard Rooney.........|ST: Calvin Mooney


Matthew Rice.......|Gavin Carlin

Ryan Murray........|Miguel Chines

Eddie Williamson...|Chris Watters

Matt Boyd...........|Ryan Murphy

Derek Tyrrell........|Clark Mason

Michael McGinlay hasn't scored in 940 minutes of football for Knockbreda.

Preview: Knockbreda have shot up the league recently, they were relegation contenders when we drew 0-0 with them and now they are a top half side, hopefully we can rise to the challenge and get at least the point we need.

0 - Brantwood straight on the attack, a great ball by Watson is misjudged by Cubbon but Blevins can't keep calm and volleys it over.

5 - Henderson plays it to Martin who skies it.

16 - Blevins picks up an injury, forcing Boyd to come on.

26 - Williamson comes on to replace Rooney, it looks like McCaffrey will play up front.

26 - PENALTY! A great chance for Brantwood to take the lead but it's a needless penalty to give away. Williamson took a throw-in, gave it to Daly who was clattered from behind by Henderson, no hesitation by the referee. No arguments either.

27 - GOAL! Eddie Williamson makes no mistake from the spot despite the keeper guessing the right way. First goal for Brantwood.

43 - GOAL! Knockbreda level it right on half time, a good cross by Martin is turned in by Murphy.

45+2 - Half time

I was very happy when we took the lead but I was hoping to hold on till half-time. A draw is enough though and I'll be more than content if this is how it ends.

45 - Chines and Watters come on at the break for Henderson and Crawford.

51 - Mason is on for McGinlay.

56 - GOAL! Brantwood retake the lead, Brown plays it through to Boyd who spots the keeper off his line and belts it into the top corner from about 22 yards out, great hit.

60 - PENALTY! And this time it goes Knockbreda's way, a great cross finds Murphy in the 6 yard box and is adjudged to have been brought down by McMullan. The centre-half also gets a yellow card.

61 - SAVED! All power but no accuracy by Scorfield and Brennan gets a strong pair of hands in it, a great save by the keeper.

63 - Tyrrell is on to replace Kirk as Brantwood change to a 3-5-2.

67 - Dickson trips Scorfield, getting a yellow card.

72 - McGrath is next in the book for tripping Williamson.

77 - Daly is booked for a trip on Watters.

82 - An ambitious attempt by Brown is just over the bar.

90+3 - Full time

A great result with a lot of drama but our penalty was better so we won the match! We needed a point and got three so I'm very satisfied. We also cannot finish any lower than 12th (where we are now), even a top half finish is a possibility, albeit a very very distant one. The bad news is that Blevins has broken his ribs and will miss the last game, and probably the pre-season next year.


GK: Brennan (6.4)

RB: Kirk (6.9) sub 63

RCB: McMullan (8.0) How did he get man of the match after giving away a penalty...

LCB: Fitzpatrick (6.8)

LB: Watson (7.0)

RM: Brown (6.9)

RCM: Dickson (5.1)

LCM: Daly (6.9)

LM: McCaffrey (6.9)

ST: Blevins (6.8) inj 16

ST: Rooney (6.5) sub 26


Boyd (7.4) sub 16

Williamson (7.0) sub 26

Tyrrell (6.9) sub 63

Post-match press conference

Ricky McFall "Michael McMullan was selected as man of the match today, what did you think of his performance?"

Me "Apart from the penalty he gave away, he was solid at the back and a pleasure to watch."

Other news

Another player announces his retirement at the end of the season and his name is Stephen Purvis, Purvis was brought in at the beginning of my reign but quickly fell behind in the pecking order. He made 2 appearances this season, winning a penalty on the opening day against Sport & Leisure but is now surplus to requirements and will leave with the ambition of becoming an assistant manager or a coach with the careers of manager and physio taken under consideration.

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April 2012 Review

Dundela 1-2 Brantwood (NI2D)

For us: Boyd (23, 87)

For them: Brennan OG (18)

Brantwood 0-1 Oxford Utd Stars (NI2D)

For us: Blevins (31)

For them: Clark (90+2)

Brantwood 0-1 Armagh (NI2D)

For them: Smith (24)

Knockbreda 1-2 Brantwood (NI2D)

For us: Williamson (pen 28), Boyd (57)

For them: Murphy (44), Scorfield missed pen (61)

Summary: At the start of the season, it looked as if we'd be relying on home form to survive in this division but looking at this month, we've lost our home games and won our away games. We've guaranteed survival with a game to spare and look forward to a good encounter with Ballymoney Utd. A well fought victory against Dundela may have seen us end our run of clean sheets but it was 3 points anyway. We then suffered a disappointing defeat to promoted Oxford Utd Stars, Thai Blevins didn't exactly help with his red card but we should have held out in injury time. We then suffered defeat again against Armagh but recovered well to get an impressive victory against a decent Knockbreda side. Overall, a nice job by the lads and we are guaranteed to come at least 12th, possibly 7th if we're really lucky :D.

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1/5/12 - Brantwood vs Ballymoney Utd (Northern Irish 2nd Division)

Pre-match press conference

Ricky McFall "It's been just 3 days since you faced Knockbreda, how do you think a gap like this could affect the players?"

Me "Physically it may be tough but I'm sure they're in the mood for this one."


GK: Stephen Brennan......|GK: Matthew McGraw

RB: Craig Kirk................|RB: Sam McWilliams

RCB: Michael Fitzpatrick..|RCB: Michael McQuitty

LCB: Derek Tyrrell..........|LCB: Gareth Hill

LB: Steven McQuillan.....|LB: Kynan Issac

RM: Eddie Williamson......|RM: Karl Byrne

RCM: Matthew Weir+.....|RCM: Gary Grant

LCM: James Quigley.......|LCM: Lee McClelland

LM: Adrian McCaffrey.....|LM: Graur Andrei

ST: Eoin Boyle..............|ST: Darren Kelly

ST: Gerard Rooney........|ST: Nicholas Rushton


Matthew Rice.......|Chris Stewart

Aaron Marks+.......|Richard Reid

Ryan Murray.........|Trevor McLernon

Gary Keane..........|Mark Campbell

Michael McCartney|Gareth McLaughlin

+ - Makes/Could make competitive league debut.

Preview: This match is a lot bigger than it seems, Ballymoney Utd may have guaranteed themselves promotion, but they still want to top the league and to do that they must win and hope Oxford Utd Stars don't, we intend to make it as difficult as we can for them, we weren't an easy obstacle the last time we met, Ballymoney needing a late winner for three points and despite making a lot of changes I am still confident we can do ourselves proud, nothing to lose so no pressure!

1 - Early drama here as Brantwood have a goal disallowed, Quigley's shot from distance comes off Rooney and into the goal but Rooney was in an offside position and it won't count. No question that was the right decision.

6 - GOAL! Byrne's cross is tapped in by Kelly and Ballymoney lead.

7 - Brantwood look to bounce straight back, Rooney makes a great run and is unlucky to see his shot tipped round the post.

12 - McQuillan's cross picks out Boyle who chests it and volleys it but it's wide.

19 - Weir plays a one-two with Boyle but his shot nearly leaves the stadium!

22 - GOAL! It's a magnificent individual goal by Rushton, he skins two defenders before finishing past Brennan, that may be enough for Ballymoney.

33 - Rushton goes for it but it goes wide.

34 - Tyrrell loses the ball poorly to Kelly right outside the box but to Brennan's relief the shot is straight at him.

45+1 - It's almost 3-0 to Ballymoney but it's disallowed for offside, a clever ball across the box by Andrei is tapped in by Kelly but th flag is up. It was certainly a tight call.

45+2 - Half time

We're 2-0 down but unlucky to be so, a goal in the 2nd half would please me but 2 would be much better :p

47 - The ref spots a dive by Rushton who is promptly booked.

49 - Andrei sets up Grant on the edge of the box and Brennan tips it around the post.

50 - So close, from the resulting corner by Andrei, Hill's header is heading in but McQuillan clears it off the line. McClelland then shoots from the edge of the box and it goes over.

53 - Andrei plays it through to Rushton but the finish is poor.

55 - GOAL! Byrne's corner is powered home by Rushton, he had no mercy, injuring Kirk in the process.

56 - Murray comes on for Kirk.

57 - McLaughlin replaces Kelly who has picked up a minor knock.

59 - Andrei's long ball sends Rushton through but Brennan denies him once more.

60 - Rooney finds Boyle but his shot was never troubling anyone, he could and should have come forward more with the ball.

62 - McLernon comes on for Andrei.

73 - Campbell replaces McWilliams.

89 - GOAL! The game ends sourly for Brantwood, McLaughlin weaves his way into the box before his shot hits the post, bounces off Brennan and goes in, a poor way to end the season for the home side.

90+2 - Rooney goes for it from distance but it's wide.

