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[FM2012] Anguillan Premier League


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Anguilla, the lowest ranked nation in the world, has one national league, the AFA Senior Male League. The format and the clubs in it has changed over the years although there have been 3 regulars since the start which are Spartan FC, Attackers and Roaring Lions. Roaring Lions have won the league the most time, although the current champions are Kicks United.


The teams in AFA Senior Male League.

Anguilla’s 2 biggest teams at the moment are Roaring Lions from Stoney Hill and Kicks United for the Valley. Both are the dominating sides, although clubs such as Dock’s United and Salsa Ballers are improving every season, especially Salsa Ballers who have quite a decent squad. Spartan FC and Attackers have both been struggling at the bottom of the league in recent times so can you revitalise these fallen clubs.

The league runs from the 3rd December 2011 until the 12th May 2012. There is no transfer window during the league season but from June to November clubs can sign players. I have kept the league as realistic as possible so only Anguillans are allowed to participate in the league and only the top 3 clubs in the league receive prize money. The top team receives 2000 pounds, 2nd place team 1000 pounds while the 3rd place team receives 500 pounds.

I am trying to build a working CFU Club Championship and when I do the winner of the league will go into the first round of that.

The Anguillan football system has two cups, the AFA Knock Out Cup and Soccerama Competition. Soccerama is a pre-season knockout cup made up of all 7 teams in the league. The winner takes home 500 pounds . The AFA Knock Out Cup is the main cup for the season and again is made up of all 7 teams in the league, with the winner taking home 1000 pounds.

I have added several real media sources, stadiums, awards, cities and over 90 real players and coaches in order to give the league plenty of depth. Clubs have all the history I can find on them as well as their real kits.

Please Note: Some clubs such as the Roaring Lions and Salsa Ballers have their real life squad, but I have added free agents to other clubs so every club has 10+ real players.

Enjoy the Challenge in managing the most rubbish football nation in the world!!

Download link - http://www.2shared.com/document/g8PCmOWc/Anguilla.html

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I have created the British Virgin Islands League, and I was trying to figure out how you get the CFU Club Championship. But the Editor is way too complicated. If you want the BVI League, let me know.

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i have created some fantasy Curacao, Suriname and Aruba leagues but am also unable to get a working CFU champions cup activated

BTW i made the leagues just using the in game data which isnt even close to accurate but i just wanted to be able to play there

also added two fantasy continental comps one of which the top four of those three leagues plus four teams from Sint maarten play kind of a Antilles champions league

and one where those four nations play each other

in-case someone in interested its to be found http://www.mediafire.com/myfiles.php

remember its just basic using the in game data!!

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