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Hello, from the Football Manager Insight staff team and welcome to the newest FM site on the block.

This site has been planned for a while now, and on Saturday 29th October at 7 pm, the staff team invites you to take a look around this brilliant site.

Our staff team have been around the scene for a while now. Lead by admins, Ash, Sam, Will and our coder/skinner Ben this site is in capable hands. Our mods, Jamie and Nick and the GFX team comprising of Sid, Kev, Joben and Pistol are well underway with making content for you to enjoy.

We have a variety of player and club threads in great detail and features such as "Tecnica Incredibile" and "Will's Tactical Analysis" are well worth a read. Not only that, our GFX team have been busy designing a new Logo style (BBC logos) and an as yet unnamed kit type, both available in due course. Our resident editor Nick has also been busy creating top quality database edits for you to download and use.

On Football Manager Insight, we have also put keen interest to Social Networking. Not only do we have Facebook and Twitter but a YouTube channel and a Steam Group. We have a section to make Steam Achievements more competitive with our "Hall of Fame". The Hall of Fame in a unique feature to FMInsight in which all members compete with each other to find the best of the bunch. How is it calculated? A thread is set up ranking all Steam achievements into five categories : Easy, Medium, Hard, Extreme and Insane going up in difficulty. Members then who have achieved these must screenshot proof of them gaining the certain Steam achievement. Once this is done it is added to the table and you earn more points. The other method of earnings points is via trophies. Using FM's in-game 5 star ranking system, trophies are judged by points accordingly. Screenshots of any trophy/competition you win will lead to more points being added. Can you triumph at the top and be the next Ferguson?

So. what are you looking here for. Make sure you log-on at www.footballmanagerinsight.com this Saturday at 7 pm to be a part of the next big FM site! In the mean time, you can contact us at footballmanagerinsight@hotmail.co.uk or follow us on Twitter

FMI Staff Team

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Hey people, thought I'd update you on what you've been missing this last month or so....

We've had some fantastic tactical content, which shows the ability we have in not only providing you with more in the future, but also how to help you if need be. Examples include: Mancini's Magic - Utilising Silva + Milner, Liverpool v Chelsea Tactical Analysis - Kenny Dalglish and Tactics Throughout The Ages: La Garra Charrúa. Not just that though, there have been various other guides that will help you improve your all-round game, like Ash's Financial Guide and Youth Development guide, and finally a helpful guide to help you improve your career writing skills, thanks to Sam - What makes a good career thread?

There is plenty of discussion on the game and the potential is there, we just need you to bring us to the next step in our development.

What's in store?

There is still so much that we haven't yet done. Many competitions and interactive activities will be brought to you by the New Year, as well as the Hall of Fame, as described in the OP, which will be a great motive to share your Football Manager talents and in my opinion bring the members closer together with healthy competition.

That's all from FM Insight for now, but we'll be back. If you could take time to look and hopefully sign up, that would be great.

If you have any queries, you can contact us at footballmanagerinsight@hotmail.co.uk, we'll be eager to respond to any questions you have.

Football Manager Insight

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