90+2 - Full time

Well, we took a drubbing really, Ballymoney were far more up for this match than us and we paid the price for it. We got smashed on the first and last day of the season but oh well. That win has given Ballymoney the title.


GK: Brennan (6.1)

RB: Kirk (5.8) sub 56

RCB: Fitzpatrick (5.5)

LCB: Tyrrell (5.5)

LB: McQuillan (5.5)

RM: Williamson (5.6)

RCM: Weir (6.1)

LCM: Quigley (6.5)

LM: McCaffrey (5.6)

ST: Boyle (6.5)

ST: Rooney (6.1)


Murray (6.6) sub 56

Post-match press conference

Ricky McFall "Karl Byrne put in a top performance today, he's great isn't he?"

Me "A great player put in a great performance today."

Other news

The board have given me a new one year contract, still on £190 per week but I still accepted to the delight of the Guido van Lijsebetten who threatened to replace me when he took over.

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Rest of the World (2011/12)





Belgium - European places playoff





Colombia - Overall - 1st Phase - 2nd Phase


Czech Republic


England - FA Cup - League Cup

Holland - European places play-off - Dutch Cup


France - French Cup - Coupe de la Ligue

Germany - German Cup


Hong Kong







Italy - Italian Cup


Mexico - Opening Stage - Closing Stage

Northern Ireland


Peru - Final


Portugal - Taca de Portugal - Bwin Cup


Russia - Russian Cup

Scotland - Scottish Cup - Scottish League Cup





South Africa

South Korea

Spain - Spanish Cup



Turkey - Turkish Cup

Ukraine - Ukrainian Cup


USA - Final

Wales - European Places Playoff

Champions League - Final 1 - Final 2

Europa League - Final 1 - Final 2

African Champions League

Asian Champions League



Copa Libertadores

African Nations Cup - Final

Oceanian Nations Cup

Copa America - Final

June 2011 Transfers

July 2011 Transfers

August 2011 Transfers

December 2011 Transfers

January 2012 Transfers

Competition Rankings

Notable Managerial Changes

In the Prem:

West Ham: With Grant leaving for Malaga, they pay Stoke £1M for Tony Pulis.

Stoke: Pulis goes to West Ham and they hire Man United’s assistant Mike Phelan for £1.3M.

Blackburn: Steve Kean gets the sack and ex Blackburn player Alan Shearer is brought in.

Birmingham: Alex McLeish is sacked and Miguel Angel Portugal is hired.

Newcastle: Alan Pardew gets the sack and ex Villarreal boss Juan Carlos Garrido.

Man City: Rafa Benitez is sacked and they pay Mallorca £2M to get Michael Laudrup, the ex Barca and Real player.

Chelsea: Ancelotti leaves to join Real Madrid and they pay Bayern Munich £2M for Louis van Gaal.

Other Clubs:

Ajax: De Boer leaves to manage Holland and ex club legend Daley Blind takes over after being assistant for 3 years.

Leverkusen: Jupp Heynckes is sacked and in comes Manuel Pellegrini from Malaga for £2M.

LOSC Lille Metropole: Rudi Garcia is sacked and Christian Gourcuff comes in from Lorient for £1M.

Roma: Claudio Ranieri is fired and in comes ex At. Madrid and Mexico manager Javier Aguirre.

R. Madrid: Jose Mourinho is sacked and they pay Chelsea £2M to hire Carlo Ancelotti.

FC Bayern: Louis van Gaal goes to Chelsea and they hire Roberto Mancini in his place.

National Teams

Australia: Holger Osieck retires and Central Coast Mariners manager Graham Arnold takes over.

Holland: Jan Jansen is sacked and Ajax manager and ex-international Frank de Boer takes over.

Switzerland: Ottmar Hitzfeld is sacked and Grasshoppers manager Ciriaco Sforza takes over.

Turkey: Guus Hiddink is sacked and Bursaspor manager Ertugrul Saglam gets the job.

Serbia: Vladimir Petrovic is sacked and Partizan manager Aleksandar Stanojevic takes over.

Uruguay: Oscar Tabarez retires and Defensor Sporting manager Pablo Repetto takes charge.

Interesting Appointments:

Central Coast Mariners: Gareth Southgate makes the trip to Australia.

Wellington Phoenix: Roy Keane becomes their new manager.

Malaga: They spend 2 million pounds to hire Avram Grant from West Ham.

Alcorcon: They hire ex Wigan manager Roberto Martinez.

Villarreal: Leonardo is hired, the ex AC and Inter manager.

Inverness CT: Gordon Strachan is hired.

Udinese: A Scotsman in Italy, his name is Alex McLeish.

Norway: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer leaves Molde to manage Norway.

Juventus: In comes Rafa Benitez…

Kayserispor: Mark Hughes makes the move to Turkey.



Footballer of the Year

Golden Ball

Team of the Year


Top Scorer

Player of the Year

Young Player of the Year

Manager of the Year

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Brantwood FC 2011-12 End of season Review

League - We avoided relegation which was my aim at the start of the season and it was comfortable come May, we showed that we could give anyone a game on our day. We were perhaps unlucky not to finish higher in the table, I'm also pleased to note that we only lost by more than goal twice, on the opening and the last day of the season. The squad did really well in the 2nd half of the season, going no quite a run before we lost to Oxford Utd Stars and we can be proud of our performance.

Northern Irish Cup - We started nervously, edging an extra-time victory over Fivemiletown before dispatching Lurgan Celtic with our biggest win of the season, unfortunately we fell to Premier Division side Coleraine after giving them a good game.

Intermediate Cup - We did well to beat Rosario in our first match after going down to ten men, we followed that up with an impressive victory away to Clough Rangers, we didn't have enough about us to perform against Chimney Corner and unfortunately we lost there.

Steel & Sons Cup - I was pleased with our performance in this competition. We calmly dispatched Kilbride in the 1st round and then took out Dromara in the 2nd, a good performance against high-flying P.S.N.I. saw us beat them after extra time, we gave 1st Division Ards a good match unfortunately losing 3-2 but I'm happy getting to the Quarter Final.

League Cup - Our worst performance out of the cup competitions this year, Donegal Celtic got a comfortable victory against us in the 1st Round seeing us crash out early.

Co. Antrim Shield - I had to leave the best update till last :D. We did incredibly well here, everyone thought we'd be sent packing at the 1st hurdle away to Distillery in the Premier Division but picked up a comfortable 2-0 win to see us through. The draw didn't seem to favour us much when we drew holders (and eventual Premier Division champions) Linfield at home but a penalty by one-hit wonder Gerald Sinclair shocked the away crowd and sent us to the semi-finals where we faced rivals Crusaders. They took the lead but we showed tremendous battling spirit to turn it around to 2-1 before half-time, we rode our luck late on but sealed the win. On we marched to Windsor Park for the final! Unfortunately, that's where we got undone, Glentoran were probably the 1st team in the competition who took us seriously and we were lucky to only lose 2-0 but winning 3 out of 4 matches against Premier Division teams conceding only 3 goals in the process is pretty amazing!

Top Goalscorer - Wes Daly (7)

Most Assists - Adrian McCaffrey (7)

Highest Average Rating - Michael McMullan (7.11)

Fastest Goal - Michael Fitzpatrick vs Tobermore Utd (14/9/11) - 1 minute 52 seconds

Most Goals in a Match - Joe Finlay vs Kilbride (24/8/11) - 2

Worst Discipline - Wes Daly (11/1)

Fans Player of the Year - Michael Fitzpatrick

Team of the Year

GK: Stephen Brennan (6.69) - A great acquisition, he's kept us in a lot of games this season, it's no wonder we conceded less with him and without him, a top keeper.

RB: Niall Curneen (7.16) - A bit of a surprise to see him here, considering he made only 11 appearances but when he played he did well, getting 2 assists.

RCB: Michael McMullan (7.11) - His signing certainly tightened up our defence, it took him a bit to get going but he's generally very reliable.

LCB: Michael Fitzpatrick (6.88) - A perhaps controversial choice for Fans' Player of the Year but he certainly deserves his place in the team, scored 6 goals for us last year and at the age of just 20 has a lot of great years left in him.

LB: Jordan Watson (6.94) - I've been very pleased with what I've seen from Jordan this year, another young player but he's done really well, involved in a lot of attacking moves and his goal against Crusaders which sent us to the Co. Antrim Shield Final will not be forgotten.

RM: Gareth Green (6.83) - Lost his place in the team in the 2nd half of the season but was vital to us when he did play, he knows how to link up with his team-mates and will certainly be used more this season.

RCM: Wes Daly (6.91) - The only bad thing I can say about him is his lack of discipline sometimes but I've lost count of the amount of times he's smashed one in from 25 yards to save the day, he really bosses things in the middle of the park and is an integral part of the team.

