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Question about Steam

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In the next few years I might be getting a new PC... now I a bought Football Manager 2010 from Steam a few years ago....

as long as I have the same steam account do you think it will always be there to download even though by then it will

be a very old game? I like the one I have but eventually might get a new version.. just curious if anyone knows if the old

games will still be on your steam account to download in the future.. if not is there another way to save the game?

I know I can save the sports interactive folder on my vista laptop under the documents folder but is there anything I need to save on the C drive like hidden files or should I not even bother this way and just hope its there in the future on Steam..


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you might be getting a new pc in a few years ? why a few years and not 2012 ? that's a bit far in the future isnt it ? but yes aslong as it is in your library it will alwaays be there, just make sure you remember your Steam login details

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