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Mr Hough's Swarm Tactic FM2012

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Looking forward to the realease Mr Hough. Ive been looking for a tactic i like before starting a long term game and from the feedback on here looks like your tactics are highly rated. I did a test with Brobs Flawless tactic which was good but theres just something about having 3 strikers and no wingers that bugs me lol. I much prefer the look of the 4-1-2-2-2 you have in your tactic. Do you have an idea of what sort of Attributes are key to each player to get the best out of your tactic?

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Just sitting here hitting refresh every few minutes.........

I realised I may have a problem.....

me too men refreshh and refressh and refressh

and watching things on the return of louis van gaal by AJAX AMSTERDAM it's unbeliefebale and cruijff is not going to help ajax

men what a day

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This is the first time i've been on here for a few days - I always check back to see if Mr Hough has released another masterpiece! However I don't think i've been this excited for a tactic as I am now after reading this page!! My team appear to have hit a wall so I'm hoping this will be the tactic to get me over the finish line, into the premiership and on to European glory!

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Here is the link to the new tactic, All the relevent information is in the OP so use that i will be Putting up player filters over the next few days but just use common sense and should be fine.


What are the final results of Wimbledon test, if I may ask?

I have set up corners with them in swinging into the near post for the left central defender to attack the ball at the near post

I have set my Match Prep High with Focus on Team Work

I haven’t been using any Training just the default one

Team talks I have been leaving to my Assistant Manager

Pitch Size is Medium

Don’t use Opposition Instructions

All comments positive/Negative welcome


These are the same, yes?

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