LCM: Grant Dunlop (6.79) - His performances have probably been outshadowed by Daly but he's done a stellar job in the middle as well, he scored what was in my opinion goal of the season with a 35 yard free-kick against Armagh and racked up a few assists as well. Not as great as Daly but not to be forgotten.

LM: Ryan Murray (6.89) - His versatility was a huge help for us this season, he knows how to score and set up goals as well, we did well when he played.

ST: Jamie Douglas (6.81) - Anyone remember him? Unfortunately, his season ended early with a torn calf muscle, with him playing I feel we could have gone up 1 or 2 places but when he played he was always a threat and could snatch a goal where some strikers couldn't, watch out for him next season.

ST: Gerard Rooney (6.73) - His average rating for me doesn't give this guy enough credit, he was one of our top scorers and turned provider on several occasions, not as good as Wayne but good enough for me.


James Haugh (6.54) - Wasn't a great keeper and when Brennan came in, Haugh was frozen out.

Derek Tyrrell (6.77) - The partnership of McMullan and Fitzpatrick kept Derek out of the team but played well when picked.

Craig Kirk (6.93) - Has a case for being in the team, he made a few assists and otherwise did well at right-back, occasionally filling in elsewhere, unlucky to be a sub.

Adrian McCaffrey (6.74) - To see McCaffrey on the bench is a real testament to the team, he was missed with injury but his deliveries from corners were terrific and he knows how to create a chance, whether for him or a team-mate.

Joe Finlay (6.61) - Scored quite a few goals for us at the start of the season but got injured and saw no action since, a shame.

Steven McQuillan (6.60) - Didn't set any trees on fire but did alright.

Thai Blevins (6.58) - Disappointed with his finishing so far, he's blown some good opportunities and we can't have that next season.


1. We survived!

2. A great run in the County Antrim Shield.

3. The team's run of 5 matches without conceding and 6 unbeaten.


1. No-one scoring 10+ goals.

2. Some bad defensive errors.

3. Poor away form at the start of the season.

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Brantwood FC 2012-13 Pre-season report

Preview: We're hoping to build on our finish last season by hopefully going further this season, promotion is extremely unlikely but you never know in football, I always like to aim to finish higher than the previous season and I'm confident we can.

Media Prediction: 15th - The media don't like me too much, despite avoiding the drop last season, the media think that's where we'll be at the end of the season, I'm confident we won't be relegated.

Board Expectation: With the football here in Northern Ireland, I played it safe by "attempting to avoid relegation". I know I can do better than this but I don't like taking risks.

Squad Report (None yet due to assistant leaving)

Youth: None

Pre-season friendlies

Holywood (A) - We face Holywood again in pre-season, we should win depending on the mood we show up in.

Ballinamallard Utd (H) - A tough challenge against a side that finished 6th in the 1st Division last season, this will show us how we compare against tougher opposition.

Carrick Reserves (H) - We face the reserves of our parent club in the 1st Division, I'm not sure what to expect here but we'll go for it anyway.


3 of our players have retired, Kieran Cunningham, Jamie Marks and Stephen Purvis have all retired. Chris Murray returns to Carrick without making a single appearance for us during his loan spell, a good player but I'd rather develop my own players. Assistant manager Adrian Whiteside was unable to agree a contract with me, leaving me in the hunt for a new assistant. 1 player does come in though, Kevin Anderson who agreed a contract whilst at Banbridge last season, he's someone who will fit straight into the team.

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Blimey, I thought you'd done more than one season, so much detail in this thread! :thup:

Not a bad season, but still room for plenty of improvement :)

Thanks, I'm in no hurry with this save, I'm hoping to capture the excitement of each match as a manager would in real life. We can certainly improve, yes, fortunately we have a fairly young squad so we should be aiming for a higher finish than last season :).

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17/7/12 - Holywood vs Brantwood (Friendly)


GK: Stephen Brennan...|GK: Stephen Beckett

RB: Andy Devlin...........|RB: Michael Jamison

RCB: Stefan Thompson.|RCB: David O'Hara

LCB: Michael Fitzpatrick|LCB: Chris Baxter

LB: Jordan Watson.......|LB: Marc Roddy

RM: Liam Kearney........|RM: Stephen Walker

RCM: Wes Daly............|RCM: Davy Gibson

LCM: Matthew Weir......|LCM: Paul Bannon

LM: Adrian McCaffrey...|LM: Graham Kelly

ST: Jamie Douglas.......|ST: David Canning

ST: Matt Boyd............|ST: Chris Vauls


Matthew Rice....|Chris Massey

Ryan Murray......|Neil Doran

Craig Kirk..........|Alan Donaghy

Gary Keane........|James Nixon

Kevin Anderson..|Paul O'Connor

Eddie Williamson.|Dean Harris

Joe Finlay..........|Tommy Tumilty

Derek Tyrrell......|

Ronan O'Hara.....|

Gerard Rooney...|

Steven McQuillan|

Gareth Green.....|

Preview: We beat this team last pre-season 3-0 with a much worse team than this so hopefully we can go better this time.

2 - Vauls gets the better of Thompson and his shot is palmed away by Brennan.

3 - Holywood should really have the lead, Kelly's corner finds Vauls unmarked in the six yard box but somehow Brennan manages to save it.

8 - GOAL! Brantwood take an undeserved lead but Holywood need to ask themselves what happened, Roddy and O'Hara leave the ball for each other in defence, Douglas takes full advantage with a fantastic chip from 22 yards out to mark his return from injury with a goal.

15 - Weir shoots from 30 yards but it's wide.

19 - McCaffrey's corner finds an unmarked Thompson but he tries to control it instead of shooting and it's cleared off the line.

34 - RED CARD! A needless red in a friendly match, Devlin's long throw is about to come to Douglas when Roddy catches him with an elbow and is sent off, disgusting.

35 - In response to the red, Harris replaces Bannon.

45+2 - Kearney picks up a minor injury but Brantwood take him off to avoid risk, on comes Green.

45+3 - Half time

I'll be honest, I was hoping to be ahead by more than one goal but the Douglas goal gives me confidence, he seems back and raring to go, we're going to need him to finish higher this season.

45 - Donaghy and Nixon replace O'Hara and Baxter.

47 - Doran, O'Connor and Tumilty all come on with Gibson, Kelly and Vauls sacrificed.

51 - Boyd finds space on the edge of the box and hits one, he is unlucky as it hits the underside of the bar.

52 - Green's cross is headed just wide by Boyd.

55 - GOAL! Holywood fail to defend from a long throw, the ball falls to Daly who beautifully picks out the top corner.

64 - Poor clearance again by Holywood sees Weir with a chance but he hits it wide.

73 - Douglas hits one from distance but it's well well over the bar.

74 - Holywood invite Boyd onto them and his shot is just wide.

82 - Boyd is once again allowed to waltz into the box but the finish is poor.

90+2 - Full time

A win is a win I suppose, a comfortable one too. I'm pleased with the performance and hope we can continue.


GK: Brennan (7.1)

RB: Devlin (7.2)

RCB: Thompson (7.5)

LCB: Fitzpatrick (7.0)

LB: Watson (7.2)

RM: Kearney (6.8) sub 45+2

RCM: Daly (7.5)

LCM: Weir (6.8)

LM: McCaffrey (6.9)

ST: Douglas (7.4)

ST: Boyd (6.2)


Green (6.9) sub 45+2

Think that Marks will make a backroom addition for your team or just let him go?


If you needed any proof that cerud is a genius, well here it is. Jamie Marks comes in as the scout I've been waiting for, he'd retired playing for us at the end of last season but still serves us. Elsewhere, I've signed Reece Moore, a versatile player who should do well as back-up. What I'm more pleased about is my other 2 signings, by exploring the loan market I've picked up 2 gems from the Premier League, Dungannon's Stefan Thompson and Distillery's Andy Devlin (incidentally part of the Distillery team we beat in the County Antrim Shield). Our defence should be stronger than ever now. The bad news is I'm still struggling for an assistant! I'd take anyone at this stage.

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24/7/12 - Brantwood vs Ballinamallard Utd (Friendly)


GK: Stephen Brennan....|GK: Paul Hunt

RB: Andy Devlin...........|RB: Curtis Woods

RCB: Michael Fitzpatrick|RCB: James McKenna

LCB: Stefan Thompson.|LCB: Matthew McGiveron

LB: Steven McQuillan...|LB: Michael Kerr

RM: Eddie Williamson....|RM: Duwayne McManus

RCM: Gary Dickson.......|RCM: Grant Hutchinson

LCM: Wes Daly............|LCM: Steven Ferguson

LM: Jordan Watson......|LM: Chris Whitley

ST: Jamie Douglas.......|ST: Craig Davies

ST: Joe Finlay.............|ST: Gareth McKenna


Danny Hancock..|Micky McDonald

Ryan Murray......|John Anderson

Ronan O'Hara.....|Philip Davison

Matt Boyd.........|Steven Grieve

Kevin Anderson..|Kieran McCartan

Adrian McCaffrey|Sam Rice

Gary Keane........|Neil Coulter

Derek Tyrrell......|Sean Anderson

Craig Kirk..........|Darren Coyle

Vincent Sweeney|Gareth Benson

Michael McMullan|Michael Andrews

Gareth Green.....|Paul Deans

Preview: We face a tough match against established 1st Division opposition but I'm confident we can do well.

