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Does loaning out players work?

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Im the type of person who doesnt trust loaning my young prospects to other clubs, because i prefer to have mine playing in reserves (with world class coaches, top training facilities) or play as a sub (no game starts). But i am willing to give loaning a go, because i want to make way for up to 8 new regen signings mid way into the season because i need to replace my veterans next season and the season after, also make some money in the process.

Expectation from loaning players, i noticed i can loan my regens with average ability who wont get any games from me to french/german sides as they have poor players so they will become instant first team or regular starters. I expect them to play in clubs with top training facilities and to progress at a rate of at least 15+ CA to reach their potential when they are at around 23.

Does loaning work??

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I play with the mini scout so my info may not help those who do not. Tutoring provides the biggest benefit to a youngster (up to 30 CA per season), the tutor must be playing regularly. The downside is the possibility of a fall out due to "personality differences". Contrary to what many claim, it's totally random, I have players within 1 point of personality breaking the tutoring.

Since there are only a handful of good tutors (probably do not want players like Luiz Jimenez and kuzmanovic to tutor cos they have professionalism of 7 and 1, do your youngsters more harm than good) loaning is the only way left the gain match exercise outside the bloated reserve squad is loaning the youngster out. Loaning is only helpful when the youngster is going to a club with players with similar CA, too low your youngster cannot improve, too high he will not get to play. Its easier with mini scout, otherwise you have to estimate the level of the team the youngster is going to. Personally I send youngster that I intend to sell for profit out on loan and let the really promising ones play the reserve squad because of better facilities and coaches. I have seen loanees coming back with physical training level in the green zone, which is not really ideal for any players.

Yes keep the good youngsters at home.

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Get fmm chose 2 players with equal PA and test it.

So far i have noticed that in general players in your reserves develop their skills faster , but if the feeder club has good facilities and plays in an active league there is a good chance your player will improve.

The general rule is that some of your reserves do play and other's don't , try to loan out players that your ass man does not trust . Give them to clubs that can use their skill ( for example a player with CA 90 will never play in Siena but he will be a starter in APOEL ) .

It is a wise choice to have feeder clubs with good facilities .

Tutoring as other mentioned helps , giving them 1 game in the 1st squad every a couple of months helps too.

My tests in 07 indicate that players in the B team ( no reserves in my active league) develop faster than 1st team starters (of same age and skill , in general playing them all the time does not give them space to improve ) but my experience in 08 is somewhat limited on this field.

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I have always loaned out good young players - I've not seen that stats as such but it always seems to be a good idea for me. My feeder club (Morton in Scotland) are now in the SPL, I like to think that is because of my youngsters!! Tutoring the under 18s who stay at the club works well I feel though also, followed by a season or two out on loan at another club seems to do OK.

I think if you are going to loan players out however, it is important you choose the right club, the right place for them to be and improve.

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One of the down side of loaning out youngster is that they could become loving the loan club.

In my case, I have loaned one of my best potental youngster to Leeds, after a season he's back with Leeds being his favour club. However, he's still not up to the standard for Arsenal first team. After a few months in reserve, he start getting annoyed and having problem with team-mates, eventually I had to let him go....

Guess where he end up with....... Leeds

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As Southampton, I loaned out Jamie White, Cedric Baseya, Matthew Paterson, Nile Ranger and Michael Poke (all players around the age of 19-21) to teams from L2 or BSP. They came back having perfomed well and then went on to become members of my first team squad bar Poke, but as a goalie it's harder to break into the first team. Whether they would have made the squad having not had successful loan spells is probably questionable. If they don't perform well in a division lower than yours maybe they're not good enough.

In my opinion, loaning out players only helps you as a manager to see how they are performing in competitive football. Whether it helps the players' development is also questionable.

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Vital in FM08 IMO. I've got a young striker who at 17 look like a real prospect, at 19 however looked exactly the same. I loaned him out to some La Liga team where he played 15 games and he came back a different player. I was on the verge of selling him but when he came back, I rejected a couple of offers because his stats improved so much.

The key is to make sure he will get games and to be playing a high enough level to improve. Obviously if he can get games at a (poor) La Liga team then that is great. Never underestimate competitive football for development.

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thanks guys,

i've decided to keep my regens at my own club, because i feel they will develop better with me but i will loan them only if they turn 21-22 with good stats for a year to improve mentally then make them a regular or sell them off.

i dont trust the idea of loaning, i would if it was properly done by the game doesnt do it properly

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thanks guys,

i've decided to keep my regens at my own club, because i feel they will develop better with me but i will loan them only if they turn 21-22 with good stats for a year to improve mentally then make them a regular or sell them off.

i dont trust the idea of loaning, i would if it was properly done by the game doesnt do it properly

I agree here. I don't loan out 17-19 but just for a year when they are 20-22 to give them game experience. I think the biggest improvements are at your club when they are young but they need the experience of a season before they are ready for the 1st team.

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Loaning definitely works. I'm in 2019 with Marseille and my youth system has become the bread basket for the continent. I send kids to Spain(Marbella), Portugal(Sporting), Germany(Koln) and Italy(Udinese) year in year out and I simply can't imagine how good the become. From my experience, loaning kids to weaker sides can work two ways.

