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FM2008 - Real Zaragoza S.A.D - Weegie Update


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Club Information (Information from FM 2008 with Weegie Update version 05.07.2008)

Founded: 1932

Fierce Rivals: Osasuna

Other Rivals: R. Madrid, Murcia, Barcelona, Levante

Finances: Rich

Estimated Value: £16,75M

Stadium: Nueva Romareda, Zaragoza

Capacity: 43000 all-seater

Training Facilities: Good training facilities

Youth Facilities: Average youth facilities

Media Prediction: 1


Real Zaragoza was originally formed out of two rival teams, Iberia SC and Real Zaragoza CD. By the 1930s, the team was making headway in La Liga, but the Civil War put a brake on a lot of the progress made. On September 8, 1957 the team left their original stadium (the Torrero) for the La Romareda. It was not until the 1960s that Zaragoza would see their first successes, in the Copa del Rey and in the Fairs Cup. The Real Zaragoza side of this era contained los Magnificos (the Greats), an attacking line of Canario, Santos, Marcelino, Villa and Lapetra. Other notable players included Reija and Violeta in defence. Fans of the side had to wait until the 1980s to experience another victory in the cup competition.

Real Zaragoza has played the majority of their history, a total of 45 seasons, in the Primera División. Being more of a specialist cup side, they have not managed to win the league, although they have come second on one occasion. In the 2001-02 season they were relegated from the Primera for the first time in 25 years; however, they earned promotion back to the Primera the following season.

In late May 2006, Agapito Iglesias bought Alfonso Solans' shares and took the control of Real Zaragoza. Agapito promised to build one of the strongest team in Spain and Europe. In his first year owning Real Zaragoza, Agapito bought Pablo Aimar for 11 million Euros to reinforce the midfield. In a poll in 2007, Zaragoza fans voted Aimar the teams greatest ever player

Thanks to Diego Milito‘s; Real Zaragoza managed a very respectable 6th place finish, qualifying for Europe. However, despite having nearly the same squad as they had during the previous campaign, the 2007/08 season would finish with this Zaragoza team becoming one of the most disappointing and underachieving teams in La Liga history. They crashed out in the first round of the UEFA Cup. By the turn of the year, they found themselves slipping further and further down the table. Gaffer Víctor Fernández was sacked, and 3 different managers, culminating with former Zaragoza standout Manolo Villanova, were brought in from January to May in a desperate attempt to change Zaragoza's fortunes. Largely due to having managed only a dismal 8 points from 18 away fixtures (despite having managed 34 from all their games at La Romareda), they went into their final fixture of the season needing a win to guarantee their Primera División survival. Kickoff was delayed for over an hour due to a torrential downpour, but not even the rain could keep Zaragoza from relegation as they fell to Real Mallorca 3-2.

All credits to Wikipedia for the background information.

First eleven

If people want to play the game with Zaragoza in Segunda Division I recommend they use the latest Weegie Update.

The squad is very good, especially for a Segunda Division team, after my opinion this is probably the most lethal line-up:


C.Diogo, R.Ayala, F.Pavon, J.Paredes

Oscar, A.Zapatar, Matuzalem, P.Aimar

R.Oliveira D.Milito


The squad should be more than capable of gaining promotion to the Primera Division. The question is if you can gain some silverware in competition with the top teams in Primera Division. The board expect to challenge for the Primera Division title within four years so there`s enough to work on.

I see this as a fun and a manageable task, hopefully more people thinks the same as me, have fun playing. I will update with my progress later.

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How much money do they start with and wage budget? Looks like a good game to me might give it a go after shakhtar game.

Hello. It`s a lot of money in the bank (£20 mill). But you won`t be able to use a lot of it. I got £350 000 as transfer budget and 350 000 in wage budget (same is already used). You really don`t need any new players but I`ve actually landed some good on loan. It`s probably second season you start to splash the money.

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Just had a quick look at the squad ready for when I play if you ask for more money to spend the board give you £10 million so I converted £5 million into wages. Seems the main problem is you have 4 non eu players I think you can have only 2 registered for the league.

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Just had a quick look at the squad ready for when I play if you ask for more money to spend the board give you £10 million so I converted £5 million into wages. Seems the main problem is you have 4 non eu players I think you can have only 2 registered for the league.

Both Ayala and Ricardo Oliveira get`s second nationality before 31 august first season.... no problem there (Y)

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Here comes my first update, the first transfer window has just closed and I have made a few signings. As you can see I made quite a few loan signings. With this strategy I hope to have some cash in hand when I (hopefully) get`s promoted. Also sold a few players,

the most noticeable is Ewerthon, 5 mill to Lazio is not bad. I`ve won the two first games in the league, hoping to continue the good trend.

Current team


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Wonder if Hugo Viana can be got on loan I am going to take a break from my Shakhtar game and give this one a go tomorrow looks like fun.

Good to hear that I`m getting a friend in the game :) It`s actually really fun.

I had a look on Viana and he`s in Valencia Mestalla so I guess it`s a pretty good chance to get him on loan. So far I have 15-1 in goal difference in four games, actually managed to loose

one of them 0-1 :D

Some others that thinking of starting a game?

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Didn't some players want to move since you're in second tier! Like Aimar irl.

Not a problem so far. (I have just turned first of january). It seems like the teams reputation in the weegie update is pretty high (maybe to high?). But if

you`re not gaining promotion first year I think you might be in trouble. I have actually re signed most of my first team players on longer contracts with higher

release clauses (Zapater had release clause on just 7 mill)

You`re giving it a go?

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