8 - GOAL! Brantwood take the lead, Williamson's cross causes a scramble and Douglas lashes it home, he's on form!

18 - Kerr's cross is headed over by McManus.

24 - Devlin is injured and Kirk comes on.

28 - Douglas shoots from distance but it goes wide.

40 - Watson picks up an injury, forcing O'Hara on.

44 - Kirk picks up a knock and to avoid risk, Boyd comes on, Brantwood change to 3-4-3!

45+1 - RED CARD! Do these players know the meaning of pre-season friendlies, Douglas is given his marching orders for a two-footed tackle on Hutchinson, why do they do it?

45+3 - Half time

I'm obviously glad we're in front but 3 injuries and a red card has certainly put a dampener on our day, hopefully we can perform well in the 2nd half and try and stay fit!

45 - Rice and Coyle replace McGiveron and Davies.

45 - Finlay plays in Boyd but Hunt gets a strong hand to his shot, averting the danger.

51 - 6 subs by the away team, McDonald, John Anderson, Davison, Grieve, McCartan and Coulter replace Hunt, Woods, James McKenna, McManus, Whitley and Gareth McKenna.

56 - Sean Anderson replaces Hutchinson.

61 - Ferguson's corner is poorly cleared by Thompson, it falls to Coyle but his poor effort is straight at the keeper.

62 - Anderson's cross is met by a Grieve diving header but Brennan gets two hands on it.

63 - O'Hara finds Dickson on the edge of the box but he fires wide.

65 - Ferguson goes for it but it's well wide.

66 - Anderson drills in a cross which finds McCartan and he places it just wide of the far post.

76 - Brantwood go on a counter-attack and O'Hara shoots from a tight angle but it's over, he had team-mates in better positions.

78 - McCartan shoots from a free-kick but it goes wide.

90 - Andrews and Deans for Kerr and Ferguson.

90+2 - Full time

A great win against a 1st Division team, playing with ten men in the 2nd half, we braved it out with 3 in defence and played very well, almost scoring ourselves. I would sing Douglas' praises but for the red card. Great news for us is that none of the 3 players that picked up an injury will be out for any longer.


GK: Brennan (6.7)

RB: Devlin (6.9) sub 24

RCB: Fitzpatrick (6.8)

LCB: Thompson (7.4)

LB: McQuillan (7.0)

RM: Williamson (6.8)

RCM: Dickson (7.1)

LCM: Daly (6.8)

LM: Watson (6.9) sub 40

ST: Douglas (7.2) red 45+2

ST: Finlay (6.9)


Kirk (6.7) sub 24, sub 44

O'Hara (6.8) sub 40

Boyd (6.5) sub 44


The search for an assistant is over, Glenn McMillan is the only one I found who would fit the bill, he has just retired from football having spent his career with Holywood and at 1st Division H&W Welders where he retired. Regarding players, I've signed some youngstersthat should fit in over time. Jason Paul comes in after rivals Wakehurst released him. It's taken me a year but I've finally brought in some English blood, Danny Hancock is a keeper with a bright future after Rotherham let him go. William Gracey has the potential to be a back-up striker, he was released by Distillery.

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31/7/12 - Brantwood vs Carrick Reserves (Friendly)


GK: Stephen Brennan....|GK: Richie Branagan

RB: Andy Devlin...........|RB: Chris Murray

RCB: Kevin Anderson.....|RCB: David Miller

LCB: Stefan Thompson..|LCB: Jonny Phillips

LB: Jonathan Watterson|LB: Tony Berne

RM: Gareth Green.........|RM: Damien Black

RCM: Matthew Weir......|RCM: Glenn Taggart

LCM: Wes Daly............|LCM: Jody Hanna

LM: Adrian McCaffrey....|LM: Brian Cunningham

ST: Jamie Douglas........|ST: Tony Anderson

ST: Joe Finlay.............|ST: Adam Macleod


Danny Hancock....|Callum Williams

Derek Tyrrell........|Stephen McFall

Jordan Watson.....|Kyle McCorry

Gerard Rooney.....|Barry Sinton

Ryan Murray........|Declan O'Connor

Eddie Williamson...|Chris Coleman

Gary Keane.........|Cihan Uslu

Michael Fitzpatrick|Dean Deagle

Craig Kirk............|Gareth Smyth

Thai Blevins.........|Ryan O'Connell

Michael McMullan.|Stephen McGrath

Matthew Brown...|Barry Cleary

Preview: I'm not sure what kind of a team we're up against, we can do well though, hopefully we can round off pre-season on a good note with no injuries. One notable player in the Carrick Reserves line-up is Chris Murray who spent last season on loan with us without playing, he'll have a point to prove today.

12 - GOAL! Cunningham's free-kick is headed in by Miller and Carrick Reserves lead.

15 - Hanna hits it wide from distance.

23 - PENALTY! Hanna trips Finlay in the box and Brantwood have a chance to equalise. Berne is furious with the decision.

24 - GOAL! A terrific penalty by Douglas, picking out the top corner, he's now scored in every pre-season friendly. 1-1.

28 - Black gets into the box and shoots but it goes over.

32 - Black's cross is headed just over by Cunningham.

33 - GOAL! Brantwood far from deserve it but they take the lead, a great one-two between Douglas and Finlay sees the former keep his calm before bagging his second.

35 - Black heads it to Tony Anderson who miscues his effort, no worries there for the Brantwood keeper.

44 - GOAL! 3-1 to Brantwood, Douglas sends Finlay away who does really well to trick the keeper and finish.

45 - Cunningham picks out Tony Anderson but he fires wide.

45+1 - Half time

We certainly don't deserve to be 3-1 up but our finishing has been perfect, Douglas is really doing well and it looks like he'll have a big part to play this season.

45 - Williams and O'Connell are on and Branagan and Taggart are off.

51 - McFall, McCorry, Sinton, O'Connor, Coleman, Smyth and Cleary have all come on with Murray, Phillips, Berne, Black, Cunningham, Tony Anderson and Macleod all off.

56 - Just 5 minutes on the pitch for Coleman as he makes way for Deagle.

59 - Finlay finds Douglas on the edge of the box but he shoots it over.

61 - Cihan Uslu replaces Miller.

63 - Hanna finds O'Connor who turns well but blasts it over the bar.

71 - Deagle gets a good tackle in on Douglas but it fortunately falls to Finlay who must score but hits it well wide of the post, a shocker!

80 - Blevins replaces Finlay.

88 - McCaffrey picks up a loose ball on the edge of the box and shoots but it goes wide.

89 - It's a short game for Blevins, on comes Keane.

90+1 - Daly is booked for a trip on O'Connor.

90+3 - Full time

Our finishing was worse in the second half but we played better and this is a good result, no-one was injured and Douglas continues his scoring form so I'm happy!


GK: Brennan (6.9)

RB: Devlin (7.2)

RCB: Anderson (6.9)

LCB: Thompson (7.5)

LB: Watterson (6.8)

RM: Green (6.8)

RCM: Weir (6.8)

LCM: Daly (6.9)

LM: McCaffrey (6.9)

ST: Douglas (8.6)

ST: Finlay (8.3) sub 80


Blevins (N/A) sub 80, sub 89

Keane (N/A) sub 89

Other news

This isn't good


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Pre-season review: July 2011

Holywood 0-2 Brantwood

For us: Douglas (9), Daly (56)

For them: Roddy (35)

Brantwood 1-0 Ballinamallard Utd

For us: Douglas (9), Douglas (45+2)

Brantwood 3-1 Carrick Reserves

For us: Douglas (pen 25, 34), Finlay (45)

For them: Miller (13)

Summary: I picked these friendlies to give the team a challenge but I certainly didn't expect to win in all three matches, the form of Jamie Douglas has been irresistible, bar his red card against Ballinamallard, we might need to keep an eye on his discipline. I was very pleased with the way we played in all the matches and we have a top season on the way I think.

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11/8/12 - Tobermore Utd vs Brantwood (Northern Irish 2nd Division)

Pre-match press conference

Ricky McFall "It has been suggested that you'll be playing defensively in the next match, is that true?"

Me "No way, we are fully intent on attacking, we certainly have the force."