1. It can help them boost their confidence levels given the lower quality and effectively perform well.

2. The poor setup can destroy them and stagnate their improvement.

In the end, it all comes down to taking risks. I guess that's why we all play this game anyways.

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One time I had a regen from somewhere like Togo, he was only 17 or something, so he needed a work permit, but his stats were already pretty good.

I sent him to poland for 3 years and every year he was coming back scoring 50 goals in 30 games or something fantastic like that.

so I tried to rotate him into the Liverpool first team and after a couple of months he was a £25 million rated super star, so that worked well

The only other time I have noticed it working is when I bought a German regen who had broken into the first team at Bayern aged 17, so I tried to rotate him in the easy games that I had at liverpool, within a month or 2 all the major German teams were asking for him on loan as a key player so I let him go as I thought he would get more playing time in a good league than at Liverpool. As soon as he came back and I got him back in the first team his value went over £20m and he was my replacement for Gerrard so you can imagine... good quality player.

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I find it helps but not I tend to not loan out player unless I think they can perform, or they have had some games in my first team to get some experience.

Then I loan them out and watch their value increase.

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Originally posted by me in a similar thread:

Long, do not quote the whole post on to reply "Great work there" or something.

I did an experiment on this a while ago, but never got to post my results. So, here we go:

As Chelsea, I loaned out 2 strikers, of equal CA, PA, attributes, nationalities, reputations, PPMs and ages, to a club in every playable divison in England and then took over said teams by adding new managers. The only differences were mental attributes- I altered these slightly for each player. I had a "control"- 20 in professionalism, determination, temperment, loyalty etc., 1 in dirtiness, injury proneness, controversy, ambition etc., and a player with one attribute massively changed- so for example, 1 in determination- in each team. I may point out that I made sure that all the scewed players were scewed the same way, then repeated the test with them all scewed a different way- but they all had the same traits still. The teams were:

PL: Derby

Championship: Watford

League 1: Swansea

League 2: Barnet

BSP: Oxford

BSS: Havant and Waterlooville

All the teams had their training and youth facilities changed to 15.

Right, now for the good bit. As another control I holidayed a season on one version of the save- none of them were tutored, they were all on the same training schedule, and none of them played any matches in the first team.

All players played exactly 34 matches in the season on loan- if one was injured, none could play. They all played in one round of each cup- League 1 and 2 player's didn't play in the FA Trophy.

So, in summary, from the bottom up:

Control Players


The player on loan here played very well- he got numerouse MOTM awards, an average rating of 8.66, and finished as league top goal scorer. However, his attributes didn't increase much- far less than the one in the control.


With 12 goals and 7 assists, this player was another to enjoy success. However, his attributes were still increasing at a lesser rate than those of the control player, with the exception of physical attributes, which were roughly the same.

League 2

The player in question was actually better than the one in the BSP, with 14 goals and 5 assists, and a higher average rating. His technical attributes increased slightly less than the control, but he was better physically and mentally.

League 1

We've reached the big time now. This player scored 7 goals, got 2 assists, and had an average rating of 6.75 (which isn't bad). His attributes increased more than the control in all areas; however, the difference was only a point in a few key places and 2 or 3 points in the less important areas. Better than letting them rot, but not as good as possible, surely?

The Championship

Goals: 5. Assists: 1. Average rating: 6.25. On the face of it, not as good as in League 1. However, when you look at the attributes, this one had improved more than all the rest. Finishing had increased 2 points more than the League 1 player's, for example. On the other hand, morale and form are worse, so this type of loan could backfire if you recall siad player.

The Premier League

The striker here was completely different to the others in terms of both attributes and experience.

In the first half of the season (August-the end of December), he was poor, with an average rating of less than 6, no goals, and just a solitary assist. His attributes, paticuarly the mental ones, dropped. Derby were bottom of the league with 4 points, ironically coming from a draw against Arsenal and a win against Man U! However, the turn of the year (which is also all the players' 18th birthday) saw a remarkable change. His performances increased, and his attributes too. In the third game of the new year, he scored four against Fulham. There was no stopping him after that, and he ended the season on 14 (!) goals, including 2 more hattricks (one of which sealed a double over United!). He kept Derby up pretty much single handed, and finished the season with attributes significantly higher than the control player and slightly higher than the Championship players, with the exception of the likes of concentration, which were still suffering from his early set backs. His value was over £5m though.

Scewed players

Professionalism, ambition: no effect on attribute increases, but performances and morale were lower if the player was at a League 2 or lower club

Determination: Performance drops slightly, as do attribute increases compared to the control.

Controversy:Performances stay the same, but morale drops on occaison, which in turn affects performances slightly.

Loyalty: Only effect is the likelyhood of the player having the club on his favourite clubs list. This increases as loyalty increases.

Adaptablity, dirtyness, injury proneness

No effect on performances, morale or training except for the likelyhood of injuries (dirtyness and injury proneness) or suspensions (dirtyness).

So, to conclude:

1. The best level to loan future PL stars is the Championship, unless they are 20+ in which case you can gamble on a lower PL team.

2. Never loan players to the BSN/S unless you are managing in League 1 or below.

3. Only loan players to the BSP if they are struggling physically.

4. If players are struggling mentally, try League 2.

5. Lower all the above rules bar 2 by a league for every league below the PL that you think the player in question will play at in his peak.

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