GK: Stephen Brennan......|GK: Tom Cox

RB: Andy Devlin*............|RB: Stein Montgomery

RCB: Stefan Thompson..*|RCB: Jamie Cleary

LCB: Michael Fitzpatrick"£|LCB: Barry Henry

LB: Jordan Watson.........|LB: Jason McLay*

RM: Ryan Carlin*............|RM: Ciaran McGurgan

RCM: Matthew Weir........|RCM: Sean Heneghan

LCM: Wes Daly..............|LCM: Daley Carnduff*

LM: Colin Tracey*..........|LM: Danny Conlon

ST: Jamie Douglas..........|ST: Will Green

ST: Joe Finlay...............|ST: Marty Hughes


Danny Hancock+..|Tony Cornick

Kevin Anderson*..|Chris Horner

Kevin O'Neill*......|Jake Lee*

Matt Boyd..........|Lee Adams

Michael McMullan.|Darragh McGee

* - Makes/Could make league debut for his club

+ - Makes/Could make competitive league debut

" - Makes/Could make 25th league appearance

£ - Makes/Could make 25th league appearance for his club

Preview: A tough season opener today but I'm sure we'll do better than our opener last season, a 6-1 home defeat to Sport & Leisure. Points here would be much appreciated.

3 - McLay trips Douglas and gets a yellow card.

6 - Watson goes for it but it's wide.

11 - Watson picks up a slight knock, Brantwood take no chances, sending on Anderson and changing to 3-1-4-2.

11 - Thompson is tripped by Hughes who is booked.

14 - Green turns and shoots but it's well wide.

17 - Finlay slips it into Douglas but his shot is well saved by Cox.

25 - Heneghan strikes from distance and it's deflected behind for a corner.

30 - Thompson trips Hughes, yellow.

38 - The referee spots a dive by Conlon and it's a yellow.

45+2 - Half time

A pretty even half with a rightfully even scoreline, it looks like a 0-0 that 1 goal would win, I'd like that to be us.

45 - Lee replaces Carnduff at half-time.

46 - Weir is booked for tripping Hughes.

50 - Daly trips McGurgan and is booked.

64 - Green sees yellow for impeding Thompson.

69 - Horner and Adams replace McLay and Green.

74 - Finally something happens in this half, Conlon finds McGurgan on the right and his shot flies just over.

75 - An absolute sitter for Brantwood, Carlin bursts free down the right and his cross is somehow headed over by Finlay.

90+1 - A last minute chance for Brantwood, Brennan's long ball from a free-kick falls to Finlay and his shot is saved by Cox, that looks to be it.

90+2 - Full time

We really should have won this game but this is a good point away from home, we probably would have lost this fixture last season.

Tobermore Utd 0-0 Brantwood


GK: Brennan (6.8)

RB: Devlin (7.0)

RCB: Thompson (7.4)

LCB: Fitzpatrick (6.9)

LB: Watson (N/A) sub 11

RM: Carlin (5.7)

RCM: Weir (6.9)

LCM: Daly (6.8)

LM: Tracey (6.9)

ST: Douglas (6.1)

ST: Finlay (6.8)


Anderson (7.0) sub 11


With funds tight, I decided to raid the loan market and I picked up some real gems, Ryan Carlin and Colin Tracey both come from Distillery, both players saw quite a bit of action for them in the Premier Division last season, especially Tracey. Tracey is a strong left midfielder and Carlin can play anywhere across the midfield. Tracey even rejected our parent club Carrick and another 1st division side in Coagh Utd to come here. Another player that comes in is Cliftonville's Kevin O'Neill who can play on the left or in the middle, he has spent 2 seasons on loan with Sport & Leisure so he knows this league well! We have got some quality players at the club and best of all for nothing!

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21/8/12 - Linfield vs Brantwood (County Antrim Shield 1st Round)

Pre-match press conference

Ricky McFall "Some say your team is capable of an upset, what can you say to that."

Me "I still consider us long shots, we have very little chance."


GK: Stephen Brennan......|GK: Mike Pollitt

RB: Andy Devlin..............|RB: Andy Geggan

RCB: Stefan Thompson....|RCB: Steven Douglas

LCB: Michael Fitzpatrick...|LCB: Chris Hegarty

LB: Steven McQuillan.......|LB: John Frost

RM: Gareth Green...........|RM: Michael Carvill

RCM: Wes Daly..............|RCM: Phillip Lowry

LCM: Emmet Templeton...|LCM: Adam Forshaw

LM: Colin Tracey............|LM: Jamie Tomelty

ST: Jamie Douglas..........|ST: Jordan White

ST: Tommy Amos...........|ST: Peter Thompson


Matthew Rice......|Scott Bevan

Michael McMullan.|Micky McGuigan

Kevin O'Neill........|Adam Phillip

Joe Finlay...........|Alain Emerson

Kevin Anderson....|Lewis Cheeseman

Preview: The media say we have no chance, they said that last season in the quarter final of this competition and guess what? We won. That said, we are against the Northern Irish champions on their turf so getting a result will be tough. All eyes are on us in this competition after getting to the final last season.

10 - McQuillan trips Carvill and is booked.

11 - Forshaw is booked for upending Douglas.

14 - Frost trips Green, getting a yellow.

16 - Templeton trips up Forshaw and gets his own yellow.

32 - Carvill trips Amos and sees yellow.

38 - It's been an uneventful half but what a chance for Linfield! Lowry slips in Carvill whose shot hits the post, the rebound comes back to him with Brennan on the floor and somehow he hits the post again with the rebound! How is it 0-0.

45+2 - Half time

A very boring half but 0-0 against the best team in the country away from home is a pretty good achievement. Can we keep it up?

45 - Both sides make changes at half-time, Linfield bring Philip on for an injured White and Brantwood bring Anderson on for Fitzpatrick.

46 - Steven Douglas fouls Jamie Douglas and gets a yellow.

48 - Linfield are denied the lead by an offside flag, Tomelty floats a lovely ball into the box and Carvill heads home but the flag is up. Peter Thompson is furious but on replays it looked like the correct decision, well stepped up by the defence.

50 - Lowry plays it to Philip who turns into the box but Brennan makes a top save.

53 - Forshaw picks up an injury, forcing Emerson on.

56 - Peter Thompson has a crack and it hits the cross bar! Carvill heads the rebound straight at Brennan.

58 - Geggan with a trip on Tracey and a yellow too.

63 - Hegarty pulls the shirt of Amos, seeing yellow.

67 - McGuigan is on for Tomelty.

70 - Lowry brings down Templeton and a yellow for him.

86 - Daly trips Hegarty and gets a yellow card.

90+1 - Lowry has an ambitious effort from 35/40 yards and Brennan has difficulty tipping it over the bar, close shave.

90+2 - Thompson trips McGuigan and gets a yellow card.

90+3 - End of normal time

We're really lucky to still be in this tie, if it goes to penalties we might still have a chance. Let's see, shall we?

90 - PENALTY! A nightmare start to extra time for Brantwood as Anderson brings down Peter Thompson in the box. However, Tommy Amos was injured earlier in the build-up and Linfield refused to kick the ball out for him. Poor sportsmanship might be rewarded here. Anderson is booked for the challenge while Brantwood are absolutely furious with the ref's decision.

91 - RED CARD! It's all happening here, Templeton is shown his 2nd yellow on his debut for his protests against the decision.

94 - The injured Amos is replaced by Finlay.

94 - GOAL! After a long delay, Peter Thompson places it into the corner and Linfield take a controversial lead.

96 - GOAL! It's all fallen apart for Brantwood, Frost's cross gets a scramble started and McGuigan gets the telling touch.

100 - A clearance falls to Emerson who tries to volley it in but it's wide.

104 - McGuigan has a go and it's tipped onto the post by Brennan, incredible save!

104 - Frost's corner is headed by Peter Thompson but it's deflected behind for a corner.

105 - GOAL! Frost's corner is headed in by Carvill, 3-0...

105+1 - Half time in extra time

To say I'm outraged would be an understatement, that's all I have to say for now.

110 - Brantwood really should have pulled one back, all Finlay has to do is tap it in from 2 yards after Green's low ball across the middle but he somehow blazes it wide.

112 - Lowry shoots from 20 yards but it goes wide.

115 - Another attempt by Lowry is also wide.

119 - The keeper comes out of goal to meet a Douglas flick on and plays a poor pass straight to Green who shoots while he's out of position and it's just wide, would have been a sweet consolation.

120+1 - Full time

We made it to extra time but the officials clearly decided that they wanted Linfield through, allowing an injured player to suffer, giving away a penalty and a red card all inside a minute. We could and should have got a consolation but we leave with our heads held high!


GK: Brennan (6.3)

RB: Devlin (6.6)

RCB: Thompson (7.0)

LCB: Fitzpatrick (6.8) sub 45

LB: McQuillan (5.8)

RM: Green (6.3)

RCM: Daly (7.0)

LCM: Templeton (6.8) red 92

LM: Tracey (6.0)

ST: Douglas (6.5)

ST: Amos (6.6) sub 94


Anderson (6.6) sub 45

Finlay (6.1) sub 94

Post-match press conference

Ricky McFall "Neil Frost was certainly impressive, it has to be said."

Me "He was a key part in their victory but I don't think he was the main reason we lost."


The focus has been on youngsters and 5 freebies have been picked up, Kgosietsile Ntihe (no dual nationality :D) can play at RB/CB, he was released by Peterborough. Jonathan Margetts is a striker who Hull released. Luke Hannant is a CM who Cambridge United let go and Brodie Blankley is a centre-half released by Grimsby who the scout overrated and will be looking to let go. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to sign a Turkish player so in comes goalkeeper Yilmaz Aksoy who was released by Leyton Orient.

I've also been getting me some senior players, I'd just like to say that these Premier Division clubs are freakin' gold mines! Emmet Templeton comes in on loan from Cliftonville, a quality player in the middle park and also a name known to many FM players, Tommy Amos arrives on loan from Glenavon, the Irish striker is a very exciting player and him and Douglas up front is a mouth watering prospect.

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25/8/12 - Brantwood vs Moyola Park (League Cup 1st Round)


GK: Stephen Brennan......|GK: Stephen Carroll

RB: Craig Kirk.................|RB: Don McAteer

RCB: Stefan Thompson....|RCB: Kevin McGarry

LCB: Michael McMullan....|LCB: Daniel Hanna

LB: Jordan Watson..........|LB: Daniel Day

RM: Ryan Carlin..............|RM: Richard Nesbitt

RCM: Scott McCullough...|RCM: Seanan Clucas

LCM: Matthew Weir........|LCM: Stefan Bailey

LM: Kevin O'Neill............|LM: Alan Linton

ST: Joe Finlay...............|ST: George Bowerman

ST: Gerard Rooney.........|ST: Curtis Hassan


Danny Hancock...|Danny Creaney

Kevin Anderson...|Roddy Paterson

Adrian McCaffrey.|Ryan Melaugh

Matt Boyd..........|Dermot McVeigh

Ryan Murray.......|Chris Morton

Preview: We have the depth to rotate pretty much the whole squad and still have a team capable of victory today, we got a much easier draw than last year, where we suffered a tough away match against Donegal Celtic so let's take advantage of that.

5 - Rooney plays it O'Neill who smashes one over the bar.

6 - So unlucky for Brantwood, Carroll's goal kick is headed back by Carlin sending Finlay away but his shot hits the inside of the post.

12 - Carlin's corner is headed just wide by Thompson.

16 - Hassan shoots but he mishits it and it goes comfortably wide.

18 - Carlin is allowed to bring down O'Neill's corner and Carroll is forced into a good save.

21 - Another close call, McCullough's free-kick is floated wonderfully over the wall and it hits the cross bar.

26 - Finlay trips Hanna and gets a yellow card.

29 - O'Neill cuts in from the wing into the six yard box but another top save by Carroll.

37 - Carlin upends Day, getting a yellow.

45+1 - Half time

It's 0-0 but we are extremely unlucky not to be ahead, I can't ask for much more in terms of performance but we need to start putting away the goals.

46 - Carlin's free-kick from the right is headed straight at the keeper by Thompson.

49 - Hassan is booked for upending Kirk.

58 - Paterson and Melaugh replace Nesbitt and Linton.

65 - Bowerman powers one from a tight angle and it whistles past the post.

75 - Bowerman plays it across to Paterson whose shot is well saved by Brennan.

76 - Melaugh's corner is headed just wide by McGarry.

81 - Clucas is forced off with an injury and Morton comes on.

88 - GOAL! Morton's corner is headed in by Hassan, Moyola Park may have snatched it right at the end!

90+4 - Weir is injured right at the end, forcing Murray on.

90+5 - Full time

Gutted, we switched off in the second half and lost the match, another competition we'll play no further part in.


GK: Brennan (6.6)

RB: Kirk (7.0)

RCB: Thompson (7.5)

LCB: McMullan (6.8)

LB: Watson (6.9)

RM: Carlin (6.9)

RCM: McCullough (6.8)

LCM: Weir (6.8) sub 90+4

LM: O'Neill (6.6)

ST: Finlay (6.5)

ST: Rooney (6.5)


Murray (N/A) sub 90+4


Another loan signing, centre-midfielder Scott McCullough can also play at right-back and came from Dungannon, he looks a top player.

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29/8/12 - Raceview vs Brantwood (Steel & Sons Cup)


GK: Danny Hancock.........|GK: Michael Gelston

RB: Scott McCullough......|RB: Jonathan Munster

RCB: Andy Devlin............|RCB: Kevin Rees

LCB: Michael Fitzpatrick...|LCB: Gary Brady

LB: Jonathan Watterson...|LB: Ryan McNally

RM: Matthew Brown.......|RM: Michael Evans

RCM: Emmet Templeton..|RCM: Tony Best

LCM: Wes Daly..............|LCM: Jordan Hartley

LM: Colin Tracey............|LM: Keith Lyons

ST: Jamie Douglas..........|ST: Gareth Falloon

ST: Tommy Amos...........|ST: Chris Browne


Stephen Brennan.|Harry Wilson

Stefan Thompson|Andrew Bell

Kevin O'Neill........|Chris Thompson

Matt Boyd..........|Neil Brownlee

Kevin Anderson....|Tony Williamson

Preview: With 2 cup dreams over, this is one that we can't lose, opposition doesn't come in much easier form than Raceview so hopefully we can grab a few goals on the way.

1 - GOAL! Raceview take a shock lead, Lyons' cross is finished from close range by Falloon.

23 - Brown's cross finds Evans but he hits it with the wrong foot and it goes wide.

26 - McCullough upends Lyons and gets a yellow card.

38 - Hartley's corner is met by a Browne header and Hancock makes an impressive save.

39 - Hartley with another corner flicked on at the near post by Browne and Hancock catches it.

43 - Templeton shoots from distance but it's well wide.

45+1 - Half time

We've been dreadful and deserve to be behind, we need to wake up in the second half because we are heading out.

46 - Amos fires one from a tight angle but it's well wide.

49 - Templeton tries one but it's wide.

56 - Daly's shot from distance is deflected behind for a corner.

61 - Thompson is on for Best.

61 - Evans' cross is headed over by Browne.

67 - Bell replaces the goalscorer Falloon.

67 - Brown shoots from the edge of the box and it fizzes past the post.

78 - Williamson replaces Lyons.

79 - Devlin's tackle falls to Browne who shoots but it goes wide.

85 - GOAL! The relief can be seen on the faces of every Brantwood fan and the manager, Brown sends Amos through with a terrific ball and the Irish striker makes no mistake, getting Brantwood level.

89 - Williamson shoots first time but it's wide.

90+2 - A cross is cleared and it comes out to Daly who powers one in but it's tipped over.

90+3 - End of normal time

We've been poor but we managed to take this match to extra time, I really don't want this to go to penalties so a goal is a must.

98 - Munster's long free-kick is met by a Bell diving header but it's wide.

105+1 - Half time in extra time

Still doing badly, I don't have much faith in this match.

119 - Browne hits one from the edge of the box but misses.

120+1 - End of extra time

We don't deserve to win this match but we'll still try in the penalty shoot-out.

GOAL! - Williamson sends his penalty to the bottom corner to give Raceview the lead.

SAVED! - A poor penalty by Douglas, straight down the middle and it's punched away.

WOODWORK! - Bell, who picked up a knock earlier in the match smashes his penalty against the crossbar. Brantwood are back in it.

GOAL! - A great penalty by McCullough finds the top corner, 1-1.

GOAL! - Hancock guesses correctly but Evans hit a good penalty.

SAVED! - A poor penalty by Tracey, punched away.

GOAL! - It's not a good penalty by Munster but it goes in anyway.

GOAL! - A good penalty by Brown to keep Brantwood in this.

GOAL! - Hartley tucks away his penalty to send Raceview through, a shock defeat for Brantwood.

We didn't deserve to win with the poor performance we put out, I'll be very unhappy if our league form is like this.


GK: Hancock (6.7)

RB: McCullough (7.4)

RCB: Devlin (7.1)

LCB: Fitzpatrick (7.2)

LB: Watterson (7.1)

RM: Brown (6.9)

RCM: Templeton (6.5)

LCM: Daly (6.8)

LM: Tracey (6.7)

ST: Douglas (6.8)

ST: Amos (7.3)

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August 2012 Review

Tobermore Utd 0-0 Brantwood (NI2D)

Linfield e 3-0 Brantwood (CAS)

For us: Templeton (92)

For them: Thompson (pen 95), McGuigan (97), Carvill (105+1)

Brantwood 0-1 Moyola Park (LC)

For them: Hassan (89)

Raceview 1-1 Brantwood (4-2 pens) (S&SC)

For us: Amos (86)

For them: Falloon (1)

Summary: A poor month for us, after pre-season went so well I didn't expect to be knocked out of 3 cup competitions. We started on a high note, grabbing an away draw against Tobermore Utd. The match officials ruined our County Antrim Shield match against Linfield, seeing us crash out heavily after extra time. A late goal knocked us out of the League Cup despite us having a lot of chances against Moyola Park, leaving me grateful we were facing much easier opposition in the form of Raceview. Unfortunately, we continued to play poorly and after conceding with a minute, we were lucky to get a late leveller from Amos. We didn't look enthusiastic at all in extra time and were knocked out on penalties, a defeat we deserved. Hopefully, our league form won't suffer.

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5/9/12 - Brantwood vs Dundela (Northern Irish 2nd Division)


GK: Stephen Brennan£.....|GK: Darren Fox

RB: Scott McCullough*....|RB: Ross Dedman

RCB: Stefan Thompson....|RCB: Marc Whitford

LCB: Andy Devlin............|LCB: Kyle Alexander

LB: Jordan Watson..........|LB: Richard Vauls£

RM: Ryan Carlin..............|RM: Chris Williams

RCM: Emmet Templeton*.|RCM: Frankie McBrearty

LCM: Wes Daly..............|LCM: Liam Hughes

LM: Kevin O'Neill*...........|LM: Christian Seargeant

ST: Jamie Douglas..........|ST: Danny Glover

ST: Tommy Amos*.........|ST: David McMillan*


Danny Hancock+.|Dean McInnes

Ryan Murray.......|Tyree Clarke

Colin Tracey.......|Isaac Vassell

Joe Finlay...........|Danny Casey

Michael McMullan.|Lee Kilday

£ - Makes/Could make 25th league appearance for his club.

* - Makes/Could make league debut for his club.

+ - Makes/Could make competitive league debut.

Preview: Despite an underwhelming season last year, the media say that Dundela will win the title so we can't take them lightly.

1 - Douglas' free-kick from the edge of the box is tipped around the post by Fox.

18 - McBrearty finds Seargeant but he skies it over the bar.

30 - Templeton has a go from distance but it's over.

32 - GOAL! McBrearty plays it to McMillan whose snapshot has Brennan beaten, 1-0 Dundela.

42 - McMullan replaces Thompson for Brantwood.

45+3 - Half time

Behind again, maybe this season won't go as well as I thought, the players seem really unmotivated at present.

48 - RED CARD! Brantwood are down to ten, McMullan wasn't on the pitch for long but a long ball over the top sees him bring down McMillan on the edge of the box as the last man and he's off. Templeton can't believe that decision and makes his feelings known.

49 - GOAL! Dundela go 2 up, McBrearty's free-kick hits the post but it falls to Seargeant whose shot is deflected, Brennan gets a hand to it but can't stop it.

53 - Amos shoots and it's high and wide.

55 - Glover plays it to McMillan whose first time effort is well saved by Brennan.

57 - Douglas finds Amos and his effort floats just wide of the post.

64 - Vassell replaces McMillan.

64 - McBrearty's free-kick is headed over by Whitford.

66 - Devlin is booked for a trip on Vassell.

74 - McBrearty strikes from distance but it's wide.

75 - Clarke and Kilday are on and Williams and Hughes come off.

82 - Vauls is tripped by Douglas who is booked.

90+2 - Full time

Looks like the match officials screwed us again, the game was within reach before the red card and free-kick, we did ok despite going down to ten men but we need results.


GK: Brennan (6.4)

RB: McCullough (6.7)

RCB: Thompson (6.7) sub 42

LCB: Devlin (6.0)

LB: Watson (7.3)

RM: Carlin (6.5)

RCM: Templeton (6.7)

LCM: Daly (6.8)

LM: O'Neill (5.9)

ST: Douglas (6.8)

ST: Amos (6.5)


McMullan (N/A) sub 42, red 49

Post-match press conference

Ricky McFall "Frankie McBrearty was man of the match today, how did you rate him today?"

Me "He played very well, he set up both goals so he was the main cause of our downfall."


Another loan, I know, I know. In comes full back Alex Nicholson from Crusaders, the 18 year old Welshman is currently with the Welsh Under 19 squad so didn't play in this match but should be in future ones. An ex Newcastle player as well.

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15/9/12 - Lower Maze vs Brantwood (Northern Irish 2nd Division)

Pre-match press conference

Ricky McFall "Will you be playing a defensive game in this match?"

Me "We can't sit back and defend against opposition like this, we need to win."


GK: Danny Hancock+.......|GK: Andrew Wilson+

RB: Scott McCullough......|RB: George Richardson

RCB: Stefan Thompson....|RCB: Connor Murray

LCB: Andy Devlin............|LCB: Brian McKenna+

LB: Alex Nicholson*.........|LB: Darren Corkin+

RM: Ryan Carlin..............|RM: Ryan Godfrey

RCM: Wes Daly..............|RCM: Owen Kabodi

LCM: Emmet Templeton...|LCM: John Craig

LM: Colin Tracey............|LM: Lyle Poolton

ST: Jamie Douglas..........|AM: Colin McAnallen

ST: Tommy Amos...........|ST: Johnny Reid


Stephen Brennan..|Barry Johnston

Michael Fitzpatrick|Matthew McCormick

Kevin O'Neill.........|Duncan McAlinden

Matt Boyd...........|Mark Tierney+

Kevin Anderson....|William Stewart

+ - Makes/Could make competitive league debut

* - Makes/Could make league debut for his club.

Jamie Douglas hasn't scored in 420 minutes of football for Brantwood.

If Brantwood don't win today, it'll be a record of 7 matches without victory.

Preview: We should record a victory over newly promoted Lower Maze but I'm not expecting it to be easy after the start we've had.

6 - Amos trips Murray and is booked.

12 - Daly finds Amos but his shot is dragged wide.

17 - Corkin holds onto Carlin's shirt and is booked.

17 - Daly gives it to Amos who shoots first time and Wilson is stranded as it rolls just past the post.

18 - Douglas strikes from distance but it's a poor strike and it's over.

24 - Craig comes off injured and McAlinden is on.

27 - Amos has a go but it's wide.

29 - Douglas plays it through to Amos but his finish is poor and it's wide.

34 - Daly gets the better of his marker and shoots but misses.

36 - Murray's free-kick is high and wide.

38 - Brantwood go on a counter-attack, Douglas plays it to Amos who cuts inside from the right but his shot is straight at Wilson who spills it but Lower Maze clear.

40 - Daly tries a shot but it goes over.

44 - Thompson picks up a minor injury and Fitzpatrick replaces him to avoid any risk.

45+1 - Amos plays in Douglas but his finish is poor and wide once more.

45+2 - Wilson's goal kick is headed forward by Devlin and Douglas is through but he can't finish, saved by Wilson.

45+2 - Half time

We're all over them but we just can't score, I'll be very disappointed if we don't win this match, Amos and Douglas have been wasteful upfront but at least they're creating chances.

47 - McCullough finds Amos who turns and shoots but over the bar it goes.

49 - GOAL! It was probably the most difficult chances for Brantwood's strikers all day, Douglas floats a beautiful free-kick over the wall and in, a beautiful goal.

51 - Stewart replaces Corkin.

52 - Daly plays it to Douglas who volleys it wide.

55 - Richardson trips Nicholson and gets a yellow.

66 - Douglas is booked for a trip on Murray.

67 - Templeton shoots from distance but it flies wide.

80 - Tierney is on for McAnallen.

80 - McKenna trips Amos and gets himself in the book.

88 - Stewart has a go from a long way out but today is no day for a Lower Maze hero, it's well wide.

89 - So close to 2-0, Daly with a great ball to Amos who made a perfectly timed run but his shot hits the inside of the post and rolls across the line, before a defender comes to clear it and even that hits the post and comes out. Daly heads it back in there to Douglas and his shot is deflected over for a corner.

90 - Carlin's corner is headed by Fitzpatrick but it's palmed away by Wilson.

90+1 - Carlin with another corner and Fitzpatrick hits it on the volley and Tierney gets it off the line.

90+2 - Full time

We should have won this match by a lot more than a goal but on our form, any three points was necessary, a great goal by Douglas won it but he and Amos lacked finishing up front. Still, first win of the season and we can only build on that. Bad news is that Thompson will be out for a month with a thigh strain.


GK: Hancock (6.7)

RB: McCullough (7.1)

RCB: Thompson (6.6) sub 44

LCB: Devlin (7.0)

LB: Nicholson (7.3)

RM: Carlin (6.9)

RCM: Daly (7.2)

LCM: Templeton (6.9)

LM: Tracey (6.8)

ST: Douglas (7.4)

ST: Amos (5.9)


Fitzpatrick (6.9) sub 44

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19/9/12 - Brantwood vs Queens University (Northern Irish 2nd Division)

Pre-match press conference

Ricky McFall "Who will you use to contain the threat of James Lavery."

Me "I think Kevin Anderson can do the job.


GK: Danny Hancock.........|GK: Ryan Martin

RB: Scott McCullough......|RB: Josh Brizell

RCB: Michael Fitzpatrick...|RCB: Matthew Paget

LCB: Andy Devlin............|LCB: Craig Martin

LB: Alex Nicholson...........|LB: Alex White

RM: Matthew Brown........|RM: Jonathan Mernagh

RCM: Emmet Templeton...|RCM: Matt McManus

LCM: Wes Daly..............|LCM: Stephen Shaw♦

LM: Colin Tracey............|LM: Tom Buckley

ST: Jamie Douglas..........|ST: Declan Divin

ST: Tommy Amos...........|ST: James Lavery


Stephen Brennan..|Peter Mallett

Michael McMullan..|Chris McMenamin

Kevin O'Neill.........|Nathan Riddle

Joe Finlay............|Paul McMurray+

Kevin Anderson....|Aaron Meharg

♦ - 3 goals to reach 25 league goals

+ - Makes/Could make competitive league debut.

Danny Hancock hasn't conceded in 209 minutes of football for Brantwood.

Preview: This is a winnable game at home and we've got a strong team out so I think we can pull off a win.

6 - Buckley finds Divin who drills it towards goal but Hancock does well to pick it up.

6 - Nicholson's long ball finds Amos but his shot is parried by Martin.

8 - Lavery lashes it over from distance.

14 - Daly shoots from distance and it almost finds the top corner.

21 - Buckley with a clever ball for Lavery but his shot hits the outside of the post and goes out.

30 - Lavery from outside the box hits it wide.

39 - Fitzpatrick trips Lavery, injures himself but the ref still gives him a yellow card!

40 - Anderson replaces the injured Fitzpatrick.

45 - PENALTY! McCullough gives a needless foul away by sliding in on Lavery and Queen's University can score now.

45+1 - GOAL! Divin's penalty is straight down the middle but still it goes in and a vital goal for the away team at half-time.

45+2 - Half time

Very disappointing to concede right on half-time, I would like us to recover but I'm not too sure we can.

55 - Lavery plays it to Divin who turns and fires wide.

58 - Goal disallowed for Brantwood, Templeton plays a good ball to Douglas who touches it round the keeper before finishing but the flag is up.

62 - GOAL! Buckley's corner is headed in by Mernagh from close range, that probably wraps it up.

63 - McMurray comes on for Martin.

65 - GOAL! Brantwood are back in it, Templeton sends a teasing ball in and Douglas rifles it home to give Brantwood a route back in it.

72 - Nicholson's long ball over the top sends Amos chasing, he gets there but slams it over.

78 - Divin plays it through for McMurray and Hancock does well to parry his shot.

78 - GOAL! Shaw plays a through ball, Hancock hesitates to come out and Lavery beats him to it.

80 - Riddle and Meharg come on for Shaw and Buckley.

90+1 - GOAL! A late consolation for Brantwood, Tracey's corner is nodded in at the near post by Devlin to get his first for Brantwood.

90+2 - Full time

Another poor performance, another poor result, it's no coincidence, the team has so much more potential which they refuse to show.


GK: Hancock (6.4)

RB: McCullough (5.5)

RCB: Fitzpatrick (6.7) sub 40

LCB: Devlin (7.3)

LB: Nicholson (6.8)

RM: Brown (6.0)

RCM: Templeton (6.8)

LCM: Daly (6.5)

LM: Tracey (6.9)

ST: Douglas (7.2)

ST: Amos (6.0)


Anderson (6.6) sub 40

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26/9/12 - Knockbreda vs Brantwood (Northern Irish 2nd Division)


GK: Stephen Brennan.......|GK: Laurence McCormick

RB: Scott McCullough......|RB: Clark Mason

RCB: Andy Devlin............|RCB: Paul Johnson

LCB: Michael Fitzpatrick...|LCB: Jack Cubbon

LB: Alex Nicholson...........|LB: Adam Scorfield

RM: Ryan Carlin..............|RM: Garth Walsh

RCM: Emmet Templeton...|RCM: Gary Murphy

LCM: Wes Daly...............|LCM: Michael McGinlay

LM: Colin Tracey............|LM: Lewis Neal

ST: Tommy Amos...........|ST: Ryan Murphy

ST: Kevin O'Neill.............|ST: Andy Pugh


Matthew Rice.......|Blane Scott+

Kevin Anderson.....|Miguel Chines

Jordan Watson.....|Eddie McIntyre

Matt Boyd...........|Calvin Mooney

Ryan Murray........|Andy Neill

+ - Makes/Could make competitive league debut.

Preview: I'm hoping for a good result here but on our current form I'm not counting on it. Jamie Douglas misses this match with a cold, a shame for us, I'm trying out left-winger Kevin O'Neill upfront, let's see how that experiment goes.

5 - McCullough trips Neal and is booked.

8 - Pugh hits one and Brennan makes a good save.

10 - Cubbon is booked for tripping Carlin.

12 - Amos upends Cubbon and gets booked.

18 - Brantwood are so unlucky, McCormick's goal kick is met by a powerful header by Fitzpatrick sending O'Neill through and not only does the keeper save his first shot but the rebound as well.

20 - Ryan Murphy shoves Fitzpatrick and gets a yellow.

20 - GOAL! Brantwood strike first, Amos' low cross from the right is powered into the roof of the net by O'Neill who scores his first for the club.

25 - Templeton thinks there was a foul by Neal in the box but the ref gives nothing.

32 - Scorfield brings down Carlin and gets a yellow.

39 - Daly trips Ryan Murphy, yellow.

39 - McCullough's cross is headed wide by Tracey, that should have hit the net.

45+1 - Half time

We have a deserved lead which we can hopefully hold on to, here we go.

45 - Mooney is on for Ryan Murphy at half time.

51 - Carlin's corner is headed wide by Fitzpatrick who was unmarked, should have done better.

56 - A yellow for Tracey for upending Walsh.

68 - McIntyre replaces Neal.

68 - Pugh injures himself fouling Fitzpatrick but the ref gives him yellow anyway.

70 - GOAL! A great break by Brantwood results in O'Neill's 2nd of the match, Nicholson played a glorious ball over the top and O'Neill gets there before the keeper and finishes with aplomb.

77 - Neill replaces Cubbon.

84 - Pugh shoots from distance but it's a comfortable catch for Brennan.

89 - Boyd is on to replace Amos.

90+3 - Full time

Who needs Douglas when you have Kevin O'Neill, my decision to try him out upfront was rewarded by 2 goals, another good performance away from home, I'm starting to sense a pattern. A result that temporarily sends us to 6th.


GK: Brennan (6.8)

RB: McCullough (7.5)

RCB: Devlin (7.1)

LCB: Fitzpatrick (7.3)

LB: Nicholson (8.2)

RM: Carlin (7.1)

RCM: Templeton (6.7)

LCM: Daly (6.8)

LM: Tracey (7.0)

ST: Amos (7.5) sub 89

ST: O'Neill (8.9)


Boyd (N/A) sub 89

Post-match press conference

Ricky McFall "Kevin O'Neill won man of the match for your side today, what did you think of his game?"

Me "I don't think I can fault him, I tried him in an unfamiliar role and he got us 2 goals to win the match, great show by him today."

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September 2012 Review

Brantwood 0-2 Dundela (NI2D)

For us: McMullan (49)

For them: McMillan (33), Seargeant (50)

Lower Maze 0-1 Brantwood (NI2D)

For us: Douglas (50)

Brantwood 2-3 Queens University (NI2D)

For us: Douglas (66), Devlin (90+2)

For them: Divin (pen 45+2), Mernagh (62), Lavery (79)

Knockbreda 0-2 Brantwood (NI2D)

For us: O'Neill (21, 71)

Summary: 2 away wins and 2 home defeats, we must be scared of our own fans! We could got have gotten a good result against Dundela but the red card killed off pretty much any chance we had, they scored the 2nd from the free-kick they got the red card. We dominated against Lower Maze but couldn't find the back of the net until Douglas scored a peach of a free-kick, a relief for me for one. Douglas scored again against Queens University but it wasn't enough to prevent defeat, a penalty and some poor defending saw us crash to defeat. We recovered to get a 2-0 win at Knockbreda, Douglas missed out with a cold and Kevin O'Neill was tried out in an unfamiliar role upfront but scored twice making me a happy man. We are 9th in the league, a much better position than the ones we found ourselves in last year.

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